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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Treadway

    A very happy Birthday to you Randy!!!! Thank you for being you! I hope your day has been wonderful, and each day next will be the same! (Don't feel bad about the Bastille day birthday, M.O. :note my birthday holiday in the other thread.)
  2. A very happy Valentines day to all!! I love that photo of the Perisphere!
  3. Recapturing The Romance

    I love these stories. They're all the stuff of magic. Fairy tales from the 20th century. I was five at the time of my visit to the fair. If I felt what could be called romance it was of a different type. The romance of the road/travel: a rare road trip. Grand central station, a subway ride, squinting into the sun to see...the fair! A romance with the fantastic: those Sinclair dinosaurs that I still well remember, the large and impressive architecture, a ferris wheel shaped like a tire, and a train that was in the sky, upside down! Looking into a space capsule ( a love of the space program already begun in me). A love of family, too. My trip being a very rare "family adventure." It also framed by stops over my Uncle and Aunts in NJ. There wasn't that traditional romance of the heart: but my heart did fall in love with my experience. I envy your wife trey. What a wonderful, wonderful night. What a great story of romance. It was, yes indeed, so very sweet of you. (I would have said all this long ago had I been here when it was first posted.)
  4. Anyone seen these before?

    I just bought eleven photos of "my" beloved amusement park. The photos were taken after the gates had closed for the last time, with all the buildings/rides still ready for the crowds. In just a few weeks the rides would be sold off. The buildings would suffer the first of several fires. The whole auction was a bit weird, and I'm not sure it was all legit bidding. Although the third highest bidder I got a "second chance" offer. I took it. I got repros. The photos were scans, photo shopped from the originals (with none of the talent of Randy or Bill). The backing paper screaming at me "new". I'm keeping them, but feel cheated a bit. I'm going to keep my eyes far more open, and ask many more questions, in the next photo auction I enter in. I feel terrible for your experience Billy, and I write all this to share a wee bit of your pain. I write it, too, to encourage you to share your knowledge on photos. I know I have a good deal to learn in photo auctions.
  5. 7-UP Sandwich

    That would make my birthday special, indeed, Doug! I have the privilege to be born on a holiday only my (first) home state celebrates: Bunker Hill Day. Mind you Bunker Hill day is a celebration of a loss to the British, (and the battle wasn't actually on Bunker hill. It was on near by Breeds Hill.) but, it's a holiday. My birthday is on June 17. I'll put a candle on that funny bone, sing fair is fair, and rejoice both for finding you, PTU and for no taxation without representation! ...oh and for my birthday, too. Speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday Randy!!!!!! Coke cake without the sea glass for all in honor of Randy!!!
  6. 7-UP Sandwich

    They are flimsy. Very flimsy. Mine is blue, and I treat it very gently. Any little bit of pressure will dent or break it. The disposable nature of them is evident when you hold one in your hand. When I bid on my plate: I also expected a much heavier item.
  7. Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    I imagine you may have realized that by the time you got to this sentence; I'd have a link or two. As it turns out there is quite a bit on this jukebox and the videos online. As it turns out almost all of their videos are a bit odd, too. Here are just two links: <a href="http://scopitonearchive.com/index.html" target="_blank">http://scopitonearchive.com/index.html</a> <a href="http://bedazzled.blogs.com/bedazzled/juke_box_movies/index.html" target="_blank">http://bedazzled.blogs.com/bedazzled/juke_...vies/index.html</a> I'd love to see one of these puppies in person. Yowza! Tre nifty.
  8. Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    I enjoyed that. um....does that make me odd? No, I guess all the other things I like make me odd....along with that. Anywhooo.... I guess Ms. Reynolds (who I always loved as a child due to her affiliation with the girl scounts. Me, being a girl scount.) was trying to adapt a folk song into a vegas show tune. The choreography was strange, though. I really would love to see one of these jute boxes.
  9. 7-UP Sandwich

    I like 7 up cake. It's popular enough in these parts to actually be found at our local wal mart bakery. 7up is found everywhere here (via fountain or on store shelves). Diet 7up is a rare breed, however. I still can't find Funny Bones! (not fair related, Rose related. I miss funny bones. ) It's true that some things are sold regionally. (I'm in a Funny Bone free zone. ) I have one of the 7 up plates and think it would be a great idea to try to re create a few of these sandwiches. No liver pate for me, though.
  10. Help!! I had no idea where to place this. I put it here because this seems the place of the most general of all our discussions. I'm having major problems with the board today. I sign in, view a topic. Then when I want to view a photo, or post, I get a prompt to sign in again. Sometimes, I read a topic, and then when I exit it: I find I've been logged out. Again I must sign in. I am constantly re signing in, and the board is constantly signing me out. I fear my generally insipid nature has insulted the board. ...or maybe those comments I made on the state of FMCP did. Hmmm....maybe. I don't know. I do know I need help, as this constant signing in and out makes commenting or viewing frustrating. Thank you for reading this and any help you may offer. P.S. I still must log in every time I visit the board-regardless of whether I've ever signed out. I do check the "remember me" box with each sign in.
  11. Help with the PTU board, please!

    Hello, John! Thank you for your welcome. It probably is my security being a bit too protective for it's own good. I switched to McAfee products a few months ago, and have had several problems with it since. I had been using CA, and liked it. I would have kept it, but my yearly subscription ran out just as my cable/internet company began providing McAfee for free. I went with the free. In any case I haven't been booted today. Just the usual re sign in when I get here. I don't really mind that: it's just like knocking on a door rather than walking in. My mom taught me to be polite, so a knock seems appropriate enough. Hope your well!
  12. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    Trey it is! I always find it a little disconcerting to be called Mam', or anything that seems to imply an "elder status". The other day I was writing to an internet acquaintance. I had never considered age when communicating with this woman. She was just interested in something that I was, (In this case drawing. The woman was trying to teach her self to draw, and being an ex art major I was sharing some tips I had learned way back when the earth's crust was still cooling. You know, that blowing through the fingertips with crushed colored rocks, on the wall of your cave, stuff.) and we were sharing experiences. She wrote back and said she enjoyed our correspondence, and thought I had been helpful. I felt good about that until I read the next line....she reminded me of her mom. Ouch. Not that I couldn't be her mom, chronologically speaking (and only speaking chronologically!). I could-it's just that I had forgotten that I wasn't of the same generation as she. Forgotten, until she pointed it out with the "m" word. I settled down, and accepted the m word as the complement it was meant to be. It had just been...startling. ...and now back to our regularly scheduled topic : That's a very good point about the scalloped edges. I really look forward to finding out what this was.
  13. Major Discovery!

    Wow! It's both disconcerting and entirely validating that things from the fair, and/or of our passions sell for so much money. I've lost out on even small landfill auctions, lately, due to passions (apparently) running a bit higher, and pockets a bit deeper, than mine. ...but isn't it pretty darn nifty that other people value what we do? I do wonder if these were from the fair. Did most of the mold a rama from the fair have the "1964-1965 New york World's fair" imprint? Was that only on the Sinclair figures?
  14. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    It's because I look up to you! The use of Parent becoming an honorific. Actually it's because I didn't know your "real" name. I thus referred to you as an abbreviation of your PTU handle. I truly hope I didn't offend you. I really do think this baby was upholstered. I agree that it had to be stretched. I still lean toward it being a seat cushion, or used on back support of a chair. The member known as world fair parent is right, though, it's odd to have created that gorgeous an object to be sat upon. I can't find another of these anywhere. I'm not giving up, though. Someday I'll see this, and scream aha! Then everyone will stop, stare, and those with me will pretend not to know me. ...but such ostracism will be worth it! I will never give up!!!! ...and i hope I haven't offended you "Parent".
  15. New Police Station in Park

    The police station sounds like a great idea. Any "plus ed" (as Disney might say) police presence would be a great idea.
  16. Mahem Galore

    Locally there have been problems with mis use of city parks. Most of the damage coming from skateboarders. Most of the trouble coming from those who dive into a local river. The river's current is too strong for swimming, and every year their are drownings. Every year it's hot, too. So people "go jump in" the river. (This, despite the fact that there is a small public beach/park less than two miles away.) Although the city parks here don't get the use of FMCP or have it's unique problems; one answer could be the same. Skate parks, and splash pads. That's what they did here, and they are a huge success. The skate park was built totally with money from the local Lions club. The splash pads were built with local funding. Although the cost of these things were too high for one person to open a check book locally, they were in no way "budget breakers." They can be built with community involvement and not a lot of money. People will break rules. Yet providing legal alternatives turns away a good deal of damage, and helps law enforcement re direct damaging activity. (i.e. " why don't you go do that over there?") I do think the park needs to be, in some ways, what it is-a neighborhood park. Used, but not abused. With fields for specific activities. With an area for bathing, or splashing, with legal parking, and frequent maintenance. Of course I'm writing this from far off, and I maybe naive. In Boston they have the public gardens and the common. The gardens are for strolls and swan boat rides. small picnics, just sitting sketching, reading. (and yes, their are those who will dip their feet, or their children's feet, in the swan boat lagoon.) The common is more a multi use park. That can happen with FMCP, too. I'd just love to see some sort of compromise where there are happy people, and little (because, let's face it in small town America or in big cities, there will be some who don't play by the rules.) to no abuse.
  17. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    Thank you Billy. I haven't found any clues as to this item. I fully agree that it was stretched over something. A great point, Parent, about the white being a poor choice for something that might be sat upon. The back of a chair? No, eh? Upholstered though, fo shizzle. Again, as is, this couldn't be a part of a album/binder. An image is printed in the middle, or to one side of a fabric/textile/skin. There is always just enough to "fold over" and attach to the base of the album/binder. I worked for several years in a print shop that specialized in binders/albums-all were done this way. I measured out hundreds of designs to be silk screened, traditionally printed, or hot stamped on all sorts of textures. For an all leather binder there would have to be more leather, and it wouldn't look like this. The only way it could be a binder is if it were attached to a base and then had some other type of fabric for a back (over lapping some of it)-but it's again the wrong size and wrong dimensions for something like that. Anywhoo... I agree with the gentlemen: this wasn't a tapestry/hanging. Sadly, I also don't see it going for much money. It's just one small part of something else, and in bad condition. I agree, that for a dollar (or even a few), it's a nice keepsake. Be happy with it. ...and I'm still going to keep my eyes open for this. I'd love to find out where it came from.
  18. Help with the PTU board, please!

    The board is, again, allowing me to post without a new sign in. I did get two "flood control" messages, however. (Although I don't believe I was posting as quickly as the "board" implied.) Thank you to anyone who looked into this and may have fixed the problem.
  19. Real Deal Or The Repros?

    Thank you for the instructions on identifying Bakelite. I know I'll find them very useful. I have wanted to see the new Andy/Eddy movie, but must agree that "I shot Andy Warhol" is a good film. I imagine, from what I've seen of the new film, it won't be as good as "I shot Andy Warhol". (..and by the way, Did anyone catch the documentary on PBS a few weeks ago on Andy and the factory? I thought it very good.)
  20. Nice photo, Billy. Thank you. Rose, the non bot.
  21. TV Alert:: Philip Johnson

    I hope the owner of that house never threw stones. It's true some of Mr. Johnson's work is derivative. Yet I still love many of his adaptations on previously "discovered" elements. I love the point about NYS being exactly what it was meant to be. It was. It is a good point that after that function was served: it lost an obvious purpose. It's still a shame that it was never further adapted to a better purpose than what it has now. (That air and space museum, for example.) Why wasn't the Tent of tomorrow fitted with a different, more durable roof-after the original was removed?
  22. Those are some vile spam posts

    I get up later in general. (I also stay up quite late. The rumors involving Transylvania, and coffins are, however, gross misjudgments. ) I am very glad I missed whatever it was that was posted. I'm sorry you had to see it Mary Ellen.
  23. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    Oh and... I think it's missing a bit of leather in the right corner, and it seems to have a large staple like mark to the left side. Gosh darn it if it doesn't look like a seat cover-but I'm probably wrong on that one. Whatever it covered: it was square. I love a good mystery: I must find more out!
  24. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    I thought exactly as Parent did. My first thought was "photo album" but, as parent pointed out: the overhang/fold over is too large. My next thought was something upholstered. I still lean toward upholstering due to the "folds" in the leather (or leather like) item and because of it's unusual dimensions. ...but I haven't seen this item before, and it could be part of a pillow or a "skin" for some other type of object. (The "folds" could have come with storage.) I don't believe it was made, specifically, for hanging/display. Although, certainly, it would make a very nice decoration. I think it's nifty, and congratulations on the find. (...and you bet I'll keep my eyes open for more clues as to this item!)

    Thank you Marc! It's nice to "see" you, as well as mark what you've done on the board. I hope your well.