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  1. It looks like a part of the Challenge to Greatness ride at the United States pavilion.
  2. Why aren't we riding these in our cities today?

    The monorails at the Fair operated at 9 MPH, although the SAFEGE design was capable of speeds up to 90 MPH. http://www.nywf64.com/amf07.shtml
  3. Italia '61

    I find that Google Translate makes the Italia 61site comprehensible to this non-Italian speaker... Interestingly, the text itself uses the Circarama name for the Disney film process, but the description makes it clear that the film was actually presented in Circlevision, Disney's improved successor format. (Basically, Circarvision used eleven 16mm projectors, while Circlevision used nine 35mm projectors and delivered a superior image. https://d23.com/a-to-z/circarama-u-s-a/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circle-Vision_360°
  4. EPCOT displayed various robotic arms in its early years. http://www.lostepcot.com/communicorepictures.html#expo
  5. A peek inside the New York City Pavilion

    Look how timeless that style is... yet it's 80 years old.

    Same from me, Bill. And thanks for the constant stream of new pictures of our favorite Fair!
  7. I can only imagine what a visitor to the 1893 fair felt upon seeing it for the first time. Hopefully, just as thunderstruck as this 12-year-old boy was on April 25, 1964, when he first set foot on the NYWF.
  8. Argentina for Expo 2023

    I visited Łódź once (my mom was born there) and was hoping that they would get the Fair; it would have had an amazing effect on that frequently overlooked city. Then again, I've always wanted to visit Buenos Aires...
  9. One fine night in 1965

    Can't get enough of those ethereal night-time views; thanks!
  10. Night at Expo '67

    Bill, I have to second Jim's comments. Expo 67 was my "other" world's fair, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a solid week there. My parents had a close friend who lived in Montreal and I stayed out there in Westmont, happy to be able to take 2 Metro lines back-and-forth each day! Looking at photos of both fairs, expo definitely was far more elegant, photogenic and international than the New York fair. But New York had the dark rides!!! Now, if I could only get my hands on one of those reflective lighting fixtures...
  11. An Amphicar passing Hawaii

    I've wondered if the Amphicars at Disney World are the same exact vehicles that were at the Fair... How many could the manufacturer have made?
  12. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    There were a few exhibits I would return to at each visit (and there was never a line to get in): Hershey's Chocolate (watching the chocolate in the conching machine; no samples that I recall) Canada Dry (free samples of ...ugh... Wink) Whirlpool dishwasher large enough to stand in while it ran through a wash cycle (behind Plexiglas shields) Demonstration of an amazing blender (possibly the Vitamix?) performed an extremely jolly Australian lady ("We remember what the Yanks did in the War!")
  13. TV Remote Control 1956

    I knew that the first B/W TV screens were also round, but I thought they had died out by the mid-50's... We had a Dumont but the screen was already squared off. Now, I do remember those plastic sheets to turn B/W into COLORED TV!
  14. TV Remote Control 1956

    I see that the screen was round with the top and bottom masked off; could this have been an early color TV?
  15. Touring the Official Map #3

    Thanks for sharing them with us, Ralph