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  1. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    4.Blue globe- a plastic replacement for the glass one and was used on the WIZ movie Nope, that is not correct. The producer had purchased the same type of glass blue globe, that was to the original. After production and filming, all modifications and changes to the structure, which costs over $1 million, was offered to the Park's Department--free of charge. It was refused and many of these glass globes were destroyed. The plastic globe that is shown is from the art exhibit that was done to the towers a few years back. The "can" light is from QTIP--outside the rotunda, which highlighted the NYSP NYS circular signs. The "round white hanging" fixture is from the pavilion's HVAC maintenance room areas. The other two are from the rest rooms.
  2. Steven. thank you for the update. As I recall, David Oats, a long time childhood friend and FMCP World's Fair expert , who is no longer with us, discussed this topic many times this past decade. We both grew up in Flushing, and knew the park inside and out. David was there when the teardown in 1966 was happening. I remember he said it was demolished--and completely performed according to NYWF regulations and requirements. Most of us agree to that statement but there is no proof (pictures or other?). So, perhaps using ground penetrating radar will be the only way we will have conclusive evidence if the home is intact. As a side point, the foundation and basement of the new Hall of Science, building #2 is intact! This add-on was being performed in the early 1970's, completed and awaiting for the next phase when funding ran out. Years later, the site was not destroyed but simply compacted with soil. I was there. So, if you are out and about with your radar, go and visit this area as well.
  3. Blue globe comes home

    Johnny: Your work is simply great! Between the painting, signage and now light(s), the pavillion is slowly being rebuilt. Perhaps you can install several of them by the main pavillion entrance? It would make QTIP look more outstanding and maybe they will kick in the bucks as well to get it done. BTW: Is there any hanging (blue globe) fixtures left? I need one for my globe. Thanks!
  4. Power to the Skystreak

    Johnny and Joe you are right on!
  5. NY State Pavillion Fiberglass Roof - Injuries?

    Great topic. I can tell you no person or property was ever injured or any reports to substantiate damage from falling/failing panels (which was extremely rare). Being onsite at that time, perhaps 3 or 4 full panels (outer areas of the tent nearest to the GCP) broke loose from high winds. Most of these were retrieved by our rink staff. When we were bolting these panels to prevent this scenario from happening, I did have a panel vanish underneath me as previously mentioned on this forum, which could have caused death (to me and not anyone underneath!). When David Oats and his staff of the Flushing Trib had heard about panels falling, it made front page-headline news in their paper. The park's dept got "wind" of the story, and thus, all the panels were required to be removed by the rink operator accordingly.
  6. Please, have a seat

    Johnny: I hope to get to NY in the fall. By the way, I noticed where the chair was placed in your photo-against the snack bar wall that I painted blue, back in 1972!
  7. Please, have a seat

    Nope. This chair was not from the Federal Pavilion or a left over from the NYSP.
  8. What A Coincedence!

    Randy: I have not seen Paul Steinman since we first met 9 years ago. Perhaps he went into retirement.
  9. The Wiz cables?

    These cables ARE NOT from The Wiz. I was there everyday during the filming and the crew cleaned everything up (including washing the perimeter walls down of temporary blue paint). As far as the McCloud filming (again I was there and working onsite), hardly any lighting was utilized and nothing left behind. Probably QTIP is the "culprit" since there was a show back in the early 1990's inside the TOT that had a requirement for this type of lighting and cables.
  10. Painting the NYSP

    Johnny: This is an admirable and refreshing collection of efforts on your part to do something that the public can appreciate. Thanks to all (hey Frankie!) that is making the building more appealing to the eye.
  11. British Pathe Film of NYWF

    This film, albeit short (6+ minutes), has some wonderful--unusual shots of the fair, and the color is super! http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=1744 Enjoy friends.
  12. I thought of chiming in on this topic matter. The Astral fountain, from what I remember, was last turned on in 1967. Since then, it has never been used. Parks offer an open space for people to relax, socialize, have a picnic, and recreation. While fountains add a certain beauty to its surroundings, this fountain is useless and an eyesore; there are no plans to rehab it. I am glad to see that a skate park, professionally built, will take over the derelict fountain. Kids need this outlet to exercise and get their energy out. Skateboarding is great, and most of you know that I participate in this type of art form as well. I am sure that the skaters will still use other parts of the park (i.e Unisphere fountain). So what. Let the kids enjoy life and have fun. Stop complaining and try it yourself. Something positive is happening with the park. Their will be little or no maintenance required as designed. I am for it 100%.
  13. Where are we?

    Tower #2. I cannot believe all the trash up there! It reminds of parts of the Administration Building.
  14. Power to the tower

    This was one, of several "throw" switches to power up the towers and elevators. Since individual circuit breaker panels were installed in the towers separately, this was part of the main feed. There should be a couple more of these in the sub-basement Johnny. I use to turn these on at night to light up the place! Also, did they ever replace transformer #2 (in the sub-basement) that caught fire during the fair? It was still there back in 1970.
  15. Pavilion May Get Preservation Nod

    All- First, I think it is time to tell everyone that Frankie, Bill and myself have not been as silent as you may think for the past several months. It is now 8 YEARS and we are still trying every possible angle to preserve the building. Last success was getting the World Monument Fund to designate the pavilion into the "100 endangered structures list" inclusion. This did not happen by luck, but by the hard working ethics that Bill and Frankie have endured and used their talents accordingly. Next, Bill will have some news to share soon. It is his "party and website" so I will allow him the honor, but IT IS BIG and it involves alot of familiar names of NYC. Frankie may also chime in, and all I can tell you is not one of us has or is giving up. Finally, these letters that everyone is sending out (NYS preservation) is most useful and of course, appreciated by all of us that want the building saved. Keep on writing them, recruit friends and companies that may also feel there is a value to all of this, simply because there is. My friends, we must save the pavilion for the next generation to enjoy, regardless of the Park's Department non-commitment for the past 45 years. Some how fate will turn out on our side. For almost a decade, not one of us has acted selfishly in our attempts to perform a much needed service to the City of New York. Thanks everyone, Charles Aybar