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  1. Gemini display at the Space Park

    Great photo and may the last of America's remarkable Mercury astronauts, John Glenn, rest in peace.  He died today after a life of service to this nation.  He and his generation enriched our lives.
  2. Anyone up for a ride in a Galaxie 500?

    Weren't there Galaxie 500s on the ride?  My father actually bought one after returning from the Fair much to the consternation of my mother.  It was black and a convertible.  He had it all of three months and then he suddenly died.  I've always been glad he had that car.  Life is short.  But I have this memory he was inspired by riding through the Ford pavilion.
  3. It even looks new and fresh in this shot.  It appears to be young and full of promise in its youth.
  4. I remember the Sinclair  dino  signs in  Upstate New York fifty plus years ago.          
  5. Eric, the unusual word is "intrusted."  I thought it was an amazing typo but, as it turns out, it is not.  The word is acceptable as intrusted or entrusted.  And the tiers of the GW statue were still there during the 1964-65 Fair and after?  Did they, somehow, support Rocket Thrower?  Incredible.   Jim
  6. Incredible photograph.  That is a perfect snapshot of a precise moment in time.  I'd like to go back with about twenty bucks in my pocket and buy out both of those display boards.
  7. What a gentle photograph that is.  What tells you it is near the Quebec pavilion?  Is it something on the sides of the canal that is evidence or was the photo in a collection taken near the pavilion?
  8. Didn't we have a thread some time ago that showed the base with a plaque with an unusual spelling of one particular word?  Several of us commented on that but I believe that photo also showed grafitti on the base.
  9. The one beer to have

    I think this was my father's favorite stop at the Fair.
  10. You may be correct about that second flagpole.  Good eye!
  11. Or...is the woman standing near the car an undercover traffic cop who has just written a traffic ticket?
  12. The Model Room, post-Fair

    As was just about everything else on the fairgrounds....
  13. The Model Room, post-Fair

    When you say "revised" does that mean they just basically removed and tossed the models of the pavilions?  And if so, where did they all go?  And I wonder if anybody stopped for even a moment to say how sad it all was to see everything demolished.
  14. It would be fun to be able to identify the site of this photograph.   That construction machine is amazing--and huge.
  15. A splash of color from late 1964

    Ooops...when in doubt read the header.