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  1. Sigh...and I got a rock. My collection is filled with the easy stuff, the cheaper stuff, the more common things. With just a few harder to find items. I'd love to have any of the things that many of you do. ...but, none the less, I love my things. Even if they are just things. They are evocative of wonderful memories, and a wonderful place. They mean something to me because I've endowed them with my feelings, my reactions, to all that is wonderful about the fair. Transformed by that feeling they gain worth. My favorite of all my things is probably the least expensive, and one of the most common. A little post card book. Free to me as it was my grandmothers. She, gave it to me. She, loved me. I loved her. She and the fair, there in a broken bit of color. The bits of post cards sit, proudly, on my shelf. ...and I will agree, heartily, that what is worth the most in all is feeling. Feeling something given by those who care, who love, who share. Something given by those on this board.

    Holy Moley!! A Worlds Fair get together that I might actually be able to get to? I'm in! Yes, my sister and I did, eventually, re locate to Florida. She, after a short stay, decided to move back to MI, but I remain in the land of sunshine and giant rodents. I'd, most certainly, if it is at all possible, be interested in a SIP (maybe a theme P, if anyone is thinking that way) or other such get together. ...and in regard to the mold a rama...it is shinny-er. It's also incredibly brittle. After posting, here, last night; I saw a reference that Marc made to his Henry Ford mold a rama plunder. His waxy goodness crumbling over a season. I wouldn't blame the cold for that...it's as if the toys molecularity is that of a stack of cards in a strong breeze. The mold a rama toys are, now, doomed to fall apart at any second. There is some smell...but not that heavy scent that is reminiscent of melted crayon. I had actually sniffed the toys...a foolish thing, one that I truly had to explain to my companion...but the scent, was, a part of it all. After putting in the quarters; I anticipated one scent of childhood. It, isn't, there, anymore. Mold a ramas are still wonderfully nostalgic looking. They evoke a nostalgic feeling from me. I'll always put in a few quarters and be happy with the result...but like so many things, the experience with them has changed. Thank you so much for responding!

    It's a wee bit off topic but: Recently a friend and I indulged in the joys of mold a rama goodness. This at the Central Florida Zoo. A place with several mold a rama machines. As a nostalgic soul, fair fan, and lover of instant toys made of hot wax: I couldn't pass up purchasing a few small, plastic, animals. It seemed to me with those purchases, and those I've made at the Henry Ford in MI: that the current plastic used in the machines produces a much thinner shell. Something, I've learned, crumbles very easily. The fair dino's (of which, like many of you, I have a few) seem of thicker stuff and seem more durable. Is this my imagination? Has the years of dust on my fair dino's somehow accumulated so thick as to make a thicker shell? Simply wondering as to differences between today's mold a rama models and yesterdays (including those of the fair) ...and, Randy that Vatican mold a rama is extraordinary. Although, like any child, I'd have gravitated to dinosaurs, the catholic school child in me might have thought a tiny vatican pavilion a worthy souvenir. (and it's remarkable my grandmother didn't think in the same way. She, brought home a candle shaped like the Pieta.)
  4. It's as if everyone felt as if they had license to destroy. Most people must have thought "well it's all going to be leveled tomorrow." True, but didn't any of these people grasp that some pavillion owners (or the city) might want to save something from the fair? Didn't they realize that some of what was there might be slated to be used later, somehow? I know I'd be tempted to take a memento. Something that, clearly, wasn't going to be used again. I wouldn't be immune to that. It's just that I can't conceive of destroying anything. (I think I'd also still be prone to asking permission from someone before I took anything. ) The last day seems like such public bedlam. What a shame that the remaining buildings never fully filled their planned purpose.
  5. Tickets

    Most of the time these tickets are offered with other items. I presume that by combining items the seller is hoping for a higher overall profit. I often see these tickets with fair guide books. Chairman is right. It's a wonderful collectible, though. Holding one can't help but make you feel the anticipation of the fair, and all that might await you.
  6. SiP Feb 18, 07 pictures

    Thank you for sharing your memories and photos. I would love to attend one of these SIP's (I'd love a weekend. Tour the grounds, "do" the museum, and then have a picnic. Next day, Mets!). I hope I can someday. When I go though, I'll hope for warmer weather than you had. Your brave souls.
  7. GROUP PHOTO SiP Feb 18th 2007 :)

    Thank you! I hope I can attend one of these someday!
  8. I, did get to ride It's a small world as a child. It is one of those world fair memories I never forgot. (As opposed to those memories which were re kindled by PTU.) I think I remember everything about that ride. I was absolutely amazed by it. Riding the Florida version, many moons later: was almost as wondrous an experience. (Even though it did take a very long time to get that song out of my mind!) As a side note: While visiting It's a small world at the fair; I remember my father walking up to a man in a suit and shaking his hand. "Who was that man, Daddy?" I remember asking. "Walt Disney" He replied. For decades I believed him. Finding anything or anyone at that fair seemed possible.
  9. Where is it?

    The rumor was that Disney wanted it shipped to Anaheim, but balked at the cost. Thus it was destroyed, and maybe, dumped quite near by. Quite the shame, it was a wondrous thing. Just about anything there is to do with the fair can be found at the superb nywf64.com, including "where are they now's."
  10. Chrysanthemums

    Oh, and I've contacted the still existing company about their roses! You know, I just may do this.
  11. Chrysanthemums

    What a wonderful idea!!! I could plant the "relatives" of the NYWF Roses. At last a world fair legacy I can own....sort of. I wanted to plant more roses this year! ...and I do love roses, not just for names sake! You know, I've got to look into this! (...and the catalog is in my price range, too.)
  12. Ford Badge

    Hmmm.....Michigan you say?
  13. They Want How Much?!

    Wow! That's beautiful....and very, very expensive. I'm very glad to see that some part of the sale will go to a worthy charity.
  14. Interesting Item,, what is it ? NY 1939

    You did very well with that auction. Congratulations! Thank you, also, for introducing us all to the piece. I'll keep looking for whatever it may have been attached to. Like Scotland Yard: I'll never give up! Consider sticking around, FMG: you may enjoy learning more, and sharing more, about the fairs.