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  1. I haven't read the forums in quite a while but was inspired to look when I saw these news articles about the city funding a renovation: https://ny.curbed.com/2017/4/28/15468644/new-york-state-pavilion-preservation-nyc http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/nys-pavilion-to-get-million-makeover/article_329cd9e1-717d-5741-bd5c-ea7f82f31d1d.html https://archpaper.com/2017/05/new-york-state-pavilion-revamp/ I thought I had seen discussions about a competition for ideas for renovation, but can't find reference to it. I'm sure I'm just searching poorly or in the wrong place. But the real question I came here for is the authoritative opinion(s) about what people who care about the fair think about the plans. I'm sure there's an active debate - can someone please steer me to it? Thanks, Pete
  2. Day of Mourning?

    Yes I do! I hope I'm attaching it correctly. Pete 106954817.pdf
  3. Hi, Did I miss that picture? (Coincidentally, that's the EXACT date of my Mom's birth!) Thanks, Pete
  4. I just came across this site - a former engineer at the Bozak speaker company discusses (among other things) the speakers they developed for sound at the Vatican Pavilion. http://www.bobsamerica.com/bozak Further down, there's a mention of a speaker for the '39-'40 fair too. Pete
  5. I just watched a Twilight Zone episode entitled "The Odyssey of Flight 33", where a 1961 jet flying from London to Idlewild encounters some turbulence, goes back in time to prehistoric time (dinosaur is seen outside the plane!), then to 1939. They fly over the 1939 Fair, and can see the Trylon and Perisphere! Great stuff!!!
  6. The Mentality Of NYC

    Today's New York Times has an article about the deplorable condition of NYS, etc. From the following page one can access both the column and a photo slideshow: <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/pages/nyregion/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.nytimes.com/pages/nyregion/index.html</a>
  7. Ugly Souvenir Of The Week

    I'm the current high bidder - so lay off! Well, if it's worth more than $20 (including shipping) to you, go to it!!!
  8. Please remind us of his reply! Pete (Fortunately, she never said "I didn't come here to be insulted", because I might have risked bodily harm to repeat Groucho's reply.)
  9. On the second picture, the one car (second from the left) looks to be in Worlds Fair colors - is it a taxi?
  10. Picture Of The Day

    What do you think the guy on the right is doing to the Chrysler Turbine? Is he whipping it?
  11. Escorters in Atlantic City

    Thanks for the link, Bill. Sorry I didn't search first! I forgot that the posters of "King of Marvin Gardens" showed the Escorter too. Hmmmm, none of them on the boardwalk Saturday afternoon.............
  12. I was at a work-related convention in Atlantic City yesterday and today. I took a walk on the boardwalk and ended up at the Atlantic City Historical Museum, on the Garden Pier just north of all the glitz. I watched the entire (pretty long) video, and walked around the exhibits of photos, posters, and memorabilia. I had heard that Escorters ended up in A.C., but didn't remember until I saw an old glass ashtray with a picture of one (without the top canopy) on the boardwalk. Are other pictures available? Pete
  13. He got his start at the World's Fair

    If you like the Beatles, don't miss Jimmy, Will Lee, and the rest of the Fab Faux! Great fun!
  14. Humor photo for a Sunday

    My kids are beyond that age, but to me that would be the ultimate stroller!! Do they ever come up on eBay, etc.? Pete
  15. I'm only 30 miles or so away in NJ, and I haven't been back since I attended the fair at age 4 or 5 - I recently asked my parents, and they don't have any real memories or any photos Anyway, I'd love to attend and take a walk around with knowledgeable PTUers, etc. I also like the ideas of a sky-high dinner, screenings of fair related films, clips, etc., and a landfill show. For me a one-day event makes the most sense, but I understand that one day might not be right for those travelling far to get to Queens. I agree that mid-summer might not be the most pleasant, but that might be most convenient for many. The 40th anniversary of opening day has some resonance, though....