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  1. ...............
  2. Ektachrome is coming back!
  3. ASA 64 - maybe Ektachrome II. Then i think they came out with Super Ektachrome at ASA 100. I believe i have some of them. One i remember taken by candlelight alone, and i think it has held up very well...for 60 years.
  4. Nice fix up job. I have a lot of Anscochrome slides from the 1950's. They have faded pretty badly. I also have Ektachromes from the same time period. I think they kept their (overy vivid) colors better. I should look at them all again to refresh my memory. Not sure if i have any Kodachromes which were supposed to be much more stable. Ansco and Ekta were asa 32, Kodachrome asa 10, as i recall.
  5. The Cyclops was a 5 to 1 favorite in that fight. Superman was badly out of shape and wore some obvious padding under his costume to make it look like he still had big muscles. The Cyclops and his team have filed a protest over the Sup's majority decision win saying that Lois Lane deliberately distracted him by cutting up and acting goofy, as you can see in the photo above, but Superman's people say that the big C was carrying a giant hammer in blatant violation of the Marq of Q rules and should have been disqualified. A rematch may be held at the 2064-65 NY Worlds Fair.
  6. That's what is said on my wf id cards (which I still have), "operator". The phones in those places probably worked by new fangled push buttons instead of dials. Ten cents I believe, but still only a nickel in New Orleans.
  7. Hey, Doug, the statute of limitations for crashing into stuff and busting things and catching passengers in the back door and monkeying around with my change machine has passed bwahaha! I did almost get fired before the fair even started tho during bus driver training. One instructor who I didn't like thought I looked so sleepy I could hardly stay awake when I was practice driving but I tried to tell him I had memorized the route so I could do it in my sleep and there were plenty of poles and things to replace the ones i knocked over and wrecked and spare buses too. And then I think he had words about me with the big boss who fortunately I had enamored with my bad jokes so I didn't get fired and I think that the instructor guy did haha. His face looked like a fish's face. Annoying fellow.
  8. 12 years ago now. Ray was a great guy.
  9. Belated response sorry...No I didn't, Randy. I don't think there was anyplace to stand on and hold on on the buses we were using.
  10. In 64 I drove the open air Glide A Ride on the night shift through the center of the fair. Those balmy summer nights were the best. Colorful lights and illuminated fountains all around. It was beautiful.
  11. I remember the day they were there and I passed by them and their entourage but I wasn't interested.
  12. I used to pass near that place every day that I went to work at The Greyhound Pavilion. I can still hear the announcer guy yelling in the microphone. It was very loud.
  13. i lived on west 235th street in the riverdale section of the bronx at that time. i drove my motorcycle across the triboro bridge - i think the motorcycle toll was ten cents - and parked on the street around the chirping chicken - i think it was called - and walked to gate four and then to the greyhound pavilion here i checked in. we had no employee parking.
  14. Hey this is for me!