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  1. Things were/are looking up?

    Frankly, it's more than I ever expected to see in my lifetime! Thanks must go to the painting volunteers and the younger generation that raised the profile of the NYS pavilion and reminded New Yorkers of the treasure in their backyard.
  2. Aerial view of Ford

    Another Ford Rotunda from yet another fair now serves as the San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park.
  3. A different angle on the Atomedic Hospital

    The Atomedic Foundation still exists! The hospitals were designed to be assembled quickly.
  4. One of the mechanical shows at IBM

    Title Screen and (very bad) image of the other mechanical puppet show: The Singular Case of the Plural Green Moustache. This was my favorite spot at the IBM pavilion outside of the Egg. Title Screen and (very bad) image of the other mechanical puppet show: The Singular Case of the Plural Green Moustache. This was my favorite spot at the IBM pavilion outside of the Egg.
  5. A view of the Astronomer by Carl Milles

    Thanks for the reference to that old thread. I can also see where the Trylon was sited. I'm planning to revisit FMCP for the first time in 10 years or so and am really looking forward to walking on "hallowed ground" again.
  6. A view of the Astronomer by Carl Milles

    Has anyone attempted to demark the footprint of the Trylon and Perisphere? If I remember correctly, the Unisphere sits on the Perisphere's spot, but where would the Trylon and Helicline be?
  7. Kodak Pavilion

    And the result is lovely. Seriously, I don't associate those delicate colors with space-related exhibits. The image looks spotless!
  8. A quiet spot at night

    Now we're getting into some real esoterica! (I don't remember this place at all.) Where was this and what sort of information did they have?
  9. Absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see some night photos after you've installed the lights.
  10. Interesting Toy

    And the base is a cloud!
  11. Love photos of the Fair at dusk...!
  12. Does anyone remember Parana Coffee?

    This is what I found on a Google search: https://www.caffeparana.it/homeen/
  13. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    If you close your eyes you can just imagine it...
  14. Yes; the most beautiful time of the day or night. Funny, I don't remember the white lights on the columns of the NYS pavilion...
  15. A different view while approaching the Fair

    It's like x-raying a painting and discovering wonders underneath!
  16. Lighting at the Fair

    I think "total waste of money" is a bit harsh. The Luminaries were unique to the Fair and marked it (to me) as a special place. They also contained speakers for background music. I would agree that the wayfaring aspect of the color coding was a total waste, but the luminaries will always scream "1964-65 New York World's Fair" to me.
  17. Bring back the fountains!

    There actually is a funded plan for these fountains: https://www.amny.com/news/worlds-fair-fountains-queens-1.16726028
  18. The France pavilion in 1975

    It does look like a gas station sign!

    This is a wonderful project! I'm looking forward to see it grow.
  20. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Don't forget the moving sidewalk, also in Satellite City.
  21. The Probability Machine at IBM

    The Probability Machine was recreated for the Disney film Tomorrowland.
  22. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Even though I rarely post, I check in and read new postings almost every day.
  23. Carousel of Progress poster

    I've always LOVED this exuberant style! The sky and the street look like exploding fireworks!
  24. One to write home about?

    You've brought this photo back to life! It could have been taken yesterday...