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  1. Flintstones at the World's Fair?

    you mean they filmed the cartoon live lol
  2. Löwenbräu World's Fair model beer wagon

    mmmmm i just might......
  3. Collection Update

    great job mitch
  4. Landfill #2

    these are very small ,1.25 x 1.5
  5. wow great !!! thanks
  6. Photo of new statue in the park...

    has any relics from either fair ever turn up in the park,there must be stuff in the water???
  7. A different angle on Coca-Cola

    i still listen to w i n s every morning
  8. snapshots of?

    bell telephone??
  9. Most unusual souvenirs from the fair?

    let me know if you see anything
  10. One more souvenir

    nice bag,i need that
  11. some of the collection

    thanks everyone
  12. the local library is interested in displaying some of the collection any imput would be helpful ie contract insurance theft etc anything i have never done this before