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    world`s fairs, Disney theme parks, travel, model railroading, sci fi movies, and television shows. Big fan of Star Trek, and Irwin Allen TV series.
    I`ve been to 9 world`s fairs, my first 1964 NY, my last Shanghai in 2010. I love finding new films for my world`s fair hobby. Most films I acquire, are availabe in my world`s fair film catalogue.

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  1. Hi Bill, Once again a great photo to rekindle memories. I remember entering the main entrance, and walking to that station with my dad. It might be of interest, there was a sci fi film with Paul Newman called "Quintet", which takes place in a future ice age world. Filmed in Montreal during the winter time, we are treated to some snow covered pavilions acting as the futuristic city. We also see an Expo Express car poking out of the ice. I believe it was shot in early to mid 70`s. Not a great film, but fun to see for the scenes I mentioned.
  2. You supply the caption

    "Hello Sid, yeah, I`m at the fair in one of those fancy phone booths. I peeked over into the other 2 booths, called those numbers, had them thinking they are on picture phones, described what they are wearing".
  3. NYWF64 talk - Sept 5 on Long Island

    Hi Bill, I can`t wait. Your talk on 1939 was informative, and entertaining as well. Fred
  4. World`s Fair Quarterly Sold

    Just want to let you know, this item has been sold, and no longer available. I want to thank all interested parties, for your interest in my sale Fred
  5. Hello everyone, I have been a collector of world`s fair items for fifty years. It is time for me to start down sizing my collection. I am starting with my collection of a periodical, which ended in 1995 called "World`s Fair Quarterly". As the title implies, these bulletins were printed four times a year, and covered world`s fairs past, present, and future. My collection spreads from 1981 thru 1995. I have 55 issues, all in pretty good condition. I also have issues of "Fair News", which was the bulletin for "The World`s Fair Collectors Society. I also have the bulletins from the "Monorail Society", and an issue of "Space Gram", the bulletin of a Seattle World`s Fair Club. I am asking $65.00 for the entire collection of bulletins I have, this includes shipping.within the continental USA If you are interested, feel free to e mail me ....tothefair@aol.com
  6. Got your passport handy?

    I love the passport books. I first learned of them at the 1982 World`s fair held in Knoxville. It was the end of my first day at the fair, when I noticed it being sold at a kiosk near the Sunsphere. The person selling them explained what they were all about, and knew I had to have one. My second day at the fair consisted of seeing the the few things I had missed, and talking my way passed the guards at the pavilion exits, so I could get my book filled. At Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the Chinese people were obsessed with getting their books stamped leading to a lot of bad behavior. By the time I visited the expo in mid August, some pavilions had stopped stamping the book, including the USA. The amusing aspect of this story came about when I visited the Canadian Pavilion. One of the pavilion hostesses approached my wife, and I to ask where we were from. After an interesting conversation, I asked where the stamping station was, and she told us it was closed. She was telling us how upsetting she found the behavior concerning the stamps, even bad mouthing the idea of the passports. I could not resist, and said, "are you aware it was Canada, that started the whole idea of the passport books, and stamps?" Looking at me right in the eyes, with a sad expression, she replied, "Yes, I know". My wife thought this was a good time to say goodbye, and move on.

    That was great, must have taken hours finding the right pictures. I`m glad everyone seems supportive of your project, and realizes this is a means to an end in creating a wonderful presentation for fans, not to make a retirement fund. I also have this record, and once tried to line it up with moving images from expo. Let`s just say, the Academy did not have an award waiting for me. Thank you for having the patience to create this, and look forward to the finished product.
  8. Wow, very crude facilities. Which bush is for the men, and which one for the women?
  9. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Hi guys, What great photos! I have not been to the Hall of Science in FMCP in 3 years. When I last visited, they had a working, smaller, replica of the "Probability Machine" on display. Worth going in just to see it. The photos depicting the fair in "Tomorrowland" are great, wish there were more . Bill, I love your photos, thank you for sharing. It`s amazing, how just seeing a pavilion from a different angle can be so exciting. My wife does not understand that feeling, but alas, I do not understand the thrill she gets from "Say Yes To The Dress". MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  10. Two NYWF64 survivors

    Wow, great photo, never saw the ferris wheel under the tire. What town did the wheel wind up in? Is it still there, in use?
  11. The interior renderings looked interesting. Perhaps it is another case of a lackluster design that houses a great show inside.
  12. Ever visit the "MO" Pavilion?

    East coast people in the NYC area, will understand the joke, "Gotta Go to MO Now!
  13. I have been to ten world`s fairs, the first being NY in 1964, at the age of eleven. I lived in Brooklyn at the time (still do), and was aware of its coming during construction, not fully understanding what it was to be. Then in May of 1964, my father announced we were going. By this time I was aware at how incredible a place it was, and had seen maps, photographs, and had heard first hand accounts from some classmates that had already attended. Walking the ramp from the subway, allowed me to see the amazing buildings, and the experience never diminished, for my next eleven visits. It is still my favorite fair, but the nine others I visited last one being Expo 2015, delivered the same excitement as I approached the gates. With the exception being Expo `85 in Japan, the others never really gave a look at an amazing hope for a fantastic future. They did provide a feeling for experiencing cultures from every part of the world, this is the one thing I did not feel from the `64 fair, not to fault the fair, but to realize I was only eleven, with a dream of tomorrow.
  14. The 'Hive' has a new home

    Wow, this is great news, I plan to visit London next year. I also heard the French Pavilion from Milan will be put up in Paris. Is this true, is it already up? Sigh!!, I live in Brooklyn, NY, why couldn`t it be Kew Gardens in Queens. Oh well
  15. Where is This Located, Please?

    Hi Yes, this was a moving display in the US Pavilion at the `64 fair. I have a film from the Billy Graham Ministries titled "World`s Fair Encounter". The two principal characters visit the US Pavilion, and this display is shown.