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  1. So, maybe, that's a glimpse of a bit of the picnic grounds and the Fair Operations building.
  2. Absolutely amazing photograph... Bill, are you at all able to determine the direction of the view in the background?
  3. It's a water cannon. They are used far more for riot control or even power washing of large vehicles etc. than fire fighting per se. I did not even realize the US had them in 1939. Most fire department eliminated these devices long ago.
  4. I could be wrong here, but those "indians" appear to be wearing the traditional garb of tribes connected with Plains Culture--the nomadic tribes including the Lakota, Crow, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Arapahoe, Cree, Kiowa Apache, Comanche etc. These lived in the Plains states and not in the Southwest. New Mexico tribes include the Zuni, Navaho, Pueblo--none of which wore what we see in this photograph.
  5. There was a New Mexico pavilion?
  6. When I was sixteen I traveled from Syracuse to NYC with my best friend. We stayed with his cousins somewhere on Long Island but the two of us went into the City by ourselves. His uncle worked in the Pan Am Building and he took us to the rooftop heliport. The unobstructed view of the City took my breath away. It was spectacular. While we were there, a helicopter landed and that was an incredible thing to see especially for two kids from the backwoods of Upstate New York.
  7. They were the two most architecturally memorable pavilions for me. I love that simple shot.
  8. It's difficult to realize that young man must be about 80 today. Then it hits me that I'm fifty years older as well and that my warranty has run out.
  9. Was this the pavilion, in its final incarnation, that had the roof that resembled the moon's surface? I can look at the Guide Book, but what exactly was in there?
  10. PS: Bill, with the ones that never materialized at all, do you have some indication as to where they would have been located if they had been constructed?
  11. It would have been good if more states had participated. This structure may have been an interesting addition although it resembles a very large bread box.
  12. I suspect it was also a pavilion that did not receive a great deal of attention during the Fair. I don't even remember it other than from the Guide Book.
  13. Those men were some of the most courageous human beings in all history.
  14. I wish I lived close enough to see all of the memorabilia. CBS News has a story on its site about Granddad, a 90 year old lungfish, that had to be euthanized today at the Shedd Aquarium. He was one of two such fish purchased from the Sydney Aquarium for the Century of Progress Exposition. They were quite popular during the fair and over eight decades, over 104 million people saw Granddad.