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  1. Jim added a post in a topic: NYSP from Shorpy.com   

    Damn, New York State was proud in those days--and rightly so.  What an incredible image of that wonderful pavilion and the glory of New York in 1965.
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  2. Jim added a post in a topic: RIP E.L. Doctorow   

    I completely agree.  World's Fair is an outstanding novel. 
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  3. Jim added a post in a topic: NY world's Fair exhibit at the Whippany NJ Train Museum   

    Very interesting.  The mid-1960's was the last hurrah for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central System. 
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  4. Jim added a post in a topic: 20 years Billy Rose Aquacade 1995   

    The place really had become a modern ruin.
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  5. Jim added a post in a topic: Howard Johnson Retaurant--Lake George   

    CBS Sunday Morning had a feature on the Lake George restaurant.  It is now the last remaining Howard Johnson restaurant since the one in Lake Placid closed.  It is a good story.  It can be found on the CBS website.
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  6. Jim added a post in a topic: Who's Minding the Store?   

    Really interesting find.  I wonder how many actually noticed that poster or if subliminal messaging was at work.
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  7. Jim added a post in a topic: Did you go to the Mountaineering Pavilion?   

    Wonderful shot.  I love the shadow of the Trylon cast onto the Perisphere.
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  8. Jim added a post in a topic: Grab your partners!   

    That's a great shot of the NYS map.
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  9. Jim added a post in a topic: Glorious color photos   

    Just wonderful.  The photos make the buildings look as if they could last forever.
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  10. Jim added a post in a topic: The Fair looked great even in black-and-white   

    I agree.  It is such a precise shot.  Every light on the Unisphere is evident.  But it's the silhouettes of the people below which makes it all so inviting.
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  11. Jim added a post in a topic: Did anyone like "Like" soda?   

    I do remember that stuff.  But when I looked it up,  I became a bit confused.  I remember it as a diet lemon-lime drink, and my mother used to drink it.  But there was, evidently, a cola version of it and both were made by 7 Up.
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  12. Jim added a post in a topic: I can't believe people dressed this way   

    For one second, when I first saw the enlargement, I thought that poor soul had a beard...which would make her mink stole the least of her concerns.
    One of the things I like about watching TCM is seeing, through old movies, how tastes have changed over the decades of my life.  There was a time when women dreamed of owning something made of mink.  I remember an I Love Lucy episode devoted to that theme.  Today, the idea of a fur coat or anything made of fur is repulsive to most people.  It's sort of the same with cigarettes.  Once a part of daily life in almost every situation, today they seem ridiculous to most of us.
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  13. Jim added a post in a topic: Beware of the Ever Present Nuns!!   

    Bill, that shot was taken on a day I probably wouldn't want to revisit.  I think I forgot to do my homework that day and I recall the common anthem of the Dominican nuns who haunted our classroom:  "God help you!!"  And he usually didn't.
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  14. Jim added a post in a topic: Beware of the Ever Present Nuns!!   

    I'd add gum chewers to that list of evil doers on their list.
    Having said this, I have to add that this is a remarkable photograph.  I mean, what are the odds of a completely empty scene except for two nuns who do appear to be on a mission?  Incredible.
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  15. Jim added a post in a topic: "Behind the Curtain" at the Queens Musseum   

    Ms Harrison was right on so many levels.  The Queens Museum, long ago, decided neither fair was all that important and certainly of  no consequence to Queens or to NYC in general.  The museum had a vision of itself as some sort of elegant haunt in the Manhattan style, and it sacrificed its world's fair connection in order to pursue that image.  What a pathetic choice to make.  Even if its board really believes it can survive as an art museum, it missed an incredible opportunity to have a steady stream of visitors who wanted to see a vibrant world's fair anniversary exhibition and maybe even develop an affinity with the museum itself. 
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