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  1. Some of my 64-65 worlds fair stuff

    " What ever advice he got from the bus driver turned out to be pretty good" It must have been someone else he talked to then. It bugged me then how everybody asked me questions. Now of course i wish i could go back in time and do it again, just for one day. I remember that man who approached me when i was driving the gar in 64 and said whistfully that he drove one of those in the last fair, 25 years before in 39. I made some smart aleck response. Anyway, i'm glad you had a good time and got to see everything, which was more than i did!
  2. Some of my 64-65 worlds fair stuff

    I guess most places didn't bother to save the records from such an ephemeral event. We drivers were also in a union, the amalgamated transit workers. My conscience is bothering me. I'll come clean. I altered that safe driving award from 1 to 2 years. I thought it might look good for future job applications, but I never used it anyway. After the fair closed I traveled the world, and then went to college in January 1967, something I hadn't planned on doing (I graduated high school in June 1960). While in college I worked part time as a taxicab driver on the night shift, and used my commercial bus driver license from the WF to drive a school bus some weekends.
  3. A Tale of Two Guide Books

    I remember those guide books. The 64 book was prepared before the fair opened. Some of the pavilions on the map were never even built.
  4. That's my final paystub from the last week of the fair. I worked a lot of overtime that week. My pay was 2.80 an hour, time and a half for overtime. My usual shift was 3 to midnight. My admission passes for both years. They didn't put photos on drivers licenses or ID cards yet back then. An award for safe driving. They didn't know about me crashing my glidearide into Dempsey Dumpsters and things. They didn't know about a lot of things. Or did they...? Long ago I was told that Greyhound at the Worlds Fair was a separate corporation from Greyhound and all their records were destroyed.
  5. Wow great photos! What's an "egg and shaker lemonade"? Sounds like it might have been like the original egg cream - put an egg in the lemonade and shake it up. The original egg cream recipe did call for an egg didn't it? I used to buy my egg creams at Dave's and other neighborhood candy stores. Later i even learned to make my own with seltzer and milk and chocolate or vanilla syrup, but no egg.
  6. ...make goofy noises with my mouth - quack quack quack, quack quack quack quack quack quack quack...go greyhound and leave the driving to us! ...and pretend I'm driving through a balmy summer night by multicolored fountains and pavilions and dense crowds of happy and nice people and it's 1964 again and I'm 21 again! About ten years ago we - Ray Dashner and a lot of the WF guys here - were at Al Fisher's house in Hollywood, Calif. He had a WF museum in his house, including a Greyhound drivers jacket which i tried on, but it was much too small for me.
  7. Sunguar - Your dad wasn't from Englsnd was he?
  8. I remember Science Fiction Theater
  9. "Look at the bright side, Larry. You did give them something. A "memory". Yeah, Sunguar, i did. Very commendable on my part actually. Regular normal speed tours are a dime a dozen. How many people get to take one in a GAR tram making the tight turns st 50 mph doing wheelies, with a combo GAR race track driver and fast talking expert making every boring WF comment he's paid to make and talking it at 60 mph besides! I never thought of it that way before. I should have charged that bunch double! Maybe now, after 54 years have elapsed, they can even laugh about it a little. After the tour was over the father aproached me and said, "You f'g cheated us!", or robbed us, or something. I remember he pronounced the "ing" distinctly which is something New Yorkers don't do. We say the word (woid) with an "in" at the end. You think about things !ike that at critical moments when you don't know what's coming next. Oddly enough he wasn't the one who pulled the big knife on me at the Fair. That was someone else, another disgruntled passenger.
  10. You're thinking of kangaroos. Kangaroos are mythical creatures that fancifully live on a large south sea island and move along by jumping.
  11. "The Fair was not crowded, there were lines, but they were short ones. " The final week sure was the exception. It was wild. People got the idea that this was their last chance to go and they went! Are there daily attendance figures anyplace? I remember the last day. Greyhound, where worked, was besieged. They were moving us drivers around from place to place. I remember one driver named Kovite. They were driving him someplace perched on the back of a lone GAR engine that one of the bosses was driving. I yelled at him, "See ya, Kovite! ", and he waved back, but, like most of my fellow employees at the Fair, I never saw him again. I did keep in touch with some of them though, and some of them even turned up in unexpected places. When the Fair was going I caught a glimpse of a guy who I believed to be my funny friend from my earlier Navy days. I think he was working at the Fair too, but I was driving and didn't get to approach him. Some of the fair workers followed fairs around and had worked at the Seattle fair and then later in Montreal. Sort of like carnies. " I don't remember seeing any Greyhound Escorters, but my whole family enjoyed riding on the Glide-A-Ride. " Oh, you enjoyed it huh? It must not have been mine then. But seriously I gave a pretty funny tour, if you like infantile 3 stooge humor that is. I mostly ignored the script they gave us and had fun doing my own thing. Twice I was approached by radio station owners or managers who asked me to come to their radio station for a tryout. Both times I put their cards in my uniform shirt and then forgot about it and turned it in at the end of my shift. Guess it wasn't meant to be... but... Yo, Adrian, I coulda been a contenduh! I am, however, still plagued with guilt for the ridiculously horrible high speed tour I gave that family from England who bugged me by climbing on my gar right before losing time, just them, and I had to give them the whole tour, but I did it at 60 miles an hour rapid fire talking. I wish I could find them and give them their money back. I wish I had done it then when the angry father came over to me and cursed me. I wish I had taken my own money out and said, "You are right, sir. I was a cad and a bounder. Why do I always think g of what ishould have done fifty years too late? Almost 54 actually. PS What's a bounder?
  12. Got your detective skills ready?

    I never heard of the circus museum. The calliope and umbrella stand look like they might be temporarily unused objects just stored there. How did you get up to the monorail stations? Were there elevators or just stairs? I only rode the monorail once and i forgot. I met a girl who was a stewardess, or whatever they were called, on the mono and i got to ride it for free. I remember that a little. I also used to ride regular Greyhound buses for free back then. Sometimes anyway. I just flashed my WF Greyhound badge at the driver real quick and walked on the bus like i belonged there. It usually worked but at least one driver threw me off. Amazing how many places you can sneak in, or ride for free, if you just walk fast and act like you belong there!
  13. Wow excellent! Good advice about the wallet too. There must be some photos of me out there someplace too, because i was at the Fair for most days having worked there in 64 and 65, always on the 3 to midnight shift. I know somebody has a photo of me leaning out of my Greyhound bus window in 65 looking, as i imagined, like Ralph Cramden from The Honeymooners. Someone i knew snapped that picture and said he'd send me a copy, but he didn't and i don't even remember who he was now. As it is i only have one single photo of myself at the Fair, and it's out of focus, driving my Tour A GAR in 1964 (i drove the gar in 64 and the bus in 65). I still have my id cards from both years, but there were no photos on id cards back then.
  14. The Worlds Fair Ghost Bus

    The rear door is OK, Randy. It's only open because some kid is stuck in it. The rules say i can't open the door between bus stops so I'll let him out when we get over the bridge to the Lake Amusement Area.