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  1. RIP Soupy Sales

    Trying to remember, did Soupy go to the Fair?
  2. His & Her shots on the Texaco map

    Yep, the waterway on the paper map is not shown on the terrazzo map.
  3. A different angle on Thailand

    Lovely area...great place for a Pepsi machine. Not!
  4. Big Change for a '64-65 legacy

    Why GE Is Walking Away From Your Kitchen http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-09-09/why-ge-is-walking-away-from-your-kitchen
  5. World's Fair Helicopter model

    Thank you Randy!!
  6. Can you ID this photographer?

    I didn't know about The Naked City connection. Cool!
  7. Blue leads the way

    That's interesting. I would've said red predominates.
  8. Happy Holidays from the USAF Band

    That's sure gone viral, hasn't it?
  9. First set pics of Tomorrowland

    http://yvrshoots.com/2013/08/your-shoot-tomorrowlands1964-new-york-worlds-fair-set-at-the-university-of-british-columbia.html#.UgPkXn_Wj0_ The other stuff is off, but the serpentine booth is authentic!
  10. Oh, these lucky people

    Oh, you are sooo right! Perfect fit.
  11. The March of Time

    The last telegraph service in the world will end next month.....in India.
  12. RIP Annette Funicello

    There goes another piece of our childhood.....
  13. Got room for another book on the 1964-65 Fair?

    To My Best Pal Ever ________________ (Write your own name here)
  14. A different angle on Johnson Wax

    And I bet you could ice skate on their linoleum !
  15. The World's Fairest Store

    Outstanding! The vertical sign has a changeable neon "open till" area. So it seems that 6:00 pm was not necessarily the normal closing time. Maybe 9:00 is the other? The great Gimbels store is now the Manhattan Mall. Blech!
  16. Graffiti headache at State Pavilion

    Indeed, Johnny and Eddie, I was being completely sarcastic. I was channeling the mindset of these people. And I dislike them intensely! Mike Kraus
  17. TV Switchers

    I'm guessing it's the appearance of the color test pattern on one of the monitors? Mike K.
  18. Hurricane Sandy

    Liz Klug's power went out last evening, they're predicting till Nov. 5th ! (Near Teterboro Airport)
  19. This really should be in "The Souvenir Shop" sub-forum, but we'll forgive you! Nice item!
  20. Jetsons 50th Anniversary

    Me too! What was I watching all those years? Reruns?
  21. What were they doing?

    Indeed! And what was the point? Good work, Randy!
  22. NY World Fair Lights

    Not 1964-5, for sure.
  23. In the good old summer time

    I love the simple mechanical anti-crash mechanism on these! -Mike
  24. I think you're referring to Schloss Linderhof, one of Ludwig's pads. Been there a couple of times, but never knew this. Thanks! Mike
  25. Parks and Recreation, not the show

    Beautiful!! Remember how we mocked that effort, at the time, as a slush fund? Schadenfreude!