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  1. The Tongue of the Ocean.
  2. which computer system? I worked on the Sperry navigation computer and the MARDAN.
  3. a little video from Arcadia:
  4. I just got mine yesterday - another outstanding Job. Kevin
  5. how was the presentation?
  6. HoJo is back at Lake George (again)
  7. There is still the Unisphere at Leisure World in Maryland.
  8. Here is the front page of 13 Nov 1946 Herald Statesman. It lists the names (no picture) looks like mostly Broadway actors and singers Yonkers NY Herald Statesman 1946 Grayscale - 0662.pdf
  9. I'll clean your garage for you if it helps you continue with the great pictures.
  10. and the second 1970s postcard shows the Uniroyal Wheel on the Steel Pier.
  11. Here is a closeup of it - looks like a motor: for more info on TV history this site is great:
  12. This weeks Georgetowner has an article on Hal Holbrook's show Mark Twain Tonight and says he performed the show at the NYWF: "Ed Sullivan put Holbrook-Twain on his show in 1956, and Holbrook made it to Off-Broadway in 1959. He performed the role again in a production at the New York Worlds Fair in 1964 and 1965." So where was it performed?
  13. I believe it's a Mason-Dixon crown stone but I can't find a reference.
  14. from the 28 Oct 2012 Baltimore Sun: "When organizers of the 1964-65 World's Fair needed pilings to anchor exhibits in a New York City tidal marsh, they bought sturdy loblolly pines from the Eastern Shore." http://www.baltimore...2630,full.story
  15. I have a complete 1965 version would that help? Are you missing just the Johnson Wax & New England or all the pages in between? Kevin