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  1. To the Fair...

    Will any of the New Jersey-ites on this board be driving to "Saturday in the Park," or would anyone like to split the rental of a car to get out there Saturday morning? I live in Hoboken, too close to justify a hotel room, but far enough to make public transportation early Saturday morning a time consuming nuisance. One way or another, I'll be there ------------------ Matthew Barton
  2. World's Fair DVD

    Like everyone else on this board, I'm looking forward to the BBQ Production WF show, but this 1996 production has a lot to recommend it. It's true that there's not much from the designers of the fair, but it has a lot of good period footage, and most importantly, some excellent screen time with people who went to the fair again and again and who eloquently express many of the feelings for it that we all have.

    It was released on vinyl by RCA in 1964, but there has been no CD release of it. I missed getting a copy on ebay not long ago when my computer stalled with a minute or so to go in the bidding. I think it went for about $25.00

    "Triumph of Man" records rarely even draw bids when they are posted on ebay, even with low minimum bids, which I think says a lot about supply and demand. Most of the people interested in NYWF collectibles are checking ebay, and they have no interest in bidding on the record because they already bought it cheap, or know that they don't have to pay what the seller wants. I guess many of these sellers don't even look what these items typically fetch. I remember one guy who had a adult admission ticket posted with a minimum bid of $300! When it didn't sell, he brought the minimum bid down to $200! Not long ago I posted one of my "Triump of Man" records as a "twofer" with a 1965 guide for a minimum bid of 5 or 6 dollars, and got no bids at all.

    The Traveler's Insurance Record. I think I have four copies. At any given time, there are 10-20 of these on eBay, many for absurdly high minimum bids. Most other WF records (except for the various versions of "Small World" are relatively rare, although the Billy Graham record pops up occasionally.
  6. Exhibiting the Future / The New York World's Fairs of 1939 a

    I'll be there sporting my WF tie clasp, so please say hello!
  7. WF Record (Caveat Emptor!)

    There is a 45rpm record on eBay right now (#471318210) by Wilbur Harrison which features a 1964 World's Fair song on one side. Before a bidding war erupts, everyone should know that the song is available on a CD. The singer's name is actually WILBERT Harrison (he had a big hit with "Kansas City" in 1959). So bid on the record if you have to have an original, but if you just want to hear it, check out the CD.
  8. A Head Count for Catering

    At least two.
  9. Sokol Day, 6/6/65

    There are still a few up on the East Side, where I believe there's even a Sokol. I'm theorizing this because I know that there were several other tributes to ethnic groups from Eastern Bloc countries whose governments did not have pavillions. I believe there were events celebrating Armenian, Polish and Lithuanian culture for example.
  10. Sokol Day, 6/6/65

    There's a item posted on eBay currently, #453002665, a pin for "Sokol Day" at the NYWF on June 6, 1965. The seller states that this is a "happy pride" item because there was an artist named "Sokol" who painted happy themes. I think this is wrong, because "Sokols" were (and are) Czech organizations that promote Czech culture and language in Europe and around the world. There are many in America, including New York. I think the button commemorates one of the many ethnic celebrations that were held throughout the run of the fair. Is their anyone out their who remembers "Sokol Day" that can verify this?
  11. 1965 vs 1964

    The list comes from the New York Sunday News (Daily News) "Coloroto" magazine, April, 1965 (don't have the date handy--I'm at work). Probably it's the Sunday before or after opening day. They were probably working off of press handouts, and there is a disclaimer to the effect that not everything may be as described.
  12. 1965 vs 1964

    AFRICA: new snack bar accessible to both pavilion visitors and outsiders; new "safari shoot" gallery with electronic guns. More drummers and dancers; new animals (though Susie the Giraffe's back). AMERICAN EXPRESS: "New Art, 1965" works of 60 new American and foreign artists on view. AMERICAN ISRAEL: expanded exhibit has pages from original Anne Frank diary and relics from Capernaum Synagogue. BERLIN: new exhibit on "The Wall" emphasizing drama of life in Western outpost behind Iron Curtain. BETTER LIVING CENTER: "Animal Kingdom," new live animal exhibit sponsored by Humane Society. CAROUSEL PARK: late '64 starter has old Coney Is. merry-go-round; inexpensive food at outdoor cafeteria. CENTRAL AMERICA: new pre-Columbian gold and jewelry. CHINA: new restaurant. CHRYSLER: new musical comedy with Bil Baird marionettes; revamped automotive show. CLAIROL: expansion of personalized consultations to include cosmetic analyses with hair coloring interviews; doubled capacity; special arrangements for men waiting for wives. COCA-COLA: "Hall of Reflections" replaces art display at end of "Global Holiday." CONTINENTAL INSURANCE: expansion of Revolutionary War display. CONTINENTAL PARK: five rides, go-kart track, wild animals, beer garden, picnic ground. DENMARK: completely re-designed exhibit area; Specialty Food Shop; new surprises in Tivoli Gardens playground; luncheon version of Grand Cold Table in restaurant. EASTMAN KODAK: new third theater: "The Searching Eye" film revamped, How to Photograph the Fair exhibit. FORD: new third entrance to pavilion: Philco animated show-within-a-show. 1965 model cars on Magic Skyway. GREECE: classical sculpture from National Museum in Athens; "History of the Acropolis." GUINEA: outdoor market and restaurant with native musicians and dancers. HALL OF SCIENCE: late '64 entry features Rendezvous in Space, Atomsville, U.S.A. (for kids only) and latest in science and medicine. HAWAII: extensive revisions and expansion including fashions, horticulture, films, camera show, outrigger canoe rides; food and shops. INDIA: new artistic items added to exhibit; on-the-spot skills and crafts demonstrated. IBM: new films for Information Machine in theater. JORDAN: enlarging Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. LOWENBRAU GARDENS: new quick-service stand-up bar; mechanized and animated version of famed Lowenbrau Lion from Munich Oktoberfest will entertain diners. MONORAIL: fare for kids under 12 reduced to 60 cents; adults same at 80 cents; second ride free. MOROCCO: one-hour show featuring snake charmers, native dancers and music. NEW ENGLAND: expanded John F. Kennedy display: new Yankee atomic power, banking and manufacturing exhibits. NEW YORK STATE: "The City: People and Places," a new exhibition of painting of NYC by NY artists underlining trend to urbanization and industrialization in last 75 years; community performing groups from outside state will augment in-state groups. NEW YORK PORT AUTHORITY: free concerts by school and community groups at its new Band Shell next to the heliport. OKLAHOMA: new live entertainment with folk, choral, band music and theater companies. OREGON: new go-kart track and boat concession; timber carnival continues. PROTESTANT AND ORTHODOX CENTER: new outdoor stage for performances by choirs, etc. RCA: Television in Space exhibit includes moon pictures and weather TV'd from space; professional entertainers supplementing guests and celebrities on color TV; new color TV "featurette" films. SCOTT PAPER: introduced animated forest creatures to exhibit. SEVEN-UP: an emcee and expanded entertainment. SIMMONS: rooms designed for more sleeping space replace Enchanted Land; new sleep research display. SINGER EXHIBIT CENTER: (adjunct of Bowl): new display of Vogue Paris designer patterns in expanded "Millionaire Fabric Collection;" film; state and national flags (sewn on premises) to be presented to visiting dignitaries; hi-fi and stereo demonstration featuring "New Sound at Singer." SPAIN: new art masterpieces in its galleries; Martisqueria enlarged. SWEDEN: expanded and redesigned industrial display; new film with ASEA's 100,000 volt thriller; improvement in restaurant and NK shop. TOP OF THE FAIR: new management offering a world food carnival with "walls of food;" $2.50 admission to fair waived for diners arriving at Port Authority heliport from outside fair grounds; average fairgoers' informal attire permitted. TRANSPORTATION & TRAVEL: "Here Come the Martians," a show combining live action and film, and other new attractions. TRAVELERS INSURANCE: saluting firm's 100th year in Canada with display of color pix of our northern neighbor. U.S. SPACE PARK: exhibits keyed to current space activities like Gemini mission and Mariner's Martian fly-by. VATICAN: Pope Paul's jeweled tiara--and don't overlook the Pieta. VENEZUELA: revamped exhibit featuring model of its Angel Falls, world's highest. WESTINGHOUSE: contents of Time Capsule II on view, to be buried at close of Fair.
  13. 1965 vs 1964

    I recall reading that a men's waiting room was added to the women-only Clairol Pavilion for the 1965 season. I have several "What's New in 1965" World's Fair articles that I'd be happy to make available should you wish to build a new page out of this string. I'll check them tonight and see what other changes they mention.
  14. Paul Bunyan

    I've been contacted by members of the family of Bill Little, who played Paul Bunyan at the Oregon Pavillion. They are looking for pictures of him there. I don' t have anything in my collection (but I don't have anything from the Oregon Pavillion at all. The Paul Bunyan shot at NYWF64.com appears to be the big statue that they had on display. Can anybody help?
  15. Where Are We All???

    Where do you work in Hoboken, Mary Ellen? That's where I live. One of my earliestand most treasured memories (age 4) is going to the fair with my father. We lived in Stuyvesant Town then, but moved to Cambridge, Mass. in 1966. Back in New York in the 80's, I attended the big Anniversary show in Queens in 1989 and was blown away by the memories it stirred up in me. It's been a consuming passion ever since.