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  1. A thought on the Louisiana Pavilion

    I don't know what that dinky thing was, but they had a Dixieland jazz band in or around the LA pavilion as I recall. I like that stuff. I actually used to go down to New Orleans at that period in time, like to Preservation Hall. I was in NO between the Fair years.
  2. Go Go Greyhound

    https://www.amazon.com/Over-Edge-Death-Grand-Canyon/dp/097009731X It is constant at the Canyon. A distressing number happen just like the old cartoon..."just one step back, dear, so i can get that pretty mountain in the photo." I once broke up a fight on the rim. It's a hugely popular tourist destination and it doesn't always quite register that everything is not safe like it is at Disneyland. One tiny wrong step and off you go. And yes it was a nutty idea to have big buses running through dense crowds at the nywf. I never really ran anyone over there, but i wounded a few Dempsey Dumsters. Once at the "speedway" around gate 7-8 i swerved my bus to miss a pigeon on the road, but i was saddened when the inside rear wheel got him. I didn't calculate for the double rear wheels. Greyhound at the Fair was a seperate corporation known as greyhound at the wf inc. i found that out long ago when i put it down on an employment resume and was told that they were seperate from the main greyhound corp. and their records had been discarded.
  3. Go Go Greyhound

    The "grand tour" buses went on interior streets. Many visitors were killed or wounded by the buses but they kept it quiet. Some drivers, like Tom ___, even carved notches under the driver window. I also worked at the Grand Canyon. The first weekend I was up there three visitors were killed. Two riding bicycles by the rim were struck by lightning. A third was murdered in the camp ground. I prefer camping out in the wilderness. They kept all that quiet too. Some things I write are actually true, same as in the Tour A GAR tour and the Grand Tour bus.
  4. $109 for that one whatever it is. I still have my Greyhound nywf badge which came off my hat. It unscrewed. I used to flash it at Greyhound bus drivers and get free long distance bus rides back then. I always seem to get jobs with badges don't i?
  5. A sobering message

  6. Now Hear This!

    "On the blue-front 1964 map I have, the only route that passes the International Pavilion is the Grand Sightseeing Bus Tour, no GARs." I drove that Grand Bus Tour for one day only, opening day. It was chaotic. I got lost. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know how to work the doors and a kid got stuck in it and was screaming. It was raining. Then I ran into a civil rights demonstration blocking the road I was on and had to make a broken u-turn amidst crowds of people with no one to back me up. I don't remember passing the Int'l Pavilion, whatever that is.
  7. What's in the lake?

    That's it, Wayne, those blue boats. On my last trip back east five years ago I was there.
  8. Now Hear This!

    Randy - I have some similar maps. I see a "step on step off 25 cents" GAR but I have no recollection of it. Sounds like a non narrated transport only GAR. Was it actually in operation?
  9. Now Hear This!

    Wayne - Look at the date under that map, 1963. It was made before the fair started. Many of the early maps were erroneous. Correct me if I’m wrong but I dont think there were any non narrated gar’s inside the fair, and the one on the right is shown in the huge parking fields. Only once, during a chaotic very heavy surprise thunderstorm, was i dragooned into duty driving people to their cars at the Meadow Lake parking lot, but I was driving the big GM bus then. I think that may have been because the lot was partially flooded and people couldn’t walk to their cars. I don’t think there was regular gar shuttle service to the parked cars. If there was i never drove it. I only drove tour a gar in ‘64, and in ‘65 the big bus. Also it says the gar tours were taped but I always gave a live spoken tour through a mike. They gave me a script which I pretty much ignored. I saved that script for a while after the fair but unfortunately it is long gone.
  10. Now Hear This!

    I wasn't able to hear it on my little Android tablet but now it comes in fine on my IPad. I concur with Dr. Bretl’s diagnosis, most likely a Glide-a-ride horn. What is the GAR "ew route", Wayne? I drove the Tour A route and did the narration (which I still remember bits of). I dont remember going by the International Plaza or even what the I P was. Didn’t all the GAR’s have narration? I have Ray Dashner’s CD audio tapes of the Fair stashed away someplace, I think. If there is any interest I might be able to figure out how to upload it. Let me know.
  11. Now Hear This!

    Wayne - I'm on a little tablet right now and I can't hear Ralph's audio. It says it's not available for my account whatever that means. The WF Greyhound buses had normal horns. They really couldn't goof around with those big things and put something silly quacking out the Go Greyhound tune like they did on the 1964 Escorters . The late great Ray Dashner had a lot of WF audio recordings. Funny, I haven't been here in a long time but I just took a quick look and skimmed a few posts and saw my name!
  12. Astana EXPO 2017 kicks off with dazzling show, concert and fireworks BY DMITRY LEE in EXPO 2017 on 13 JUNE 2017 ASTANA – Visiting more than a hundred countries in one day is now possible thanks to world expositions such as the one happening this year in the Kazakh capital. The long-awaited EXPO 2017 kicked off June 10 with numerous pavilions open for public view... ://astanatimes.com/2017/06/astana-expo-2017-kicks-off-with-dazzling-show-concert-and-fireworks/
  13. Photos: New York World's Fair in Queens in 1964, 1965
  14. Hello Hollywood

    My Tour A GAR went by there and my tour was so silly - I quickly discarded the approved script (some of which I still remember) - so I asked if people wanted to stop and audition in front of that pavilion and sometimes some of the passengers - probably drunk - got off and sang and then got back on. One of my favorite conductors whose name I can't remember, tho I do remember the names of some of the drivers and conductors, mainly the ones I hung out with - but that guy laughed at my bad jokes and added his own back there on the GAR, so I liked him.