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  1. Play Doh used to be one of my favorite smells...until. Until I took a night job, while going to school during the day, as a security guard in a Hasbro plant. The smell of playdoh was everywhere, and overwhelming. I went home smelling of the stuff-and I was (for most of my shift) in an enclosed booth! I couldn't get the smell out of my lungs or my nose, or my clothes. (Fortunately I didn't have to wear my uniform often). It came to bother me. One, once wonderful, smell lost to me forever. That plant also sometimes had an underlining hot plastic smell much like those mold a rama machines. It had a small mold injecting line in it's basement-where toy lines were tried out, or production supplemented. I still loved the hot wax smell after my time at that plant- perhaps because I wasn't exposed quite as much to it. (...and if anyone is in MI be sure to check out the vintage mold a rama machines, some with world fair like molds, at the Henry Ford. Hot waxy goodness!)
  2. Does PTU hiccup on you?

    I know nothing about programing (or birthing babies...but don't slap me Scarlett! ). I just want to add that I must also log in for each visit. Whether I turn off my computer, or not. I'm using the same computer. Just curious: Do any of you find it better to visit using IE? Do any of you use Firefox? Any performance difference? I generally use Firefox. I remain grateful that a room was kept open for me while I was away.
  3. 3D slide collection

    I very much look forward to seeing these!
  4. Where are you?

    It's nice to know that I was missed. I missed all of you. I am guilty of lurking here, now and then. Always wanting to be more involved but always feeling as if I should give all or nothing. My life being filled with all sorts of things: I wasn't able to give all. Half was never enough. I'm still the person dreaming of the fair. Still collecting it. Still cherishing each memory of it. Still cherishing this place, too. My love to all of you.
  5. More Fair-vintage television

    My family was like that of your own. One day my mother and I came home from visiting my grandmother. Our living room was filled with people. All sitting, standing, clustered around one object-a new television. A color television. I remember having no idea that we were getting a color t.v., but thrilled that we had one. I tried to push myself in front of the t.v., only to be told to "get back"-the color could hurt my eyes. I remember show everyone was watching-green acres. Our set wasn't the first color t.v. in the neighborhood (a near by neighbor had that distinction.) but it was the first in our family, and extended family. For each telivision special, and sometimes just because, aunts, cousins, my grandparents would be clustered around that set. It was, indeed, a great value. We had that set into the late seventies, and after that it worked for friends of the family. Congratulations on wining that auction M.O.
  6. Happy Birthday xolo!

    Happy Birthday, Xolo!!
  7. Heads of State Monument

    I knew it! I knew you gentlemen would find the underground home! (I hadn't bumped into the thread, and thus am thrilled by this short cut to the thumbnails. I've been reading all the 64-65 themed posts from Jan and Dec. I'm working my way back in time from there, and then will be going on to the 39 fair.) I do hope all things in the park will be restored to, or brought to better, prominence.
  8. A hello from a youngin!

    To further my welcome, and further expound: It truly is a good thing that younger people come along. If new/younger people do not come along; this fair could die. In them the knowledge we share, and discover, will live on. Come one, come all. "Come to the fair!" Welcome my new friends. Rose, who used to be one of the younger members-now 46
  9. Come on back to the Fair!

    Hi, Vlad! Good to be back!
  10. Random FMCP question

    I am extreemly grateful for people like you Doug. Without people like you that take the first step forward, takes those chances: so many wonderful things would be lost. Opportunities, knowledge, experiences would be lost. I admire you. I honestly do. I just wanted to tease you. I've missed you.
  11. Unisphere Models

    This company does amazing work. I think a unisphere would have broad appeal, and eventually (as assumed) be profitable. Such a model would be out of my price range: but would be of quality and worth the price for the serious collector/aficionado.
  12. looking for a wf street lite

    I'd love a single colored panel. They are, indeed, wonderful things. Welcome, Jerry.
  13. Random FMCP question

    I think he did just confess. I'm surprised none of his confession involved Canobie lake park. Anyway... It always saddens me to see before and after photos; yet it's wonderful in some ways too. Wonderful that some vestiges of the fair still shine bright.
  14. Come on back to the Fair!

    Amazing! Awsome! Awestruck...and other words that start with A. Heck, words that start with many other letters, too! This is just wonderful. I think all the images/buildings look great, so far. I look with much anticipation (another A word) to the future of this project! It will be wonderful to see the images of the pavilions, and environs, from all sides in a matter of moments. It is a pity that we can't smell those waffle's though.
  15. Unisphere for Sale...almost

    Wow! What an amazing view! It shall be a lucky person indeed to gain a view like that. Thank you for sharing the photos!
  16. House Of Japan

    I got an ipod for Christmas. I am now one more member of the ipod nation. I was intimidating a bit by it at first (I'll take this time to remind you all that I'm a bit technologically challenged); yet I found myself adapting to the ipod relatively easily. "Sync-ing" music, uploading/downloading, burning my cd's, converting music to ipod adaptable files, and listening. Much listening. I love this wee music player. I think you'd love it too, Randy. Think "wall of sound" in your car, in any order you chose. The Ronnets are calling you Randy....callllling yooooouuuuu! The're saying "join us....join us! Upload us, sync us! " I was converted to this technology by younger friends. I'm now probably the only person they know who purchased Dominique from itunes. In fact; they probably never heard of Dominique...canique...canique. (and I'm suddenly reminded that I must purchase, from itunes, Telstar.) I haven't bought satellite radio. I listen to a good deal of internet radio at home, though. Unfortunately radio isn't quite as good at the end of one world and the beginning of another (i.e. the border of Canada.) Anywhooo... I missed that special. The "International" Auto show is on my mind due to it's constant promotion locally. I do love the design of the new camaro, but even if I had the money for it: I'm doubtful I'd buy it. I love it's look: but I seek something far more practical for my journeys through the wilderness, and non wilderness, of the Wolverine State. I hope you feel better soon, Randy!
  17. puzzling

    You see somethings never change. I'm still a space shot. Of course larger puzzles couldn't be shrink wrapped and sold that way-too much shelf space. Well, at least being a space something fits into the world of the future the fair promised. I used to collect toys. I kept them preserved on card or in box. Now I take them out and play with them. I want to enjoy them. Those toys I collected just collected dust, and I lost them in the end without ever really enjoying them for what they were. I keep things perfectly preserved, if they arrived in the 21st century and into my clammy little hands, in preserved condition. If the item was used, I use it again-while displaying it. On shelves, but out. One my walls, but framed. A compromise of sorts.
  18. Latest updates to WorldsFairPhotos.com

    I'm so glad to know that this project is ongoing. You've done such a wonderful job, Bill, in preserving our past.
  19. A hello from a youngin!

    Howdy, and welcome. I love that the knowledge of this fair is being kept alive in youngin's.
  20. Heads of State Monument

    I just want to say I love David Oats. Thank goodness for his energy, and the power of his words. He's really trying to make a positive difference in FMP. Thank goodness for PTU, too. Because without this group of caring people the fair (and it's value) could be forgotten by many. ...and I'd love to hear the story about the tunnels. I'm also waiting for the story on the excavation of the underground home. I know some of you must have done that by now.
  21. Map is gone?

    My chest hurts. It almost always hurts when I see NYS. Yet, it hurts more now. I'm glad that there is an effort to preserve what is left of the floor. I worry about where that floor will end up, if it will stay in little bags, big boxes, some corner. If what is left of it will ever be seen again-or if this begins and ends as an exercise. I worry about what is left of NYS, and what will happen to it. I love that you've "saved" what is left of the map visually, A. That's a wonderful thing and I appreciate that as does (I'm sure) every fan of the fair, this structure, and the work of Philip Johnson. It's just that I worry that this once wonderful building will fall down, or come close to falling, and someone will say "good riddance" or " we got rid of that floor...now we can let it go." (In whatever way that may be. Still the stabilization provides great hope, and I do hope. Thank you for this information.
  22. Sometimes ruins are beautiful in the sense that they embody one's pleasant memories. Perhaps in that way NYS is/was beautiful to its designer. I don't find ruins completely beautiful. What they were can be beautiful to me. What they once embodied can bring from me admiration and (in this case) wistfulness. Yet there is always sadness, too. Of a time that no longer is, and of things never done, and never was. I still find the shell of NYS beautiful. It's frame still so evocative. I still have hope for it, too. I've come very late to this. There is a program to study and preserve what is left of the floor? Does anyone know if it has progressed? If it can be, in any way, preserved? Does anyone have a very recent photo of that floor? When I saw a photo of the floor last-it seemed beyond repair. Please let me know, too, if anyone starts any sort of letter writing campaign. I'll contribute, and I'll sign any petition that might enable some positive change.
  23. House Of Japan

    I'm, admittedly, over my head in this discussion. None the less I have a few, random, thoughts about it. Each year Detroit hosts the International Auto show, and each year I am reminded of the NYWF. New designs, new hopes for the future. Wonderful creative displays. In 1964-65 we saw Japan's cars as a novelty. Today we see China's as such-albeit with some weariness. This year we are introduced to new cars which are, to misquote the Who, are same as the last years. I do believe many American company's are not doing enough to change-yet I look to the "pipeline" in hope for a more competitive future. I'm curious: what do you all think of the "new" Comaro? It, seems to fit in the discussions of other re-designed, classic, vehicles.
  24. The Travelers Insurance Co. Pavilion

    I hadn't known of the re exhibiting of the Travelers cave clan. There may be a wildly known answer to this question, but my teacher told me no questions are stupid. Is the exhibit or some shred of it still in existence?
  25. 1964 Ford Caveman

    Thank you, it's good to be back once more. (Speaking of backs)