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  1. Unbuilt Pavilions

    I was lucky enough to live close enough to the New York Fair that I lost track of the number of my visits. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to stay with a family friend in Montreal and spend a week at expo67....and returned a year later for a day at the first season of Man and His World. As others have said, both were magical places and had very different vibes. In retrospect, expo67 was more well-designed and New York's was garish, but the adventures to be had in and around their respective pavilions were glorious! Thanks to this site and other online resources, we have an incredible amount of material at our fingertips... a far cry from the few ephemera I had kept and the occasional Fair retrospective exhibits I managed to attend at the Flushing Town Hall and the Queens Museum. The flat park that tops the old Corona Dump is hallowed ground; I feel its electricity every time I step into the park. I haven't revisited the expo site since 1968; judging from the pictures I've seen i'd feel very out-of-joint if I visited it today.
  2. The first view of wonderland...

    And the excitement and anticipation start to build...!
  3. Thailand

    As ever, awesome pictures. Ralph: I missed your background story (if you ever introduced yourself before posting these series of amazing photographs).... How did it come to pass that you were able to take such great shots? Both technically (what equipment did you use?) and artistically (how did you get to some of those really out-of-the-way places?) Thanks for all that you've posted; I've seen things that I haven't seen in 50+ years and it is a great visit to my youth.
  4. Jordan

    The mural in the last photo was quite controversial at the time, and would probably still be considered controversial today. A reminder that some conflicts remain unsolved.
  5. Off to see the Fair!

    Sure looks like it!
  6. Another angle on the Katimavik

    I also remember being a bit disappointed when I got to the inside/top of Katimavik... I really didn't understand the sculptures at all (then again, I was 15 at the time).
  7. Montana: Inside the 'Big Sky'

    This NBC special with Edwin Newman begins in the room depicted in the first picture, with one of the coin-operated instruments playing. (Great special, too. Newman at his sardonic best.)
  8. Uncle Beazley

    I had no idea that the Uncle Beazley triceratops was one of the Sinclair dinosaurs.
  9. Ford #1: Looking Around

    Thanks for the memories!
  10. AMF: Riding High

    Awesome monorail pictures! Thanks for posting them. Does anyone know if the Amphicars at Disney Springs are the same vehicles that were used at the Fair? The Disney copy calls them "vintage." http://www.theboathouseorlando.com/amphicar/
  11. Expo 67 DVD

    Same here; I haven't watched the entire set of films, but what I've seen is wonderful (and in very good condition).
  12. Westinghouse: Time Flies

    I was wondering what happened to the original marker.
  13. Just one more week until Central Asia’s first...

    Urso....you'll have to be our correspondent. I hope to read about your visit.
  14. Abe Lincoln of Illinois #2

    Help me out here... that last picture shows how far Lincoln stood away from the chair. How did he get up and sit down? He didn't walk forward or backward, and the distance seems too far to allow him to stand up or sit down without moving closer to the chair.
  15. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    As a then 12-year old, I can see why I never visited this pavilion...