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  1. Biosphere

    Thank you for your help with this. I agree. Montreal must not let the Dome fall into disrepair. It's a treasure and perhaps it's time to restore its to its original grandeur.
  2. The National Observer (April 15, 2019) has a story about the potential fate of the former USA pavilion on Ile Ste Helene. Evidently, its lease runs out at the end of 2019 and its fate is uncertain. According to the article by Carl Meyer, it may not survive as the Biosphere. That's the point. Its future is murky and the structure is in need of serious work. I just don't know how to provide the link but all I did was search Expo 67; click on news and scroll down several news stories and there it is.
  3. He went to the office and did business just like Ward Cleaver, Jim Anderson and all those 1950s guys. More to the point, perhaps, what did Mrs. B do all day while Hazel was busy being her maid? One more thought: In the final season, Mr. B went missing. He was supposedly doing "business" in Saudi Arabia for the entire season. In fact, both parents went missing and Harold stayed behind so as not to interrupt his schooling.
  4. Television was so innocent back then.
  5. Great find--the newspaper article. I live between Binghamton and Syracuse. That was probably originally printed in The Binghamton Press. It merged with the Binghamton Sun Bulletin (a tabloid) in 1969. It still publishes, today, as the Press and Sun Bulletin.
  6. That's a great photo, Eric. I remember the original goal was to coat the Trylon and Perisphere with concrete rather than the gypsum board eventually used. Had the first plan prevailed, maybe these structures would have survived.
  7. The water along the beaches of Lake Ontario become quite warm by July. Fair Haven beach, for example, can be like a Florida surf by August. However, it's all sand and one can walk out quite some distance and the water is warm. Deeper water isn't going to be like that especially into September and October.
  8. That water looks to be brutally cold. Buster Crabbe replaced Johnny Weissmuller in NY in 1939 and Gertrude Ederle joined the swimmers in 1939. As a total aside, TCM ran the film Sunday In New York a few weeks ago. Filmed on location in NYC in 1963, it stars Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson. Simply because of the date the movie was created, I wondered if I might spot something, anything, that would make reference to the upcoming 1964 NYWF. And I did find something. On Fifth Avenue in front of the mezzanine one leading to the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, a NYC metro bus stops to either take on or discharge Fonda and Taylor. There, on the front of the bus is an advertisement for The 1964 New York World's Fair. I had been watching the, advertising cards inside of the various bus scenes but could not spot a Fair reference and then I spotted the advertising card on the front of the bus. It's a small find, I realize, but it made my day.
  9. Monorail fortunes, which made a strong forward step in Seattle in 1962, didn't do itself much good by allowing 1964 AMF entry to be displayed with the midway rides. Rather than circle the fairgrounds and/or serve as some form of visitor transportation, it was merely an attraction, a carnival ride. It didn't sell itself as a dynamic and possible transport system of the future. And here we are 55 years later with monorails more of a curiosity than a significant form of mass transit.
  10. Night comes to the Fair

    Larry, I believe you had the coolest job in the world. Jim
  11. I can remember the loud clicking sound the Zenith Space Command TV Remote Control used to make. Thus the name "clicker," as in ":where's the damn clicker? The game has already started." I still call it a clicker but there isn't a single soul under 40 who knows why.
  12. Holy crap. Telephone books are veritable time capsule and they, as a utility item, are fast disappearing. It is hard to imagine that some museum or library would not value it as a primary for Montreal in 1967. Even in a digital era, there will remain a place for hard copy sources.Print media and handwritten letters will always hold value.
  13. What a cool place it was in 1967 and remains in 2019.
  14. All things Expo 67

    Ron, I think it has more to do with the influence of the BIE and their granting of various types and sizes of expositions. I believe that makes 2030 the earliest possibility and it allows for a an excellent t amount of time for planning and preparation. Having said this, it doesn't appear that Mr Rotrand's proposal has received much support or at least I have not seen any further news stories about this idea. Jim
  15. The Schaefer Center

    My father was determined to eat at the Schaffer Centre and he was not disappointed. I remember it was remarkably elegant, had good food and was very comfortable and cool. To this day, I have one small souvenir, a sugar cube I took from the bowl on the table. It has a photo of the Schaffer Centre on one side and the Unisphere on the other. On one edge are the words "The Internatioal Exposition at Flushing Measdow.." A fifty two year old sugar cube...