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  1. By Subway to the World's Fair

    Wayne, I don't know why you were on the (42nd St.) shuttle. The World's Fair Express trains stopped at both shuttle terminals (Times Square and Grand Central). (The 7 line parallels the shuttle). Maybe you just wanted to ride it for kicks?
  2. Sprichen zie deutsch?

    Q. Where you from? A. Europe..... Q. Funny, I thought I detected a German accent.
  3. A peek inside the Tower of Light

    R.K. calendar = awesome!
  4. Dang, that's exciting!
  5. For fans of the Bell System & Western Electric

    My brother's FIL worked there as a tool maker. He would agree with you! (As an aside, he organized the massive post-closure auction and was the last person to leave the facility.)
  6. For fans of the Bell System & Western Electric

    This is great for me, for obvious reasons. I wonder if Indy was mentioned in the pavilion itself? The massive plant still exists, as a multi-tenant complex. (About 2 miles from my house.) (We tried to rent space in there, but were edged out at the last minute.)
  7. The Tale of Truthful George

    Another FoG hostess. Great!
  8. Looking for one of these Ford Badges

    That only took 3 years.....don't know whether to laugh or cry!
  9. EXPO 2020 Dubai Master Plan

    Finally a Fair where money won't be an issue.
  10. A visit to Westinghouse to see the Time Capsules

    Watched that doc a while ago. Fascinating! Hope they succeed.
  11. Let's peek inside the Underground World Home

    Not an unpleasant place to wait out a tornado.
  12. Items wanted for TV episode

    If they're paying these legal yahoos more than $1.95, they're getting raped.
  13. Fun at the Festival of Gas

    Now we've got a hostess uniform to go along with the patch.
  14. Items wanted for TV episode

    That hits a little close to the bone.....
  15. NY World's Fair GOLDEN GIRL Photos

    I'll sell mine for a hundred. Doesn't fit anymore anyway...