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  1. Good bye and thank you, Ray Dashner :-(

    My condolences to Mr. Dashner's family. I only met him that one time at the first "Saturday In The Park Day". He had his tape recorder and was interviewing the attendees on that rainy afternoon. When he came up to me, I told him I was born in March of 1965 and did not attend the fair. He still wanted me to say something into the mic so I did. He was a very nice guy and I play his recordings all the time. Rest In Peace Ray.
  2. Damn! This made me hungry!

    Looks like it was really hot in there! The guy on the left is sweating!
  3. Mystery Device

    Thanks everybody! You guys really are experts! Beautiful color photo Wayne.
  4. Mystery Device

    This is my Aunt JoAnn at this device. Does anyone know what info it gave you or where it was located?
  5. After the game Fox 5 news showed a Mets fan Bunjee jumping off the highest NYS tower. The reporter called it a rusty World's Fair tower! Was he later arrested? Hmmmm. The clip was very brief, about 3 seconds. No time to record it. Rod [This message has been edited by Slurm65 (edited 10-25-2000).]