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  1. A Visit to Expo

    Thanks Gary for the fantastic pics!
  2. Just received this from Rob: Comparison:
  3. Any Interior Photos of Formica House and House of Good Taste?

    Sorry looks like the page is down. I'll try and copy/paste the pics here if/when it comes back up...
  4. Any Interior Photos of Formica House and House of Good Taste?

    Did anyone else know about the House of Good Taste someone had built in Oklahoma? http://okcmod.com/?p=4255
  5. Where would you have found a stereo dealer at the Fair?

    Proving once again Bill that almost nothing was too much of a stretch for this fair!
  6. The Old S.O.B. Does It Again

    Here's a short piece from The Saturday Evening Post 5/23/1964 that I ended up scanning today because I couldn't find the title or photo anywhere online and needed it for something. Ok if I post it here, in case anyone else searches for it?
  7. Help with a musical about the Fair?

    Hi Christie. I was 10 years old when I went to the Fair, and the big corporate pavilions with their expensive buildings and awesome exhibits made me believe there was an adult world just out of reach that was so good and so wonderful that I could not wait to grow up and be in it. I am still a hopeless dreamer, but I did follow my dream and made computer programming my career as a direct result of wanting to be part of that world of the near future.
  8. Thanks Doug, good to be back. And good catches Doug and Randy!
  9. Here's a really nice walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD62x2ktkNc&list=TLv2_4FhxGDH1_pr9tykT2WYcAH_X7bcZh
  10. Here's a Unisphere speaker/light stand and a luminaire
  11. Hi Jim. It's a first-person shooter game set in a nuclear test site.
  12. Yes, sorry about that, I somehow double posted when I thought the first one didn't take, and then couldn't figure out how to delete one of them.
  13. Thanks Doug and Bill, that's just what I was thinking too. They seem to have also incorporated the House(s) of Good Taste and the 7-Up clock tower. Spot anything else?
  14. Ford pavilion model in 1:296 scale

    Fantastic Rob, as always.