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  1. It's only a name

    Semi-amusing occurrance happened last week. While I was away, my wife and kids were pondering what screen name to create when in AOL chat rooms. Thinking to please me, they created an acronym for the New York World's Fair followed by 69 4 u. (Wife thought the Fair was in 1969, oh well.....) Well, while I was surfing the chat rooms one day, I kept getting IM's from "friendly" guys, wanting to "chat". Couldn't figure out where this sudden popularity was coming from. Then it hit me: the screen name was NYWF694U. (New York White Female "69" for you)!!!! Needless to say, it's history now, as is my undeserved reputation!
  2. We are the sponsors

    Thanks for remembering Mary Ellen! Boy, it's been a while since I've posted on this board! If I make it up there in June, I'll bring the recipe book and make the Bar-T make one for us!
  3. Expo2000 They won't make it in time.

    I too, experienced the "education" vis a vis "entertainment" comparison when I went to the Knoxville Fair in 1982. I was looking forward to the opportunity to go there as this was the first (and only) fair that I attended since NY in '65. But I did not go to Knoxville with any expectations; I wanted to enjoy it, and judge it, based on it's own merit. Overall, it was an enjoyable fair, but the first thing I noticed was that the pavillions were smaller and more utilitarian than NY64-65. The European pavillions were on a "strip" and, if I remember correctly, quite small and attached under a single roof. They did not have an architectually commanding presence like the pavillions in NY did. I believe the fair theme was ecological (i.e. Sunsphere), and although I'm certainly in favor of that, most of the pavillions promoted that theme, but all in the same way (i.e. "this is what country X is doing to preserve the environment"). Very educational, not very entertaining. The pavillions were more like little museums. The US pav. was quite large but I only remember displays. How ironic that I can remember in some detail the Futurama, Pepsi-Cola, and Bell pavillions of '65 alot better than the pav's. of '82. One thing I did notice was that for a World's Fair, Knoxville had a lot of local culture on display. I've nothing against Elvis, but his face and souvenirs were all over the place. I was trying to remember if NY64-65 had any local culture advertised like that during the fair. Maybe they did, but being a local 10 year old boy (Brooklyn), I may have simply not recognized it as such. Anyone else recall if the NYWF had regional culture/flair ingrained in it anywhere? Nice to talk to you guys again, it's been a while........ Frank
  4. Remnants on the Site

    Charles, is it realistic to perhaps consider the possibility of getting permission to conduct some excavating (or at least exploring) during our June 2001 visit? Or is that a non-issue? Thanks.

    I remember that incident atop the Pan Am building too. Apparantly the helicopter had landed but they blades kept spinning. It's supposedly hard on an engine to continuously cut it completely just for the few minutes it takes to let the passengers off. Metal fatigue caused one of the landing gear struts to collapse and the blades did the damage. Can't remember how may were hurt/killed on the roof, but I do specifically remember a person on the ground getting killed from a falling blade. At least that's what I recall from the news broadcasts.
  6. View Master

    In my wanderings on ebay over the past year, I've come across six packets of 3-reel WF scenes. They are: General Tour, Federal area, International area, Transportation area, Industrial area, and Night Scenes & Amusement area. I own the Ind. and Trans. packets from way back when, but have never seen the others. (To my surprise, I also saw a packet on ebay with 1939-40 WF scenes; didn't know View Master made those circular reels that far back.)
  7. Community Chat -- give your ideas for topics

    Bill/Marc, how will we enter the room, by hitting "community chat" above? And how many can the room hold? (Note- I tried placing this ques. under Marc's community chat comment but it wouldn't accept it) Thanks.
  8. NYWF License Plates

    Doug, I can confirm your recollection. I don't remember how I heard it, but recall one man making that sort of a complaint. The authorities said he could put (masking) tape over the words if he wanted to. In a related vein, another collectible of this sort are those small license plates that go on keychains. They're about 1.5 x 1 inch and made by "Disabled American Veterans". They had your actual plate letters/numbers on them. Don't know if they currenty still make them but I got one (NY 1964 - $4) at a collectible show.
  9. June 2001 NYWF Weekend

    I'd love to attend if my schedule works out. Are we talking a one or two day affair (or has that not been decided yet)?
  10. The Unisphere Drink

    Recipe below, (I'm not reproducing any part of the book). Hope you enjoy the fictitious background story. Exhausted husband comes home from work very late. HIM: "Terrible commute honey. When are they ever gonna get those monorails installed?" HER: "Patience dear. Would you like a Sunsphere to relax by?" HIM: "Don't you mean a Uni...." HER: ".....Oh, that's right." HIM: "You bet. I'll get the stuff, you bring the glasses." (Opens cabinet.) HIM: "Hmm, let's see.... one part this..... one ounce that...... I can't remember." HER: "Oh dear, you're too tired. I'll mix them, you get the glasses. bicycletail glasses this time, not those world's fair tumblers of yours." HIM: "But I haven't baptised the Heliport glass yet." HER: "Consider it something to look forward to." HIM: "Do we have enough yo ho ho and a bottle of r--" HER: "Sure do! Let's see...... I put some ice in a shaker, then add one shot of golden (favorite drink of pirates), one-half teaspoon of Benedictine, one-half teaspoon of Pernod, one teaspoon of grenadine, and one tablespoon of lime juice. I'm almost done hon, let's have some mood music. Turn on the hi-fi. I shake it all up and pour it into a chilled bicycletail glass". [Above ingredients make ONE drink] (Hi-fi comes on.) HI-FI: "IT'S A GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW....." HER: "Not that! I said mood music! Mantovani." HIM: "Oops, I'll put a tape in." HI-FI: "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AF - TER - ALL!!!" HER: (Deadpan) "You're ruining the effect, DEAR!" HIM: "Sorry, ok, here we go. How's those drinks comin?" HI-FI: "YOU ARE STANDING ON A WALL IN THE CITY OF UR...." HER: "You're gonna be standing on your head in a minute!!!" (Drinks are ready. Each relaxes on sofa and takes a sip.) HIM: "Much better". HER: "Much better". HIM: "Forget the music, just dim the lights hon, we'll pretend we're on the Futurama ride and it gets stuck." HER: (Cynically). "Oh, that's romantic". HIM: "Relax dear, use your imagination. Remember when we were driving last month and we imagined that we were back on the Magic Skyway ride?" HER: "I don't think the cars on that Ford ride went 75 mph and cut in front of the other riders". HIM: "They might have if they weren't on those darn tracks." HER: "You're getting old honey, soon you'll be ready for the Avis Antique car ride". HIM: "Well now, THAT'S romantic!" HER: "We all age dear, I was just pondering the world of tomorrow for us". HIM: "Wrong fair dear WRONG FAIR!!" HER: "Sorry sorry honey. Just kidding. Hey, meet me at the smoke ring? (wink) Good. Peace, lover...." (Living room lights extinquished) HIM: "..... through understanding". HER: "Always....." HIM: "..... and forever". (Suddenly, the room is bathed in a tower of light. Two pajama-clad children, rubbing their eyes, are standing in the corner of the living room.) HER: "Peter! Wendy! It's late. Go back to bed!". CHILD: "But Mommy, we're hungry. Can you make us some Bel-Gem waffles?"