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  1. I don’t know if it’s ok to post this here but I want to say that I grieve for New York City. The covid 19 virus is beating the hell out of that great city and there is no end in clear sight. The death toll for Friday, just in the five boroughs , was nearly 700. And it appears covid hot spots are now popping up in Suffolk and Nassau counties. I never thought I’d live to see such a thing as this. With all of our modernity and electronic wizardry, and a century removed from the last great pandemic in 1918, we are still no match for an invisible virus. These are desperate days for the greatest city in the world and its nearly nine million people.
  2. And Wayne, considering how many times it was scheduled for demolition or that loud critics continued to demand its removal, it is truly remarkable it’s still there. And how vacant Paris would seem without that masterpiece.
  3. Speaking of lockdown or whatever it’s called, NBC News reports today (3.31.20) that a part of the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadow Corona Park will be used as a field hospital for victims of Coronavirus. The precise location is the Billie Jean King stadium. And yes, I just noticed the word Corona in the name of the park. That’s really rather weird.
  4. Sad news - a member has passed away

    I am so sorry to hear this news. He enriched this site with his knowledge and enthusiasm.
  5. The BIE is not relevant or at least it should not be in making this decision It has not spent one single cent to build anything at Expo 2020. The BIE’s irrelevance cannot be measured by any existing device. Remember that the IOC had virtually no intention of postponing the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games. Their slogan, “the games must go on,” was finally called into question when member nations. specifically Canada and Australia, announced they would not send their teams to Tokyo because of covid 19. Other nations announced the same intent and the US Olympic swimming organization expressed its desire that the games be postponed. If the Expo 2020 planners deem it best to postpone their exposition they should do so and ignore anything coming from the BIE. The BIE is an anachronism. Some of the greatest fairs in history were planned, built and enjoyed without “official sanction” of the BIE.. The BIE contributes nothing to any exposition. It builds nothing and offers no financial support. Robert Moses may have been correct over fifty years ago when he called the BIE “a bunch of old men in.a dingy Paris apartment.” In this situation, the BIE is desperately trying to justify its existence if it attempts to interfere in this exposition’s decision and its opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
  6. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    Why would anybody want to make something like that?
  7. Perisphere Play

    It’s an absolutely wonderful photograph in its own way. It captures a quite moment in time. Those two kids have the entire Theme Center to themselves. I cannot fully explain but this is exactly the type of photograph that makes me want to return to the Park and try to find and stand on the exact spot where those two are playing, to just stand there and look at the photograph and feel transported to another time. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
  8. I have been looking for that video. It was an architectural firm in NYC that was designing the pavilion, I think. I wonder what happened. Whatever the reason they’re not doing it, the idea that the USA is relying on the charity, or whatever it is, of the host country is so incredibly sad.
  9. Flushing Meadow, between the two Fairs, was a park. It was not what had been envisioned by Fair planners because the 1939 Fair was a financial bust. But it was a park and for a time the UN used the 1939 NYC building as its headquarters until the Headquarters in Manhattan was completed. Virtually all of the avenues and boulevards of the 1939 Fair remained and were reused in 1964. Many New Yorkers enjoyed visiting the park in those years and often brought 1939 guidebooks so they could locate where favorite pavilions had stood. What this photo shows is the pre 1964 Fair land preparation. I suspect the Trumans were there to have a first hand look at the avenue that was to be named for him .
  10. A photograph of Harry and Bess Truman at Flushing Meadow; what a remarkable find.
  11. My god, I really want to go back in time even if it’s only for one hour. What beautiful photographs of that incredible exposition.
  12. I think I read that over ninety nations will be participating at this world’s fair but the USA can’t figure how to be a part of an exposition in a part of the world where we desperately need good relations and which will grow in importance throughout this century. We need the host nation to build the pavilion. It’s beyond embarrassing. It’s a total disgrace.
  13. I just saw an article in Arabian Business that states the US isn’t even paying for this pavilion. Instead. It is being funded through the “generosity” of the government of the UAE. If this is correct I wouldn’t waste one minute inside of that pavilion. If the UAE has to fund the construction of an American pavilion that is just pathetic.
  14. C. D. Arnold was official photographer for the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition and, as he did in Chicago in 1893, he published official photography books of Pan pavilions and attractions.
  15. I thought maybe it doesn’t list the 1964-65 NYWF is because it wasn’t sanctioned. However, it doesn’t mention Montreal and Expo 67 either. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome may have been the single best US pavilion design in exposition history.