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  1. Trouble makers beware!

    The Pinkerton police!
  2. That's me driving the Glide a Ride toward the Lake Amusement Area. That truncated GAR in front of me was blocking my path tho. I wanted to go faster. Who was driving it? Kovite I think.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x15h7e34r39mxhy/AACnGUQIv6vw6-ndhrF4twH-a?dl=0
  4. Urban Ruins - Interesting website!

    55 years ago:
  5. Family Snapshots

    Ha ha! I saw this 13 years too late.
  6. Good thing a strong wind didn't knock it down.
  7. My parents loved it. It's the 55th anniversary of the opening of my Fair. Yikes how did that happen? It doesn't seem that long ago to me. I remember opening day.
  8. Thanks for that! Ray gave me that Busch Gardens tour too. I have some photos. I was just talking about a local California show I once watched in a CA motel room where a man goes to a house to interview a couple who had been married for many years, and every single Valentines Day the man drew his wife a picture and they were all framed and on the wall. She was so proud of them. It was very sweet. I couldn't remember the show. but I'm quite sure it is this one, the Huell Howser show, and it must be in the online archives, but I don't know how to find it.
  9. Looks like a nice night for the fireworks

    Working the 3 to midnight shift driving, and delivering the tour into the mike, in my open air Glide-a-Ride on "Tour A" i experienced that almost every night the summer of '64. Kids from my school days sometimes saw me and said hello, kids I never saw again. Of course i didn't appreciate the wonder of it at the time, but looking back 55 years...I remember those balmy summer nights, the colorful illumination everywhere, the fireworks, the happy crowds (NYC was very different then)...'65 wasn't the same. I voluntarily switched to the Greyhound rapid transit bus. They didn't want me to switch either. It was a stoopid move. I kept my commercial passenger bus drivers license, both in NY and AZ, up until about ten years ago, tho I never used it except for driving a school bus part time some weekends, along with driving a yellow cab on the night shift, when I was in college Jan 67 to Jan 70. I was actually going to use it driving a tour bus through the Navajo and Hopi indian reservations in northern Arizona, for the Navahopi bus company in Flagstaff, but they went out of business right before I was supposed to start (maybe they heard about my crashing into dumpsters at the fair and decided they better quit while they're ahead...I had retired from my peace officer job in NY and moved west in Nov 1996).
  10. I knocked dem over because voices in my head told me to do it. Y'know I almost got fired before the fair even started. They were teaching me to drive a bus and i was doing one of my goofy comedy routines and the instructor who didn't like my jokes, or me, sent me to the big boss to check me out and find out if i was really nuts. I acted sane when i saw him and he OK'd me. Actually i received a 2 year safe driving award from Aetna insurance co. for both years. I still have it. What they didn't know didn't hurt them. I just remembered another time i almost got fired. I had two girls with me in my glide a ride cab. I saw the boss guy - mister peterson or someone - and i made them hop out in time, but i still got reprimanded for being out of uniform. I wasn't wearing my hat. [ This paragraph was deleted and held as evidence by the Pinkerton Detective Agency due to an ongoing investigation of this slimy character, as well as other Greyhound at the WF bus and GAR and (especially) Escorter drivers caught speeding (especially around the Gate 7-8 "speedway"),* crashing into dumpsters*, catching peoples' heads and feet in the back door*, giving overly fast tours right before their check out time*, directing fair visitors to houses of ill repute in the Lake Amusement Area in return for kickbacks*, and other crimes and misdemeanors*; and also the people on here who have admitted hopping the WF fence in order to avoid paying the entrance fee, and also the people on here who have jumped the GM and Ford pavilion lines using the alibi that their mommies and daddies called them. Mister Moses made a special legal stipulation that WF crimes would have a 100 year Statue of Limitations. Chief of the Pinkerton Detective Agency at the NYWF Inc .] Not everyone hated my jokes. I got two offers to try out for a radio talk show gig from 2 different radio station managers. That was '64 when i was delivering the guided tour on the tour a g-a-r. I mostly ignored the written tour i was supposed to read and did my own thing. * Uh oh that's me!
  11. The creature from the black lagoon! In 1954 my parents took me and my little brother on a great vacation in Florida - got aboard the train in Penn Station and wound up in Miami! Once upon a time i could have rode the train all the way to Key West but that was 19 years earlier. But anyway we went to Silver Springs Florida and i saw the real creature from the b.l. on the shore when we were riding on the glass bottom boat, just like in this picture! I feel like I'm seeing an old friend again. Hi, Creature remember me? Filming locations: Wakulla Springs, Florida, USA (underwater scenes) 21 of 21 found this interesting Silver Springs, Florida, USA https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046876/
  12. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Oops I wrote tapes but i meant CD disks!