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  1. NYWF You Tube

    I love Hullabaloo! You betcha, youtube has a plethora of clips from the show! I was watching a clip of the dancers dancing to the Batman theme just the other day! Anything from the T.A.M.I. show is wonderful. I'm a big Janis Joplin fan, and have found some gems via youtube of her performances via it. I also love Patsy Cline, and again, have found some wonderful stuff via youtube. David Bowie and Johny Cash, too. (Yes, I do have varied taste.) Some very good vintage music to be seen on youtube for every possible taste.
  2. ooooohhhhh! Thank you for the clarifications, Denise. I love what I see of your collection. I collect quite hap haphazardly. If I see some colorful Pyrex during my thrift store trolling: I buy it. I love it, yet I haven't tried to amass a great quantities of it, or books on the subject. I just buy what is in front of me and learn as I bump into those who know of it. It's nifty, though. I do love it. My collecting is sometimes very organized and sometimes not. For example: I collect everything I can from the fair, and go after knowledge of it every day. With, say, depression and carnival glass: I'll buy a book on the subject here, and may go out of my way there, for a certain piece or related item (I love jadeite) I have collections and interest in between this, too, like soda bottles, soft drink advertising/merchandise, and items from my home town area. I search for books on the subject, and will go out of my way for the items that fill them, but not always with the vigor my love for the fair causes. I don't know enough about Pyrex. I've learned a good deal today. Thank you!
  3. I think my heart would pound, and I'd feel fear, too if I saw NYS as it is. Yet not because of any thoughts of personal failure. Fear the place would be destroyed by time, or the place would destroy someone near by it. It's interesting to explore the reasons for our fears. It's good to face them-in a rational, safe, way. It isn't good to face the frightening in a way that puts us (or something else) at risk. As much as part of me wishes I could see what those young people did; I'd fear some harm to me, to my friends, or NYS, by looking. Fear to NYS in the sense of something else breaking off, or some harm that might justify cutting off it's (otherwise safe) access for others, or cause it's demise.
  4. More WF videos

    Thank you Marc. I've viewed your clip several times over the last few months (I'm the Rose that left the comment). The moment that always jumps out at me in this film is a part taken from To the Fair. When the narrator says something to the effect of "some places make you just happy to be there." This moment during the child's cartwheel in NYS. This moment then superimposed over the (then) current condition of NYS. Heartbreaking. One can't help but feel sadness. For what is gone and for what is now. Now, not just because of the past but because of the present state of a remarkable building that deserves preserving. One can't help but feeling sad. Thank you again Marc, and you Jet rink and all of you that post and share screen shots, and videos, and memories.
  5. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    If you all do get together: photos and stories, please! I'd love a segway. At each large public gathering here there is always one man with his segway. At the summer fest, the "be a tourist in your own town", every small town America gathering our area holds; there is that man and his segway. He glides from place to place-children running after him. Older people asking him questions. Everyone wanting a ride. No rides, but lot's of smiles from that gentleman. One summer the man brought his segway to our local pow wow, and many of us wondered if he'd try to enter with it in the dancing circle. He didn't-which was to the relief of many a tribal elder. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a segway in the dancing circle during inter tribals; but most didn't feel the way I did. I think the things are nifty. Practical, and wonderful devices.
  6. I'm going to go off to my local Barns and Noble for that. (If they don't have it: to my library on Monday) Thank you for the heads up.
  7. NYWF You Tube

    ...and I am so very grateful to the internet (thank you Al Gore! ). Through it I've gained so much knowledge and so many friends. It's made shopping, and learning, networking and sharing so much easier-and in fact, possible. I love the net. Using it began as my one luxury and now it becomes something close to a necessity. Especially for the disabled; the internet is a wonderful window on the world. It's true that it contributes to a certain lack of physical activity, but for those who can't be physically active: it's a G-D send. It gave us PTU.
  8. NYWF You Tube

    I admit it. I'm addicted to youtube. It's bookmarked, and I visit just about everyday. It's known for it's "stupid human" trick/slice of life videos, but it has everything. Everything!! I watch old commercials, old cartoons, concert/television appearance footage, anything "old". I watch the new, too. Animie, television episodes, more music/concerts/t.v. appearances. It's a gold mine for obscure t.v. I admit that I love any film with a man in a rubber suit (and by this I mean Godzilla, giant something attacking the earth films-not Art Carney in a sewer. Although I also love the Honeymooners, too.) and youtube has this. Before I could buy it on DVD-sixties ultra man, and his saving the world cohorts, was on youtube. Think much Japanese t.v. from the sixties and seventies, and you've found one corner of youtube. Of course I search both for the fairs and FMCP. Often when I search FMCP; I find skateboarders doing "ollies" in front of the Unisphere. Still, I see the Unisphere. Two nights ago I found these: Contemporary video of NYS <a href=" " target="_blank"> </a> A bit shaky home video of the fair dancing/above views. <a href=" " target="_blank"> </a> I assume this is "our" Jett Rink's <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baHnHUcAJ3Y" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baHnHUcAJ3Y</a> News Reel <a href=" " target="_blank"> </a> I found more, too. At least one has been posted here before, though. Forgive me, please, if all of these have been posted before. Try out youtube for any of your video cravings. You might be surprised what you find.
  9. I did my homework, mom...honest!!!! That woman is down right scary. Not dame Edna though, she's quite nice...albeit a bit hormonally unbalanced. (But you know, since they stopped recommending hormones to women entering "the change" we're all, abit, at risk of this.) ...and I won't tell your wife, Doug, that your right. Corningwear...cornflower blue. The two go hand in hand. I totally missed that.
  10. Bell Telephone Booth Found

    Gosh, I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time. (and don't get me started about rubbing my tummy and patting my head....the results have been tragic.) Very impressive. Anywhooo... It's amazing, absolutely amazing that you have a further link to that phone booth. It's incredible how this story is unfolding.
  11. ...or you could get a Mac. As parent just pointed out. (That's too funny!) I can't tell you how many problems I've bumped into in the last two years- prior to using Firefox. I have the most recent windows application, and even with what seems like weekly updates; it hasn't protected this computer. In fact within seconds of trying out IE, after the recent update to it (which uses tabbed browsing which is similar to that of Firefox's); I had warnings, lycos, and pop ups all over the place! Arrrrrggggghhhh!! Back to Firefox! I think, though, that I'm a mac user with a pc body. If Mac software was more easily obtainable for me, and it's stores more commonplace: I'm pretty sure I'd have a mac. (although there is always the internet with which to buy things) I think you and I are simpatico, parent.
  12. I began avoiding IE due, primarily, to many problems I'd had with malware/spyware in my computer. (Even doing all I should, and with spyware/malware protection.) Several people I knew suggested Firefox to me. I downloaded it with few expectations. I've come to be a fan of the product. It's faster, easier to use, provides many fun (if unnecessary) add ons, and the prior issues I had with IE haven't been re experienced since I've switched. I now only use IE if a site experience is somehow maximized by IE or minimized with firefox (which, these days, is extremely rare). It's there, on my desktop, if I need it. Try Firefox. You may like it. It's free, and easy to download. It's also easy to get rid of if you don't like it.
  13. Why, Jim, I'm wearing an apron right now...on top of my jeans and long sleeved incredibles t shirt. The apron keeps the dust from the t shirt. Dust I don't always get to every day...often get to...ok...hardly ever get to. Yes, times have changed....and I do need to dust. You and I think alike, Denise. I also noticed the pyrex. I actually said "oooooh...light blue pyrex!" aloud. I love vintage pyrex. Durable, practical, and attractive. I also said "ooooh" to that wonderful dinette table. I'm hoping to get one of those for my kitchen. I love "vintage" (which, sadly, is a word now applied to our childhood years. Sadly, as it implies a certain antique quality to our years.) household objects. I'd wondered as to that pipe beside the oven. I'd never seen an oil stove "hooked up" before. That man does look like Dean Martin...and apparently did love to drink-if only lemon aid. Neat photos! (...and comments from a not neat enough me.)
  14. Bell Telephone Booth Found

    I've really been enjoying this thread. It's great to learn of surviving legacies. It's also truly amazes me how so many of you can pin point a location. I think if you had a photo of a piece of debris; you'd be able to know not just where the debris was, but on what day, and what time of day, the photo was taken! (I can hear the wheels moving and deductive reasoning following. Shadow speaks to time of day. What kind of debris leads to where the item was purchased. Flowers...well that color was here, here and here. Is that melted ice cream? It was a hot day! Is that a corner of a grayhound bus? Well they only traveled here and there and...Got it!) People loved this fair. No matter what the critics said: the "regular" people who visited had a good time. They saw the fair as important, cherished their experience. The fact that phone booths live on in this type of shape (and for the rust and fading: it's still in remarkably good shape.) speaks of that love and respect. I'm so happy that this was found: and I look forward to learning more about it.
  15. Unisphere for Sale...almost

    He must have an incredible collection of fair related items. I wish he would post. I'm sure we could learn something from him, and even if we didn't; we'd have another friend to share our passion with!
  16. '65 Mustang

    Something has to be done. Some help given. Taxes on imports? Government financial incentives to offset retooling costs? Yet more new guidance? That big merger that is sometimes spoken of? Some cuts, more cuts of one type of another, made. (pay above, or below? Production lines? More negotiation with union reps?) Then new designs. New product that better answers demands. I live in Michigan and Ford's record loss was the big news story. There is always some big news story about losses of one type or another in the auto industry, though. At least in the last two years. There seem to be no easy answers. Everything leads to harm of someone, something. Change has to come, somehow, though. Change has to come for Ford to survive.
  17. I love that perspective, Parent. Perhaps your right: if the fair went on some of it's specialness may have been lost. It might not have grown into the thing we see it as now. I know I appreciate so many things more, after they are gone. I love this place in time so much: I think I forget that it wasn't meant to last. That what occurred just a few days after it had closed was a (mostly) understandable thing. I just wanted the fair, I think, to last forever. It will, though. In my mind and in that of others here. Thank you for your perspective. It's helped me appreciate "the end" so much more.
  18. Unisphere for Sale...almost

    Hello Jett. The camera's appear to be working, now. I checked them mid day and just did again. They do take a long time to load, though. I wonder who Mr. deep pockets is? I often wonder who persistent/consistent high bidders are. What their story may be. He must love the fair very much to spend so much on it. I've never had to deal with him, as I'm never in the big ticket auctions (That's me waving to you from the plates/ash trays/and gee gaws auctioned off via ebay). I do wonder as to his identity-and I wish he'd share his knowledge/experiences/details of wins with us.
  19. 3D slide collection

    I really loved SCTV, too. I often talk about how, during certain years especially, it was so much more funny and clever than Saturday Night Live. (...and much, much, more funny than the long ago Friday's) Such fun stuff.
  20. One of the things that's disconcerting to me are the flags in front of Virginia. Is one of them a state flag? Wouldn't one take down one's flag as a symbolic last act-before leaving the building for demolition? I'm hoping it isn't a state flag. It seems terribly disrespectful to leave something like that to a wrecking crew. Yet, I suppose, all these photos speak of some disrespect. (Taking a statue's head???) How I wish we all had just one more visit!
  21. open house new york at QMA

    Hello. I come so very late to all of this: please forgive me. I was wondering if there was any news about a DVD, or further showings, of the film. Lawyers still circling? Chum all round? I'd really love to see this film.
  22. Does PTU hiccup on you?

    That "corner" of the attachment thing happens with me, too. After posting, yesterday, I found the board "recognized" me. I thought that someone had tweaked the board. Then, the board "forgot" who I was again. It's me, board, Rose! It's a minor thing. I'll just show my i.d. every time I approach the guard at the gate. Maybe I'll even bring him cookies-guards for boards like cookies. I am glad we have this club house.
  23. Asbury Park NJ

    The first song I downloaded to my new ipod was "Born to Run". I love that song. So lyrically beautiful, so true to youth, and need, and that yearning for more. I am, indeed, a Bruce Springsteen fan. I love Joan Jett, too. She, very indirectly, helped me get my first free lance graphics job. I had done a pen and ink drawing of one of her album covers. I used it in my portfolio, and although the job I was interviewing for was for line drawings of furniture: I got the job due to the owners love of Joan Jett. I did all sorts of simple drawings for that company before it closed. (Eighties economy and the rise of the superstore having to do with the closure-thankfully not my drawings.) I really identify with your love of Asbury Park. Not because I'm from there, but because I love my home town that much, too. Because, too, my home town is almost indistinguishable from what it was when I was young. So many things left to rot or burn away. Crime and poverty overrunning the place. ...and "my" dear Lincoln Park gone. Last year the old wooden roller coaster (sitting idol for so long while people debated renovating or selling it) caved in not far from the ruins of the long abandoned clam bake pavilion, and what was left of the dark rides. Fall River was no Asbury Park: but I loved it. I'm glad that there is hope for Asbury Park and the Howard Johnsons is being saved. What remarkable stories you have! I love them all! What a wonderful childhood you must have had. P.S. Millions of women thank your cousins for Bruce's shape.)
  24. Personal Discovery

    The only thing my family took back, confirmedly, from the fair was a "white" tour guide. As I came to learn: the guide was given to my mother from an older cousin. That cousin had visited the fair in 64. My mom used the guide for our family trip in 65. I loved that tour guide. I'd lie on my mothers bed and read through it time and time again. If I didn't remember something: I'd ask all sorts of questions about it. My mother could never answer my questions. Which, in many ways, made my impression of the fair all the greater. My imagination making these exhibits larger, more fantastic, than they may have been. I remember, I think, a home movie showing some of the fair. It's lost, though. No one remembers it but me, no one knows what could have happened to it if it existed. My maternal grandmother visited the fair and she bought a tiny little post card book. I have that book-although it's in pieces. I keep it, apart from other items-it being very special to me. My grandmother also had a pieta that she kept by her bed. The pieta was in a clear plastic case with two candles on either side. (The pieta itself seemed to be made of wax-it was not like the statue pieta's that come up for bid weekly on eBay.) I hadn't thought about it until well after it "disappeared": but perhaps my grandmother had gotten it at the fair. If I ever find one listed on eBay: I will buy it. It, too, will be special because it will be the combination of two things I loved-my grandmother and the fair.
  25. Asbury Park NJ

    Indeed I am reading! Lucille Ball visiting anywhere is enough for me to consider a place a landmark. Add Bruce Springsteen Add amusement park. (Of vintage lore I truly love.) You get wonderful landmark. Add vintage Howard Johnson's. (I should add here that I am the type of person who will stand at the points of old Howard Johnson's and try to imagine them as they once were. There is a non standard HOJO's motel near me and I often use it as device to take a trip back in time.) You get extraordinarily wonderful landmark. I truly loved your shared memories and the photos. I hope for Ashbury Park the best. It deserves it!