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  1. Interesting but it's certainly  a cheap and amateurish looking display.  And comical...
  2. Mail call!!

    The stamps are interesting.  The top stamp is a 1967 US Commemorative celebrating Canadian Confederation centennial.  The bottom stamp is the 1967 Canada Expo 67 commemorative depicting the Katimavik and the Expo logo.  Both stamps were valued at five cents.  The envelope is one that was used for First Day of Issue for the 1964 US commemorative for the New York World's Fair.  Whoever mailed this envelope had to get access to that envelope without the 1964 commemorative.  That is highly unusual.    
  3. So much good Fair fun in one picture

    My dad even had me wear a light sport coat to the Fair and I was just 13.
  4. Help requested

    I agree.   But Montreal is and always has been a fashionable city.  
  5. Another visit to Ontario

    I was 15 as well.  Montreal has the most beautiful women I've ever seen in any city.
  6. Expo 67 Hostess

    Great shot.
  7. I thought that was the "tree" behind it but I didn't remember the sculpture.  
  8. Hello I'm new

    You are among friends!  It's a wonderful site with good folks who love world's fairs.
  9. That's a great shot.  I really like the black and white photos.
  10. That's a very good point, mrtobor.  In many ways, the same can be said about automobiles.  GM, Ford and Chrysler put on great shows in New York in 1965 but my first car, in 1971 when I was in my second year of college, was a Subaru.  Tens of million of Americans were doing the same thing in the 1970s.
  11. What is really quite remarkable is that this pavilion came to fruition only 19 years after the devastating end of WW2.
  12. Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome

    I'm not much of a photographer but didn't rolls of exposed film find their way to Kodak for developing in the years of film photography?  I can't envision drug stores dealing with film as they once did nor the return of fotomats.  However, if Kodak is going to reintroduce the stuff they have to plan a way for it to be processed with some convenience for the photographers.  Hopefully, Kodak learned something from all of the corporate errors of the past and will find a niche market for film and rebuild the brand.  I remember reading that Kodak has some sort of an arrangement to provide film for movie production companies to preserve what already exists and for future film production that would not be digital.
  13. Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome

    It will, again, be manufactured in Rochester.  I wonder if it will create any new jobs for that hard hit city.
  14. Interesting, Bill.  I know there are changes in topography on Ile Ste. Helene especially near the Stewart Museum which is on a small hill on the original part of the island.
  15. They probably were good for identifying where one could get quick and inexpensive food but I've always thought they were unappealing.  Britannica in 1964 said they resembled "fungal growths".  Now that's harsh.  I think when I actually saw them in early September of 1965, they were just soiled and dingy.  That didn't win them any points in my mind, I suppose.