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  1. 64/65 NYWF pavilion in Toms River NJ?

    Nope, the Mastro Pizza pavilion was torn down at the end of the fair. Someone once posted a picture of the dismantled parts here on this forum.
  2. Mastro Pizza Pavilion

    Hi Folks, I know it has been a long time since I last dropped in. I hope all of you are well. I'm here to post a link which I hope you like. The Pizza Kings Vinnie
  3. Mastro Pizza Pavilion

    Hi Frances, Please send me an email with contact information and I will pass it along to my aunt. My email address is (vangelo@rcn.com). I am sure she will be happy that you have reached out. Hi Doug and all the folks here from the past. I was killing time before I need to leave the house and pickup my daughter when, on a whim, I found myself on this site and saw your response to Frances. I hope all is well with everyone. :-) Vinnie
  4. Anyone going to the Rocket Park Rededication?

    I was invited as well. Thanx to whoever put me on the list but I will not be able to attend either. Hope those of you who go, enjoy it.
  5. Keeping PTU new, fresh and exciting

    Unfortunately, the house was torn down so the bathroom is no more. As a kid, I never appreciated how beautiful terrazzo can be. I wonder if any of the other pavilians had terrazzo floors.
  6. Keeping PTU new, fresh and exciting

    "Subject of the Day from the PTU archives" is a great idea. It reminds me of the "Picture of the Day" topics that Randy et al contribute. They are great and sometimes lead to very interesting discussions. How about we formalize both topics by adding a new forum to the "Something for Everyone" section called "Topic of the Day". Do you have a fun or mysterious picture, is there a subject from the PTU archives that you want to bring back to life? Post them here. To make this work however, we'll need to be able to add links to the old posts. Is that possible? What do you all think? Rose, your terrazzo floor comment reminded me how much I want a piece. My maternal grandfather was a terrazzo craftsman. He actually built every fixture in the bathroom of his house out of terrazzo. If someone is going to the NY pavilian and can get me a piece (of any size) I'll be most greatful.
  7. "Johnson" 1965 Guide Book

    Time (I believe they were the publisher) offered the Guides to the Exhibitors at a reduced bulk rate. I remember seeing an offer letter when I was going through my father's materials.
  8. How To Fold A Shirt

    That was amazing! When I was a kid there was a Chinese laundry near by. The proprietor would iron shirts in the window. I would watch him as long as I could because he would iron and fold all in the same motion. When he was done ironing, the shirt was already folded! This video reminds me of that.
  9. Carousel of Progress

    Hi Sorry for not being around lately but I am still swamped at work. Hope you all are doing well. We just returned from Disney World yesterday and visited the Carousel of Progress. My 11yr old twins loved it. - we sat through it twice. The method of comparing family life over time is a great technique for explaining how things have changed. Also, the kids were facinated by the carousel itself and how it worked. I think the jump from 1940 to 2000 was too much. The original 20 year increments clearly showed how advancements impacted daily life. The 60 year jump (1940 - 2000) almost seemed like magic with no connection to the prevous timeframe. They would have been better off updating all the scenes with a 25 year increment (but I guess cost prohibitive). Vinnie
  10. Moving Day Coming Soon!

    I just stopped by the new forum and it is GREAT! Thanx Marc.
  11. Hey Everyone - Who Wants to Go to the 2005 World's Fair?

    <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Plumber: Here is the perfect opportunity to re-capture the past. Mastro's Pizza and Bel-Gem waffle shoppes all over the Expo grounds. Ready to make it happen, Vinny? Need a few partners? <HR></blockquote> Just imagine..... you, Brad and da' Bench flippin the dough, Elizabeth, Mitch and Rose at the counter, Doug at the cash register. Randy, Randy and Bill documenting the event for BBQ.... Orange Crush, Schlitz beer and Coke that refreshes the teenage appetite... NY pizza with those very slightly burnt air bubbles... Perisphere and Tom escorting the VIPs with Hoodlock & LL driving the newly refurbished escorter... and me eating pizza, something I haven't done in years... oohhhhh don't I wish it could be. [This message has been edited by vangelo (edited 01-11-2004).]
  12. Sinclair Dinoland employee

    <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by c318137: ... *He has lots of photos that he took all over the Fairgrounds during his two years working there... <HR></blockquote> Hi Tom, Welcome aboard. My father owned the Mastro Pizza Pavilion. Unfortunately, we have very few photographs. Do you happen to have any? Any other photos with it in the background or any stories of escorting VIP's there? Thanx in advance. Hey Randy, great job of networking
  13. More Secret Zoom-Ins

    quote:Originally posted by c318137: What Vinnie sees every time he looks at the Rocket Thrower: I got a really good laugh from that one. Thanx. BTW: Did the Rocket Thrower win any awards? I think it is a great piece.
  14. A Formal Request for Assistance

    That's great! If you wish to converse via the forum rather than through email, that is OK. We'll open up a new topic. Otherwise, my Email address is in my profile. Given your age, do not post your email. What can I do to help you proceed? Shall we open a new topic?
  15. More Secret Zoom-Ins

    <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ray in Pasadena: WRONG!! If you look closely, you'll see Mr. Mastro himself bringing one of his famous Pizzas in a box to the hungry, stranded passengers.<HR></blockquote> I saw the same thing, some guy carrying a pizza box. It is amazing how the brain twists what you see.