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  1. post card lists

    Does anyone know how many different types of post cards were availible for purchace at the fair? Does any one have a list of all availible post cards from the fair? Would anyone know where such a list might be availible? I'm hoping that someday owning a copy of all or most cards from the fair might be an obtainable goal. (Although a long term one.) Thank you. Rose
  2. post card lists

    Thank you for all the information. I do appreciate it. I had no idea that there were so many post cards availible for the fair (both withen the grounds and without.). It seams as if my goal is a bit tougher to reach than I thought it might be. Still, it will be fun trying. I've emailed Bill and Randy. I'm very glad that I found this message board. Have a great day! Rose
  3. Flea Market finds

    I can tell you from experiance that those nuns of old could bring one to the point of fear so strong; that one felt like an elevator to the land of fire and brimstone had opened up below you. My school was taught by the sisters of mercy, who were sometimes called the sisters of no mercy. Funny thing though, I loved every one of those sisters. I learned from them respect, discipline and greater compassion for other human beings. I don't regret a moment of my early childhood education. I really think I'm better for it. I've seen candy ciggerettes in my local dollar store. I must say I once preferred the chocolate candy cigarettes to the chalk like suger ones. The bubble gum cigars weren't bad either.
  4. Flea Market finds

    I admit, I was once addicted to candy cigarettes. I held them in my hands, puffed occasionaly, and imagined my self the most glamourous movie star in Hollywood. In the mid sixties they came out with a cure for such addictions: Nuns. I went to a Catholic School. (Is it any wonder that one of my most vivid Fair memories is of the Vatican pavillion?) The nuns did not tolerate smoking, or simulated smoking. A nun in a full habit can strike terror in a small child, and the thought that God was on their side, was enought to have me give up the psudo cancer sticks. By the way; candy cigarettes are still for sale here and there. I saw a few packs for sale at a dollar store recently. I'm hoping they wern't left over from the sixties. Rose (who doesn't smoke, but once wanted to.)
  5. waxy-plastic Mold-a-Rama machines

    The Mickey Mouse mold is the same as the one being used at Henry Ford Museum. Thank you for the great photos.
  6. waxy-plastic Mold-a-Rama machines

    There are several machines like this at Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield village. They seam identical to the photo posted here. I'm not sure of their origen or age. I do know that they all are in working order. All are usable by the public. One makes mickey mouse toys, another oscar myer weiner mobiles, and another makes busts of JFK. Can one of you PTU'ers tell me where these types of machines were placed at the fair?
  7. Topless woman at the Fair

    I think that Plumber has guessed correctly. If he hadn't guessed, however; I'd have had no clue.
  8. Happy Anniversary nywf64.com!

    I also want to thank Bill again for his wonderful site. I'm still quite new here, still somewhat overwhellmed by the aray of pavillions filled with wonder and knowledge. I am thrilled by my access to all of this. I am gratefull for it. I am hopefull that the joy I've felt in "meeting" other fair enthusiasts (all of whom are far more advanced in their knowledge of the fair.) and redescovering that place that seamed like so many dreams fufilled; stays with me forever. Thanks Bill! Rose
  9. "What lengths they'll go to" category

    You think Indiana Jones knows about this one?
  10. Unfathomable auctioneering

    I don't have one of these items, but would love one. I also collect toys, and it being a "cross over" item makes it especialy desirable to me. I've bid, and not won, a few reserve price items. I have to agree that not knowing the reserve is frustrating. I can certanly understand setting a reserve price to protect one's investment (I don't know why more sellers don't do this.) I do understand that if the reserve is high it may discurage some bidding. However, those below reserve bids, in the long run, "don't count". They can not win the auction. They only gage, to some extent, the intrest in the auction. Although it's true that in the fever of a bidding war one might offer more money than originaly planned; I don't understand how keeping the reseverve price secret helps the seller reach his/her goal. I love ebay, but do not love the secret reserve pricing.
  11. Fountain

    It seams as if the manager, and those she spoke to, was/were unaware of the history of the plumbing and pumps. Thank you for the photos and update. Rose
  12. Vatican Pavillion

    Hello all. This is my first post. I thought I'd mention that another relic of the fair is alive and well in Maine. Some years ago I took a bus trip to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, ME. The trip stopped, briefly, at a monastery. The exterior of which was graced with a panel from the Vatican pavillion. The pannel was is excellent shape and a source of pride for the town and the monastary. I regret that I do not remember the name of the monestary. Does anyone know of any other existing pieces of the Fair outside of those posted (The Detroit Tire for example.) on the page previous to this discussion and at the fair grounds?
  13. Vatican Pavillion

    Thank you for the information on the bounty post cards. I'm hoping that the Bounty will be some day fully restored to her former glory. The owners of the ship, while it was docked in Fall River, did their best to keep it up. They simply didn't have the funds to bring the ship to her best, or to maintain it at its then current shape. I last saw the Vatican scultures in the 90's. The Mickey Mouse family was a huge lure to the area of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport at that time. The monastary was benefiting from that lure. The scultures seamed to be in good shape at the time of my visit. It's sad to know that another piece of history and art is slowly fading away.
  14. Fountain

    I recived an email today from Terry Katula, marketing manager of Woodbridge Center. She says: "We have made some inquiries and, as far as we know, none of the fountains here at Woodbridge Center have a connection to the World's Fair." Oh well. Onward to finding other Fair legacys! Now if we could only find out about the underground home.....(Is it buried at the fair site? Will we ever know?) Have a great day all, Rose
  15. Vatican Pavillion

    In regard to other legacys of the fair: I wanted to add also that I am very familour with the 1960 HMS Bounty, but until today did not know of it's link to the fair. I visited the Bounty several times when it was docked in Fall River, MA. The community of Fall River had high hopes for the ship as a economey booster. It was hoped that the Bounty would lure visitors to the cities other attractions. Unfortunatly, the ship never seamed to fufill it's promise to the city, and it fell into some disrepair. Many tried to raise funds for it's rehab and to extend its stay in Fall River. Eventualy the ship was sold to the tall ship bounty org. The loss of the ship was unfortunate for Fall River, but fortunate for it's greater well being. It now is restored to it's former glory, and it's future seams assured. This forum is a wonderful resource. Thank you all for it.
  16. Vatican Pavillion

    Thank you Bill. Your site is so large, I have yet to see it all. I admit that until a few moments ago I hadn't seen your legacy entries. They are wonderful, and I'm glad to know that parts of the Fair are alive beyound that of our memories. I predict, by the way, that soon I'll know your site, very, very well. I love it! Randy, I'd love to get together someday with other fair fans. Your right about the harm to the Pieta. The hand, eye, and face of the Virgin Mary were all damaged, but thankfully, are now all repaired.
  17. The BBQ/Flushing Shindig

    I'd love to go, but live too far away. Until yesterday I had no idea that there were other people who loved the Fair as much (and even more) than I do. I would love to someday see the old fair site, and talk to other Fair fans. Have fun all. Rose
  18. Expensive charm

    Amazing! I've been collecting for over ten years and have never seen a charm go for this much. Wow!
  19. Fountain

    Hello. I've emailed the mall and asked about this. If I get a reply: I'll post it here. Thanks for the link. Rose <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by c318137: ...hmmm...no info here: <a href="http://www.woodbridgecenter.com/go/mallmap.cfm" target="_blank">http://www.woodbridgecenter.com/go/mallmap.cfm</a> <HR></blockquote>