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  1. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I love this community. Its members are passionate about world's fairs and the combined knowledge stored here is vast and deep. The passion is a double-edged sword and eventually it wore me out. Occasionally things got negative, heated. People disagree with the choices you make. Some people stop talking to you. Some people end up hating you. Over the years the hobby started feeling more like a job and my passion waned. I'd look through old posts and wonder if I'd made the right decisions. My social visits became less frequent. I'd check in to ensure everything was running and not recognize the people posting. That's when I decided to hand the site over to Bill C. Like many have previously stated, the community is still here and vital. Nearly two decades after Bill Y. invited me to join him. That's something to celebrate and be proud of!
  2. Sorry the site was down, server issues

    The community is back up. The database cache wasn't clearing and filled our available space until the site couldn't function. We worked with Invision to upgrade to the latest version of IP.Board and that appears to have brought our disk usage back to normal. At our current size we should never need more than a gigabyte of disk space for the database.
  3. Minnesota World's Fair Bid Committee

    Maybe someone in this article can point you in the right direction. http://gallery400.uic.edu/blog/from-the-archive-if-the-world-is-a-circus
  4. My First Autochrome/Dufay Color Slides

    The broken images were hosted at Geocities which shut down in 2009. I looked for cached versions through Google but it was too long ago.
  5. It's better than the McDonald's we had at Expo 2000.
  6. Found a Westinghouse article

    Westinghouse World's Fair Pavilion, Or Eliot Noyes's Huge Shiny Balls http://greg.org/archive/2010/08/12/westinghouse_worlds_fair_pavilion_or_eliot_noyess_huge_shiny_balls.html
  7. Badges and Forum Icons

    You mean this one? I did it really quickly from the patent document.
  8. Another HoJo's Goes...

    It's similar to what happened with Bill Knapp's here in Michigan. They allowed their restaurants to age with their clientele. When they attempted to modernize they alienated the oldsters and failed to attract families with children.
  9. Badges and Forum Icons

    Thanks everyone! Except for 1933-34 the 1920 to 1939 section has an image for every forum. Like 1933-34, the 1939-40 NYWF is a difficult one. There are so many variations on the Trylon and Perisphere. I made the image currently in use based on this tempera painting but I'm unsatisfied with the result. Any suggestions?
  10. South Korea Pavilion, Expo 2015, Milan, Italy #Expo2015...

    Is it supposed to look like that?
  11. How Do I Comment On Posts???

    Members should be able to reply in the ExpoMuseum forum. He doesn't check in as often as he used to due to his work. You may not hear back from him.
  12. How Do I Comment On Posts???

    Urso is keeping busy working at Expo 2015. A few days ago I paused the feed because the Latest Posts list was becoming all Expo 2015 photos. There's no way to exclude feed posts and I was afraid other posts to the community would get lost. (I can turn it back on, let me know) I don't remember turning off replies for that forum. I'm sure there was a reason.
  13. Badges and Forum Icons

    Thanks Bill! They have been added to the community. We have images for most fairs from 1939 to the present. I'm wondering if the Community can help out with fairs before 1939. The best bet will be seals or medals from the earlier fairs. What we have so far has been sourced from academic and public domain archives or images people have placed in the public domain. Finding something usable has been pretty difficult for the more obscure fairs. Century of Progress has also been difficult. I found a 1933 flag on Pinterest and after some straightening I think I can come up with something in Adobe Illustrator. I welcome suggestions if anyone has a better variation on the graphic.
  14. How Do I Comment On Posts???

    Here's a handy graphic incorporating the advice from Randy and Mike.