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  1. Walter's International Wax Museum #1

    These are amazing photos
  2. Night at the Fair

    Wow, just totally magical.
  3. Someone was having a great day

    Years ago my aunt and uncle bought their house from a family that had just gone through a very bitter divorce. They left ALL their photographs and loads of personal letters and papers. We went through them and you could see the unraveling of their lives. We felt so awful throwing out 30 years of pictures and slides that they did not want.
  4. Lessons in how not to take pics of the fair

    The Belgian Village was soooo deserted that day
  5. I can't believe people dressed this way

    I have home movies of our house Christmas Eve 1965 and my mother, grandmother and aunt are all in mink stoles. In our own living room all the men in suits, ladies in dresses and furs LOL
  6. more pics of painting of crown

    Amazing what a difference it makes, the pavilion is coming alive
  7. New York State Pavilion VIP Level

    Beautiful shot
  8. Another HoJo's Goes...

    It still amazes me that a revival has not been attempted
  9. A very, very early tour

    Love the pre-fair shots
  10. I like the Fair even in black-&-white

    Simply beautiful, I can feel the night air
  11. The start of the Queens Museum

    It always saddened me they never retained the "helicopter ride". The Panorama looked so much better and realistic from there, then walking above it. I remember many times going there in the years Triborough was operating it and there only being a handful of people in the building.
  12. Sad news to report - Michael Pender has passed away

    Condolences to the Pender family
  13. The Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World

    I was at Disney World over the weekend and rode the Carousel of Progress twice. The place seemed in pretty good condition although there was a definite musty smell. One of the odd things is that in the scene with cousin Orville in the bathtub the character in the tub is a middle aged man and not the older gentleman we have always seen. The voice however is still the same grumpy character. The last scene which is actually the newest is looking raggy. The skin on the son has seemed to age or darken and he looks awful. Also the whole grandma with virtual reality game seems so hokey now. There is also a gap in the audio that seems to be something removed. The line about laser discs also dates the finale. I was happy to see the ride open and a fairly decent crowd, but I have a feeling of sadness like its just hanging on.
  14. Interesting conversation at work today

    That could have been for the filming of The Wiz