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  1. Hi all. I was wondering when the mall fountains and reflecting pools were last in use? They were still on in the late 90s/very early 00's, but I can't remember them on past 2003. They look terrible, they need a paint job and fixing up badly and fences around them to stop the skateboarding. Does anyone have any post fair photos of the mall fountains regardless of what decade they were taken in?
  2. Power to the Skystreak

    I have some quick questions re: the skystreaks. Didn't Charles Ayber park the skystreak that was stuck at mid-level for decades, and wasn't someone on this board in FMCP the day the skystreak was parked. 2.) When did they remove the elevators? 2009? How did they remove the parked skystreak, was it by crane or did they just snap the cables and let it fall, any pictures of this?
  3. Greetings!

    Well, look who posts here!
  4. Hi Everyone. I'm trying with no luck at finding more photos of the opening theater of the GE Carousel of Progress. I have found only three photos over the years that show the "Kaleidophonic Screens". Also, on Bill's site, there are screen captures of color footage of the last ending in Act IV, was the carousel of progress ever documented by GE or Disney like DuPont did by recording the Wonderful World of Chemistry? I was wondering if anyone who collects slides from the fair or Disneyland have found more photos of the actual carousel theater itself, kaleidophonic screens, and any 8mm or 16mm footage of the ride when it was at the fair or disneyland? Thanks for your help!
  5. The map under stone

    This reminded me of the something to ask: How has the painting been come along on the red and why candy stripes around the ToT? I remember seeing a photo of it months ago and it was looking great!
  6. Mr. Lincoln returns to Disneyland Friday, 12/18/09

    Yes, his face doesn't look nearly as old and with a long beard as the previous version that used those headphones.
  7. Mr. Lincoln returns to Disneyland Friday, 12/18/09

    first video clip of the new show now in
  8. Here's a video preview today, courtesy of the Orange Country Register: http://ocresort.freedomblogging.com/2009/12/16/disneylands-lincoln-attraction-set-to-return-friday/28547/

    Trey, from my Grandparents to you, they thank you for awesome shot of running beneath the cherry trees and coming upto the Unisphere with the fountains on. They went to the fair in both summers of 64 and 65 and said it brought back the magic of the fair right to their home. :D
  10. TWA Terminal at JFK

    The TWA Terminal will not be reopening until early 2010. While the TWA Terminal used to be Terminal 5, the new JetBlue Terminal opened up behind it. I visited it a couple months ago and its quite impressive. The interior of the TWA Terminal is still in rough shape. Alot of dusty furniture and fixtures have not been updated and cleaned since it's closing in 2001 and they are replacing many of the windows and in other cases removing the purple tinted covers from them. They are still working on the outside and cosmetics on the inside, but when it reopens, guests will be able to check-in for their jetblue flight and it will also serve as a lounge area I beleive for familes and friends to wait for guests who would like to walk across one of the tubes to get to the TWA Terminal.
  11. You supply the caption

    "When I asked her to book me a flight to Europe, I didn't know she was going to send me to Queens."
  12. CSI:NY(WF) - Trey's Latest Episode

    It would be much better if I could watch it on a 1964 RCA color television console with stereo sound tonight, but I guess a 21st century TV will have to do.
  13. World'Sfarish Architecture Vacation

    Sounds very interesting. I'll try to check it out. Thanks for the information!
  14. Hey everyone! I haven't posted regularly in quite a while. I'll be going on "summer" vacation this week to Buffalo and Toronto (Buffalo first to see a friend and then onto Toronto with a pitstop at Niagra Falls) besides the Skylon and CN Tower, I'm not familiar with the Buffalo World's Fair. Anything left to see from it? Also, are there any other buildings one recommends I see while in Toronto? I'll make sure to do a photo report. Thanks!
  15. Trey And Csi Come To The Fair

    Awesome report Johnny! Over 40 years later, there's nothing like the Unisphere lit up at night with the fountains turned on. I can't wait to see this episode!