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  1. Where was this globe?

    Well, I have no recollection of this.  One thing I can offer is that I believe the shot had to be taken in 1964.  There appears to be a Canadian Red Ensign national flag on that display.  It was the official flag from 1957 until February 15, 1965 when the Maple Leaf fag was officially adopted. Unless no effort was made to update this display, there is a good chance it's a 1964 photograph.  I suppose this doesn't help much but I wanted to offer something original.  No clue what "ties them all together" but I almost failed to notice a US flag at the very top.  It's so faded in the photograph.
  2. Anone want to do some shopping?

    I wish I could have just five minutes at that souvenir shop.
  3. Who can identify this?

    It sort of sadness me to think that this is what stands on the site of the Ontario Pavilion.  
  4. I remember just stopping at various displays from around the world.  No narration, ride or specific tour.
  5. When I was a kid my father knew a guy who ran a mink farm with his brothers.  It was in the middle of nowhere and a nasty place--hundreds of animals all in tiny cages awaiting their fate as some sort of women's fashion.  I did not fully understand the nature of the place at that time nor why it was so isolated and why the three brothers who ran the place were so unpleasant.  I recently drove past that site when I was in that area this summer.  The endless rows of cages are there although overgrown and falling apart as nature reclaims the site.  Now, I realize what a terrible place it was and the absolute folly of a woman needing to wear "fashionable" fur.  As I posted above, thank god such things are socially unacceptable today.
  6. Travelers fountains

    Eric, that is what I was thinking--Con Edison.  It certainly evokes memories of the base of the Perisphere as well.  When looking at the photograph, the geometry of the building above certainly suggest the Perisphere. Jim
  7. Travelers fountains

    It reminds me of the 1939 Fair.  What a great shot.
  8. Thank god those things are so socially unacceptable today.
  9. Who can identify this?

    It's difficult to understand how that wooden cabin could have survived that enormous fire which consumed the Ontario Pavilion.  That just don't make sense. Isn't there a park office on the islands that would be able to explain the origin of this structure?
  10. The Casino complex is very impressive.  I still remember walking into the French pavilion as a kid.  It was enormous and impressive.
  11. I can still feel the excitement of that building when I first saw it in 1967.
  12. Thank you for all of these photographs.  I can still feel a bit of that exhilaration I felt when I first saw Expo and how remarkable it was.  If you learn what is being done on the site of the Great Britain pavilion, please let us know.
  13. It remains incredibly difficult for me to understand why more did not attend the Fair.  Expo 67 was swamped with visitors throughout its entire run. Just today, I visited the 2016 NYS Fair.  It has smashed its own attendance records almost every day of this year's 12 day run.  It is just over 300 acres and nearly 120,000 poured through the gates today.  It was packed with humanity.  It has been so busy that the parking lots closed by 1PM the past two days.  They ran out of room.  And this is an annual state fair. Why did this not routinely happen in NY in 1964 and 1965?  I know all of the historical arguments and answers but what I will never get is why many more people did not see what a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the Fair was.  I did.  And I was 12.
  14. Cheers!

    Labour Day is also a holiday in Canada.
  15. I should be aware that Quebec had an Expo 70 pavilion but I guess I never realized that it had.  It is sort of strange that it was represented but it may have been a result of Japan's presence at Expo 67 and/or because of the beginning of the Parti Quebecois, the separatist movement and the idea that Quebec should present itself as a player on the world stage.  Either way, the fact that it did have a pavilion is interesting.