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  1. I'd love to be able to obtain one of those issues.
  2. Those are amazing photos. Bill, I'm sure it has been explained but what did become of this model? Nobody thought, as the Fair ended, that it might be worth preserving the scale model? Sometimes it takes quite a while for a sense of history to take hold. Today's junk will be tomorrow's collectibles.
  3. Great shots. Montreal tried so hard to make Expo survive. By 1981 there was so little left.
  4. Whatever he's handing out, his pants suggest he is preparing for high water.
  5. When I think of my two days at the Fair, there were no real crowds. We waited in line for several pavilions (Johnson's Wax, GE, Bell as I recall) but not for very long. Then I look at this photograph. It's an incredible shot--overwhelming actually. But I always have the same question. Where were the crowds all along?
  6. Then maybe that's an October, 1965 shot.
  7. The top three shots are all chrysanthemums, but that second photo has what I would generally describe as a snow fence in the background. I wonder why.
  8. There were a great many large but regional airlines in the 1960s. Eastern was one of them. I vaguely recall Mohawk merging with Allegheny, both eastern regional airlines. But just a few years later, Allegheny morphed into US Air and the appearance of Allegheny marked jets in western states aroused a great deal of curiosity and Time actually wrote a story about this unusual event.
  9. What kind of business does that place do today? I understand it is basically an event center, but I wonder how well booked the place is.
  10. This was one aspect of the 1965 Fair that was well served by the original 1939 layout. That long mall with the fully grown trees, the formal gardens and the elegant fountains may have never existed without the ideas and concepts of the first fair in Flushing Meadow.
  11. I know Quebec winters are long but at least you get to spend them (it sounds as if you do) in Montreal. It is probably the most beautiful city on the continent and among the most fascinating--even in winter.
  12. That shot is so perfect it could be on a post card. Th Unisphere needs to have a world's fair surrounding it.
  13. Other than recognizing the Corona Gate with the well-known Bulova clock, I have no idea why those figures are painted there. But I've seen odd painted markings on paved roadways and walkways before. Sometimes they make reference to lanes or other line markings that will be drawn for traffic patterns. It's 1940, and any markings would be temporary and designed to add other temporary markings, I would guess. Are there any photos with other markings, of any sort, at the Corona Gate?
  14. Great shot. Expo really did have an incredible on-time completion record. But this shot almost looks as if Expo had been built in Yellowknife or some god forsaken place in the frozen territories.