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  1. Film available at Filmbaby

    I've have to agree, A+!!!! A great collection!
  2. BBQ @ SIP

    Just purchased my copy on line at WWW.FILMBABY.COM! Yeah!!!
  3. The map panels find a new home.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.... The QMA website gave this quote on their Exhibit description... "However, after years of exposure to weather conditions and vandalism, the Texaco Road Map now lies in a state of advanced disrepair. This threatens the continued existence of the Texaco Road Map as a cultural icon of Flushing Meadows Corona Park and American art and history." How about sending letters to those who made funding available for the original exhibit? Sending a "CC'ed" copy of the letter to QMA Board Members might make them think about problems with future funding issues...... From the QMA website: "Funding Credits Back on the Map is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania."
  4. New W.F. Book/Encyclopedia

    I have a copy of the book that I treasure. Although the price of the new edition is expensive, I have no reservations about recommending it to anyone who can afford it. Now let me qualify my statement...If you are into the history of expositions since the their introduction in 1851, then this book is for you. Each fair is covered in a chapter (2-10 pages) and has it's own bibliography. It is a great source for a brief overview. There are very few pictures. If that is what you are most interested in, don't bother! Coverage of the 1964 NYWF is limited to approx. 7 pages (including the bibliography), and is a nice overview but does not have anything that approaches the information on this website!!!!! Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.
  5. New book

    Thanks! David
  6. New book

    Hey Randy- Any update on these books? David
  7. New book

    If it's not too late, I'd love to get in on the order also!! David
  8. World's Fairs Of The 80's

    I actually have a copy of this book. It has some nice photos, very little in the way of reading. Most of the photos are of people, or what I like to call "artistic" shots (close-ups, building details, etc). There are many shots looking up at things such as the frame work of the Sunsphere in Knoxville or the roof top of the Canada Pavilion in Vancouver, or looking down onto people inside of different exhibits. All shots are in black & white. $14 is a pretty good deal, $25 makes the decison a little more tough. David
  9. Hey John- Was wondering if you had July 18th, 1965 available to post? Thanks- David
  10. Yes, Worldsfairent, I was able to make it to Aichi last year for EXPO 2005. You are correct, it was very green. With the theme "Nature's Wisdom", the EXPO planners attempted to hold an exposition that would minimally impact the enviornment. For an event so large, I personally feel like they did a pretty good job. I have uploaded some pictures of the green spaces from the Expo site to give you an idea of the look. The first photo is of a satellite map of the EXPO site from the Hitachi company: Next are some views of the fair including the the various exhibit areas, gardens, forest zone: Finally, a photo of the grounds as they look earlier this summer: If anyone is interested, I have recently started a small project of my own looking at the architecture of world's fairs. I work on it in my free time, which means that it comes along pretty slow. To see some other photos of Aichi, go to: <a href="http://worldsfairarchitecture.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">http://worldsfairarchitecture.blogspot.com/</a>
  11. The other interesting thing about EXPO 2000 was that many of the pavilions incorporated gardens inside their buildings, or others like the Pavilion of Romania used plants as the main exterior facade. Venezuela built a pavilion that had a huge, white, flower-shaped canopy over it that would open and close depending on the time of day. The outer walls of the pavilion contained hydroponic, water and soil gardens. The Duales System Pavilion contained a rain forest, Finland had a grove of Birch trees and Estonia had a roof of Pines. Portugal had cork trees. The Netherlands had one of the most impressive pavilions at the fair. Landscapes were stacked one atop another. The roof had windmills and water gardens. Another level was planted with trees. Flowers covered a 3rd level. It was a pretty amazing site to behold!
  12. The city of Hannover decided to build EXPO 2000 on the site of an already built exposition/business center. The THEME PAVILIONS were actually all housed inside exhibition halls that normally held trade shows. That being said, there was alot of pavement on the site as previously mentioned. However, the designers did add gardens and green spaces to the EXPO site in order to make them more friendly. 1)The United Trees Avenue was a 900 meter long garden consisting of 460 trees of 273 differet species, all native to the Northern Hemishere that ran from West Entrance of the Expo to the Expo Plaza atthe center of the site. 2)The Park Wave, covered 3 Hectares and was designed with rolling hills and valleys to provide changes in perspective. Some portions were heavily planted, others were more sparse. There was even a small lake in the center. 3)The Earth Garden was 2 hectares in size and was dominated by large, cone-shaped mounds, topped with metal cones. The Southern part of the garden was designed with small hedges that created relaxing enclosures 4)The Evolving Gardens on the East Expo Site were designed as a series of gardens that would change in density and formality. The was a water garden, a Mediterranean garden, a Dune garden to mention a few. 5 & 6)The Expo Park was made up of water gardens/canal with an observation tower that looked back over the Evolving Gardens, while the Agricultural Park-added large open expanses for recreational use. So....even though the grounds looked paved from one end to the other, there were actually some very beautiful pockets of GREEN throughout the expo site!
  13. 1939 Fountain of The Lions

    Could it have come from the 1939 Golden Gate Expo?
  14. Israel & Jordon Part 2

    A well researched article- Thanks for passing it along!