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  1. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Chrysler was my family's first stop at the Fair. I still have the VIP badge they gave to visitors but I don't remember a great deal about the exhibit itself.
  2. Happiness is...

    Oops. So it is a 1967 photo? I never got to La Ronde until 1976.
  3. Happiness is...

    Bill, is this a shot from Expo or from Man and His World in later years? Isn't that the Paper and Pulp pavilion (painted white in this photo) in the background?
  4. Happiness is...

    It almost looks as if the pink one has human legs and can see Expo all by itself.
  5. I remember that I wanted to see that pavilion but I never got there.
  6. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    I like the official world's fair flag on the pole.
  7. TCM aired the Elvis feature, It Happened At The World's Fair, tonight (July 31). I've seen it many times but I always look for it and I've even bought the dvd. It's short on plot and it has the distinction as the one Elvis film that produced no top ten hits. Nevertheless, it's a joyful movie and the scenes of the Seattle World's Fair are quite wonderful. And it's remarkable to consider that the movie was made as Century 21 was in progress and hundreds of World's Fair visitors became the extras for so many scenes. What a thrill that must have been. I always look for the scene when little Sue-Lin bites into the Belgian Waffle (it predates the NYWF) which is almost bigger than she. And the scene of Mike and Diane (Elvis and Joan O'Brien) having dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle is perfect. It actually captures the motion of the restaurant as it revolves. The final tune is "Happy Ending," with beautiful views of the Fair. This is really a movie that is happy throughout. And there, forever captured on film, is The Century 21 Exposition. It's a must see for anyone who loves world's fairs.
  8. That is interesting information. The document predicted 85 million visitors. I had never heard that prediction before; just the 70 million the Corporation predicted. Twenty-nine miles of paved roadway in Flushing Meadow is a remarkable distance of asphalt. I wonder if this publication still exists. Somehow, the joyous celebration of asphalt is perfect for the 1960s when the idea of paving everything was seen as progress. It reminds me of the Futurama machine that would gobble entire chunks of rain forest so that roads could be constructed.
  9. Harvey Middleman, Fireman

    No, those are the only scenes from the Fair. It's such a strange film otherwise.
  10. This is a good story about Montreal's entirely new above ground light rail system. It will supplement the Metro by reaching distant Trudeau Airport and the Eastern Townships. More importantly, perhaps, it will be an electric and driverless system very similar to the 1967 Expo Express. In fact, one design model is called L'Expo. The others are Mount Royal and Saint-Laurent. The public will vote on one of the three designs. I love Montreal and its continuing homage to its defining moment in time--Expo 67.. https://mtlblog.com/feature/montreals-new-above-ground-light-rail-metro-network If it does not, and it probably won't, then go to any search engine, type Expo 67, then click on news and this MTL Blog is a July 11 story. Hey Bill--Safari never lets me see the entire web address for any site so I have trouble providing a direct link. What am doing wrong (other than living in the 21st Century with a 1960s mindset)?
  11. Here's a shot you very rarely see

    That "blank" side faced the NYC Building, I believe. It is a short walk from the front of the NYC Building to the Unisphere. Therefore, the view of the various continents would be seen from the main avenues radiating from the Theme Center and would be visible from three directions across the Fair. Perhaps this is what determined how the Unisphere was positioned.
  12. This is a really strange movie that has been mentioned in posts when this site was first created. You Tube has a short clip from the film that contains scenes from the 1964-65 NYWF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?vI82qB4KgK6s It seems to be a truly weird film but the few minutes of Fair footage are worth seeing. The way the boy and girl are dressed to visit the Fair is very interesting and proof of how times have changed. That's the web address I found as I viewed the film clip. It might just be easier to go to You Tube and type in the movie title. The clip will appear.
  13. https://leaderpost.com/driving-ca/award-winning-saskatchewan-car-on-auction-block This news story appeared in the Regina Leader Post. The family of Alex Gervais, who restored this 1927 Durant Star, is auctioning the vehicle. It was part of a parade of classic automobiles, sponsored by Canadian Tire, that travelled across Canada with Expo in Montreal as the final destination. Once there, the cars were judged and this vehicle was selected as the third best in the show (behind two English made automobiles). It's a good story and seeing this automobile, now over ninety years old, with a 1967 Quebec Expo 67 tag on the front bumper is a wonderful image.
  14. Thanks for fixing that address, Bill.
  15. Another WF Flea Market Find

    I'm not sure I would have even thought of the world's fair if I had found that thing.