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  1. A different angle on the Tent of Tomorrow

    This is really cool. what great detail, you never get this close.
  2. This building is still there today nosw known as Scharf manor of Queens
  3. Bill, any idea where this was taken and what we are looking at. Trying to place it in the park as we know it today.
  4. High above the Fair!

    Bill, that sounds great. I love these kinds of shots. Aerial shots give a true view of just how big the fair was.
  5. I was thinking that ad might be for an Eskimo Pie.
  6. A -very- quiet day in 1974!

    Make's you feel like your the last man on earth.
  7. Worlds Fair House

    Yes, Wayne I know what you mean. But its been well taken care of and is still a real beauty. I would move in, in a second. Wish I had know about it this past summer. I would have loved to go to an open house.
  8. Worlds Fair House

    The other day I was going through the Souvenir map on the site looking at a few of the pavilions. When I looked at the Formica house on the hill I remembered that one of them was built in Middletown NJ about a half hour from where I lived. I wanted to see where it was located so I googled it and came across areal estate listing for the house It recently sold for $660,000.00 Here is the site. https://www.estately.com/listings/info/80-townsend-drive--2 take a look as there are pictures of the inside of the home. Its been updated but it was neet to be able to tour a World's fair legacy.
  9. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    Bill, yes a different angle and a outstanding night shot to boot. I love this.

    Thanks for the info. here. I have not looked through these reports in a while. I love them for the wealth of information that they hold. I am only missing number 1. That sucker has eluded me now for about 10 years.
  11. For fans of aerial photos

    Bill, this is an incredible photo. I love pictures showing the whole fair. How do I get a copy of this? If its from one of your photo CD's. Which is it , caure I want one.
  12. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    They are not on the bridge going over to the federal area. They are at the AMF Monorail station. Question is are they getting on or have they just gotten off the monorail.
  13. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    Incredible shot Bill, wish i could go back again.
  14. Go go Greyhound!

    There were also several of these at Great Adventure in New Jersey when the park when the park opened in 1974. They were there for two years taking park attendees from the main entrance thoughout the parking area.
  15. Hungry? Want to enjoy the Schaefer buffet?

    I am amazed, when I saw the words to that jingle the tune came right back to me. Thanks now I will not be able to get that song out of my head now. Ha Ha.