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  1. I have no ability to draw or sketch but I do wonder why anyone would go to a world's fair and then sit to have a sketch or a portrait made. And judging by the sketch it looks like one of those caricature drawings.
  2. Electro the Robot

    It’s hard to believe Elektro didn’t receive an Axademy Award nomination.
  3. I had the great misfortune to have watched the movie, Sex Kittens Go To College on TCM. Oddly, it’s only redeeming aspect was the fact that one of the stars of this insipid film is Sam Thinko, a robot. But Sam was incognito for some reason. His real name is Elektro. The star of the Westinghouse 1939 pavilion. I really like TCM and learn a good deal from classic movies. As ridiculous as this 1960s bomb is, the fact remains that its best performer is the Westinghouse robot. Electro had a second career long after his starring role in 1939.
  4. Now that’s a photographic gem. So much of the fair’s architectural geometry is evident. If only the planners had given more thought to permanence when the buildings began to rise.
  5. The Fair From the Air

    It’s a good film although I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a promotional film of the NYWF that didn’t linger on the GM and Ford pavilions and, especially, the Pieta in the Vatican Pavilion.
  6. That’s good info. Thank you for sharing and welcome to this site! Keep posting!
  7. I wonder where that world’s fair bag and the little glide-a-ride things are today.
  8. A few new slides.

    Eric, I’ve never seen a closeup shot of Clotho. What a beautiful photograph. I sometimes wonder how many Fair visitors understood the statuary. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful image. The photograph of The Four Freedoms at the far end of Constitution Mall is so rare. Well, I’ve never seen a shot like that and it’s just remarkable. One gets a real sense of the length of the Mall and whoever took that photo really captured the ephemeral beauty of the Fair: The Mall, the fireworks, the statuary. What a glorious moment in time forever captured on film. Eric, the two spotlights. Where were they located?
  9. A few new slides.

    How wonderful it could have been had 1939 statuary been designed as permanent features of the planned park. When the statues were created, virtually everyone believed the Fair would make a ton of money so why not include statuary for the magnificent park that was certain to follow? That shot of the Four Freedoms silhouetted against the evening sky is beautiful. It could not have been an emotionally easy task for those who were assigned to knock them down. Unless, of course, the demolition folks were total philistines.
  10. A few new slides.

    Eric, that second-to-last photograph of the Four Freedoms silhouetted by a setting sun near the Lagoon of Nations is quite wonderful especially for a visitor’s snapshot. When I look at that photo it feels like 1939. Eric, those are Leo Friedlander’s Four Freedoms, right? The Moods of Time were near the Theme Center. Paul Manship was the artist. That second photo caught me off guard. I’ve never seen it. Too bad Westinghouse didn’t include her in their Time Capsule.
  11. A few new slides.

    Great photos, Eric. The Four Freedom statues were epic. They provide a powerful image of that aspirational fair.
  12. Time to set sail!

    I feel like I should respond by saying “oh my god; did I say all of that aloud?!”
  13. Time to set sail!

    If I had visited the Fair on a day when everything--every pavilion, every exhibit, every restaurant, every souvenir shop, every Kodak photo spot, even the Brass Rail restaurants--had closed for the day for whatever reason, and my only world's fair option was to climb aboard that aluminum raft which looks as if it was assembled in someone's garage during a weekend and which clearly has no life vests and bob up and down on a decidedly polluted man made pond, I'd have to take a pass and forego the otherwise memorable lake view of the Fair parking lots. \
  14. Great photos. It must have been a beautiful setting for the GGIE. Had it been the only world’s fair in 1939, that fair would rank as one of the best but it lived in the shadow of the Trylon and Perisphere.
  15. HO Scale Amusement Park Opens

    That Ferris wheel is truly amazing!!