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  1. Tower2

    I just saw this, what great footage! Amazing how it had deteriorated in such a short space of time. I wonder if they were really up there or was it faked. I saw it on youtube a few days ago by accident so I checked first to see if anyone else had mentioned this.
  2. Gee, you sure know a lot about everything. Once you get back home y ou find out what you should have known but I didn't have the medallion then.
  3. I have no idea if this worked or not.
  4. I can't imagine what the Alma tunnel had to do with a fair except get you there if it was close to the Eiffel Tower. They have put up more barriers so you can't see as much into the tunnels as you probably could before the crash. I still find it odd the bodyguard survived and he wasn't wearing a seat belt, but then maybe that's just a rumor. It's funny how my sometimes working ESP, after hearing about Diana immedidately thought someone else young and famous would die in a crash, didn't know what kind of crash.
  5. Well that's sad really, if I could figure out exactly where it was in St. Louis, I've been in the park, there are some books I saw and I'm not sure if they were on the St. Louis or Chicago Fairs or not, but they had one on Lost New York, all the building that were scrapped, but I thought it was too sad. To me, it looked weird for them to be scrapping the Waldorf- Astoria for the Empire State Building.
  6. Anyone know how big the crystal palace was? Off topic, what happened to the original Ferris Wheel? One would think it would go to Coney Island, but they built an entirely different Ferris Wheel which I rode in, but it's probably gone now.
  7. They moved the palace! How far did they move it? That seems impossible.
  8. There must be some photos somewhere, I don't know who did them but I still get spooked by the then and now photos of NYWF, people walking in the snow not knowinig the fair is long gone.
  9. WEll I only knew about the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful souvenir coin I have though it is probably not worth much. I always wondered about the buildings across the river, I believe I saw the same building in the old Edison film though I do not know what they were or are used for. We were only over there to find the tunnel where Princess Diana crashed.
  10. I'm not sure when this was, I never heard of two Paris exibitions. I have a coin dated 1887 souvenir it says top of the Eiffel Tower, of course I don't know if it was at the top or not, I know it's very small up there, but I treausre my coin.
  11. Do you have then and now photos, I would love to see t hem. I never knew there was this much left, exactly where is it? I thought the building burned down.
  12. Films of the Fair

    Are there any films of the fair that I can buy? I can't believe they are that rare. I don't understand this we want your films like I had the only living films of the fair, they want to make a documentary. I'm sure you have all seen these films on youtube. The color is terrible due to cheap film we got with the camera, I think they want to use someone's film for free that has never been sold. These films belong to my parents really, they are video now. But I would love to see any films there might be out there.
  13. These are totally amazing! I had no idea there was anything left or where the exibition took place, I think I heard it burned down and did no further research on it.
  14. The vending machines on the second level

    Those are beautiful photos. It makes me feel like everything would look exactly the same if I were there. Actually I was there in 2003, well it was like you can't go home again only there is always this memory standing there and totally out of kilter with your memory. Where did the name Corona come from? I heard it in a song, but I don't know if it's about the park.
  15. I should say we lived between Albany and Utica in the Fort Plain, Canajohaire, Stone Arabia, Johnstown area.