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  1. Soccer Stadium to take up 8 acres of park!?

    Hi all. I logged on to PTU to post the only NON "yeah-LET'S DO THIS-Go RED BULLS! GO BARCELONA! WOOP WOOP! The WORLD's Game BELONGS IN THE WORLD's Park" bull link I have found from NYC' s VILLAGE VOICE. But hawkeye Cotter got it. It makes me sick when the interlopers and politicos march out to FMCP to fly the worlds fair flag! Funny? Only members of PTU and my local group http://www.meetup.com/COME-BACK-TO-THE-FAIR/ have been photographed ACTUALLY HOISTING (Dashner's own) NYWF FLAG! Worlds Park indeed. How catchy, kitchy and convenient! It's a war cry from a camp that seeks to capture the fairgrounds, Cut it in half. Dwarf the Unisphere and make it visible only from up close. Picnickers will run from the crowds and "temporary overflow parking fields" to the mooshy lake area that can't be developed - so we can have it God I miss David Oats. In the months before his death he made a mockery of the Jersey Jets stunt to plop onto the Pool of Industry! So look, I have this local MEETUP group about the fairs and the Park. MEETUP.com is an awesome platform for grassroots hobbyists or lobbyists. Seek suggestions from all. What can we do together that could make some difference? Yer Pal Da'Bench

    Wouldn't be a true New York phenomena WITHOUT park dwelling psychopaths!

    Happy 'Manhattan-henge" Trey!!! Yesterday's was nothing but rain clouds. Tonight is clearing up with 30 minutes to peak experience! Here is advice from the Museum of Natural History here in NYC: Manhattanhenge times for 2012. Arrive a half-hour earlier than the times given. Half Sun on the grid: Tuesday, May 29 — 8:17 P.M. EDT Thursday, July 12 — 8:25 P.M. EDT Full Sun on the grid: Wednesday, May 30 — 8:16 P.M. EDT Wednesday, July 11 — 8:24 P.M. EDT For best effect, position yourself as far east in Manhattan as possible. But ensure that when you look west across the avenues you can still see New Jersey. Clear cross streets include 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, 57th, and several streets adjacent to them. The Empire State building and the Chrysler building render 34th street and 42nd streets especially striking vistas.
  4. The assist. commish slot was created for Estelle. I doubt her successor will fill the office with that same executive status. Implications for the Park future??? No clue right now.
  5. Event this Sunday 11/20/11

    Jim Brown said it best in a recent thread where PTU was wondering where me and my local outreach MEETUP were coming from. Jim eloquently mapped things out for us : "Each of the websites on the fair serve a need as each as its own functionality - message board (PTU), RSVP management (meetup), and information library (NYWF64), etc." Thank you Bill Cotter for joining, thus endorsing my effort yesterday. Half of my MEETUP population so far are PTU-ers http://www.meetup.co...CK-TO-THE-FAIR/ Mitch? I have been supporting your NYWF carousel thingy for years. Thanks for your interest in my thingy. Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter. Hey PTU - check what I'm doing. We are on the same page... Yer Pal. Richard Post da'Bench
  6. Event this Sunday 11/20/11

    Yep. I attended. I promoted it through my local outreach group of the growing "NY Worlds Fair community". http://www.meetup.com/COME-BACK-TO-THE-FAIR/ The NY Daily News helped big time. I am glad to say I will be posting more Oral History MEETUPs. After the Holidays and in Queens. Dare I say, perhaps at our Mecca, our hallowed NYWF grounds. A Queens institution has expressed their interest. 'Nuff said for now. My Meetup group will in 2012 work with Johnny-at-the-Fair and the estate of David Oats to provide events for us to celebrate and beautify Flushing Meadows and have ourselves counted. I will work closely with Bill Cotter to make sure I don't get too NY with you out-of-towners. I want to acknowlege PTU-ers; Hoodlock, Ray Dashner, Gary Miller, Fred Stern, Jerry Bagels, and Jess (I think you are JerkFace Jess - please pick another screen name), for joining my effort. Doug Seed? you can see my last Oral History Meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/COME-BACK-TO-THE-FAIR/photos/4497902/ Those of us in the know could pick out John Ricardelli with 90+ items exhibited at the Queens Museum. John rarely appears publicly and engages in conversations, but I have have created a safe haven for him to show up exhibit and converse.Join my Meetup? It's all Good. yer pal, da'Bench
  7. Hello Boys & Girls- I am sorry> Very, very sorry that this community has sent this fine Expo-Expo to the PTU sub-basement, by design not accessible to google or other searchers, or non-membes. This event was an experiment locally tahat surprised them They were also surprised by the stupid protest for charging and opposition 0n-line. . They asked $10 to view. Ten dollars to attend a 6 hour series of lectures and ten dollars for a boxed lunch so you could stay and not leave the awesome converstaions. The Long Island Museums at Stony Brook offered ( I am proud to say ) the " SiP / Saturday-in-the-Park" ten years later! It was a brilliant gathering - TWICE - offering -TWICE- introductions from TWO 1939 INCUBATOR BABIES (documented). As time permits I will post & comment - with lush photos & sound Mr. John Riccaredelli has allowed me full access to capture & publish here. I will wait ( and compose ) what I'll submit. I will post as a recap, when the exhibit closes, my photos and comments about the institutional touring event that PTU deems a commercial effort. Tsk. Tsk. Posting only when I need to say something, Yer Pal, Da' Bench
  8. http://slidelectures.com/worldsfairs.html Surf around his new site!
  9. http://slidelectures.com/worldsfairs.html
  10. THIS WEEK - Remembering David Oats

    AWESOME Greg! Will you and Corinne need local folks and visitors from PTU-land to tend DAVID'S GARDEN? I'd be willing to help. Got no green thumb, but a strong back. :rolleyes:
  11. THIS WEEK - Remembering David Oats

    Beautiful, just great! Thanks TRIB!!! :D We Need A Plan QUEENS TRIBUNE editorial "In Our Opinion" 07/15/10 The effort to honor the memory of former Tribune editor and long-time parks advocate David Oats was not easy, but it has finally happened, and it is beautiful. We thank the Parks Department, the Borough President and Unisphere, Inc. all for their contributions in making sure that David's memory would be honored. Now it's time for the next step. Four icons of the park surround David's Garden - The Queens Museum, Queens Theatre in the Park, the Unisphere and the New York State Pavilion. The Museum has begun a beautiful expansion, the Theatre just underwent a major renovation and the Unisphere is receiving upgrades to its fountains and lightning. The towers that loom above the Pavilion, however, are in a horrific state of decay and disrepair. The entire site is a squalid blight, with engineering reports having shown that the structure is potentially unstable and in danger of collapse. Yet nothing is being done to stop the inevitable. Yes, funding is an issue. And yes, the exact future use of the site - even if restored - is still in question. But to honor David, to pay respect to the people who love the park, to do the right thing for the people of Queens, we need a plan. We need to know exactly what should be done, and then we will be the loudest champions calling for whatever aid is needed to make it so. But on this day, when we honor David, let us consider the giant shadow that looms over his garden - literally and figuratively - and decide what to do next with our great park icon.
  12. THIS WEEK - Remembering David Oats

    Former Trib Editor Honored In ParkBy Brian M. Rafferty QUEENS TRIBUNE 07/15/10 A red-tailed hawk swooped low across the open space between the Queens Theatre in the Park and the Queens Museum. Bees buzzed, collecting pollen from the freshly planted flowers and shrubs that make up the newest addition to Flushing Meadows Corona Park – David’s Garden. Created to honor David Oats, the long-time editor of the Queens Tribune and a steadfast advocate for his beloved Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the garden was dedicated Wednesday afternoon by local officials with Oats’ widow, friends and park advocates on hand. Oats, who helmed the Tribune over parts of three decades, grew up near the park, and as a 12-year-old snuck in during construction of the 1964-65 World’s Fair. He was brought to City power broker Robert Moses to get a stern talking to, but instead the two struck up a friendship centered on the park, and for the rest of his life, Oats was dedicated to honoring Moses by ensuring the proper upkeep of their beloved patch of green land. Oats spent four decades advocating for the protection and improvement of the borough’s parks. He was founder and president of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park World’s Fair Association, with Moses as its first chair. “David was the park’s keeper, watchdog, caretaker and conscience; prodding, urging, leading and demanding the borough and park powers-that-be care for the park with which David had a 40-plus year love affair,” wrote longtime friend and Queens Tribune publisher Michael Schenkler upon Oats’ death. He also took the time then, nearly two and a half years ago, to call for the creation of a memorial in the park to honor Oats. In the time since, negotiations between the borough and the Parks Department produced the final result – a garden between the Unisphere and the Queens Theatre. “No one cared more, knew more, or fought harder for the good of the park or the recognition of the historical significance of the World’s Fairs,” Schenkler said of Oats. David’s widow, Corrine Oats, spoke at the dedication of her first date with this self-taught park historian in 1986. Rather than take her for a fancy meal or to a stylish location, David chose to bring her to his park, to share with her the passion he had developed over his years. “And he taught me something very important,” she said. “He taught me that you have to have a passion and follow through on it no matter what.” David Oats was a long-time thorn in the side of the Parks Dept., an attribute noted by Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski, who said that though the two did not always see eye to eye, she always knew that David’s heart was in the right place. Following the dedication, Lewandowski said that when she heard about the request to honor David’s memory in the park, she knew something had to be done. Economic times being tight, the Parks Dept. turned to Unisphere Inc., a not-for-profit charged with the preservation and maintenance of parts of the park, run by Flushing Meadows Park Administrator Estelle Cooper. “We had to make it happen,” Cooper said of the garden. The garden itself sits in view of the Unisphere, the Queens Museum, the Queens Theatre in the Park and the iconic 1964-65 World’s Fair towers from the New York State Pavilion. One of David’s greatest crusade was for the renovation and restoration of the looming towers, as well as the fresco state map that lay beneath it in the “Tent of Tomorrow.” Though both the towers and map are in a state of decay, many at the event expressed a renewed desire to see them restored – not just for David’s sake, but for the people of Queens. Oats passed away Feb. 5, 2008 of complications involving an infection.
  13. THIS WEEK - Remembering David Oats

    Thanks Mitch! I found this article online too. BTW, Steve "SCROCK" was there sportin' a yellow NYWF I WAS THERE messenger bag he got from your carousel site gift shop 9 years ago! Holding up quite well! 2 Parkies asked Steve where to get thier own... David’s Garden dedicated 07/15/2010 - Queens Chronicle photo by LIZ RHOADES Friends and family of David Oats gathered at Flushing Meadows Park on Wednesday afternoon to dedicate a garden named after the park advocate. Located between the Queens Museum of Art and the New York State Pavilion, the rose garden honors the memory of a man who fought most of his life to better Flushing Meadows. Oats of Forest Hills died at the age of 58 in 2008. His widow, Corinne, right; Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski, second from left; and Borough President Helen Marshall, left, all spoke about Oats’ passion for the park, his love of history and his determination to make Flushing Meadows even better. Also shown is Assistant Parks Commissioner Estelle Cooper, second from right. Greg Godfrey, who succeeded Oats as president of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park World’s Fair Association, said his predecessor would have loved the garden’s location. — Liz Rhoades
  14. THIS WEEK - Remembering David Oats

    We were blessed with a break in thunderstorms, and high with ionized air as the brief, dignified memorial and dedication of David's work & the DAVID'S GARDEN occured in Our Park. Most local papers will publish Thursday in print and on-line and I believe they all made deadlines. Bill Cotter et al, please scour and post related media here? yer pal, da'Bench