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  1. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    Yes Bill, I was wondering that myself when I was lookg at these pctures. I was not even in kindergarten when I went to the fair and I just turned 61.
  2. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    They all look so young, they are all grandparents now. How time flies.
  3. Pool of Industry

    That's a lot of water up in the air at one time. Its a shame they did not keep this after the fair closed.
  4. Another post-Fair view from April 1968

    I think what the photographer is doing is taking a picture with the space park in the back round. The Saturn 5 is most likely right behind her.
  5. Building Shea Stadium

    I have to admit this makes me a little sad. This picture reminds me of the shots taken as the stadium was coming down. I miss Shea. Quite a few important moment in my life took place here.
  6. I am going to try Coca Cola pavilion
  7. I don't think they just came from church. People just used to dress more formally when they would go out to something like a trip to the World's Fair. It was a big deal. And you got dressed for special events.
  8. Bill just ordered the aerial calendar. Can't wait till it gets here.
  9. A different angle on the Tent of Tomorrow

    This is really cool. what great detail, you never get this close.
  10. This building is still there today nosw known as Scharf manor of Queens
  11. Bill, any idea where this was taken and what we are looking at. Trying to place it in the park as we know it today.
  12. High above the Fair!

    Bill, that sounds great. I love these kinds of shots. Aerial shots give a true view of just how big the fair was.
  13. A -very- quiet day in 1974!

    Make's you feel like your the last man on earth.
  14. Worlds Fair House

    Yes, Wayne I know what you mean. But its been well taken care of and is still a real beauty. I would move in, in a second. Wish I had know about it this past summer. I would have loved to go to an open house.