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  1. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    Bill, yes a different angle and a outstanding night shot to boot. I love this.

    Thanks for the info. here. I have not looked through these reports in a while. I love them for the wealth of information that they hold. I am only missing number 1. That sucker has eluded me now for about 10 years.
  3. For fans of aerial photos

    Bill, this is an incredible photo. I love pictures showing the whole fair. How do I get a copy of this? If its from one of your photo CD's. Which is it , caure I want one.
  4. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    They are not on the bridge going over to the federal area. They are at the AMF Monorail station. Question is are they getting on or have they just gotten off the monorail.
  5. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    Incredible shot Bill, wish i could go back again.
  6. Go go Greyhound!

    There were also several of these at Great Adventure in New Jersey when the park when the park opened in 1974. They were there for two years taking park attendees from the main entrance thoughout the parking area.
  7. Hungry? Want to enjoy the Schaefer buffet?

    I am amazed, when I saw the words to that jingle the tune came right back to me. Thanks now I will not be able to get that song out of my head now. Ha Ha.
  8. Bill, my son was able to enlarge the photograph and, unfortunately, the woman is not my mother. It's not her smile. I will keep looking. I hope I caught you before you started digging around. Thanks, though.
  9. Bill, you may not believe this, but I think the women in the lavender suit at the left edge of picture one is my mother. My Dad did not take any pictures from our one trip to the fair in 1964. So I have nothing to compare it to. Did you crop the picture at all? I would love to get a better look at her, maybe you can enlarge that section . Since I got back into the fair again 15 years ago I have been searching Photos that I have collected including your photo CD's for photos of a member of my family and this is the closest I have come. Please let me know . Steve
  10. Flushing Meadows 1972 #1

    w. It is sad to see those views from 45 years ago. They remind me of my first visit back to the fairgrounds in early 1976. Things were even more run down. There were several missing panels on the US pavilion. The roof was gone from New York State, the park looked very neglected. Not to mention very empty of people. I am very glad that when you visit today the park is alive with people, at least on the weekends when I have visited. And that the various buildings left from the fair have had some very long overdue TLC. Of course they could always use more. I have to find those pictures from that trip in 76, I have posted them before, but that was years ago.
  11. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    I was away at a wedding in Maryland this past weekend and I wondered if something was going on at the park. Thanks to Johnny and the rest of the guys for marking the day, I wished I could have been there with you. Steve
  12. Rare look at Santa Maria

    Randy, The Slide is dated Jul 64. Steve
  13. Last Day Oct.17,1965

    We have all heard and seen pictures of the huge crowd that attended the fair the last day. Well here are three fine examples showing the over 450,000 people who showed up that last Sunday. These are from the files of John Pender. I have gotten some great one of a kind items from this collection over the years but I've got to admit, since I love pictures, these are among my favorites. There were 10 slides in this group and I will share the rest.
  14. I just had some slides that I've has for over a year scanned today and I thought I would share some with you. That first is a rare picture taken aboard the Santa Maria. When I saw this group of slides on ebay this was the picture that made me want to get them. I had no pictures of this attraction till I got these.
  15. I hate mold

    Bill, they look great.