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  1. Wayne, I don't know why you were on the (42nd St.) shuttle. The World's Fair Express trains stopped at both shuttle terminals (Times Square and Grand Central). (The 7 line parallels the shuttle). Maybe you just wanted to ride it for kicks?
  2. Q. Where you from? A. Europe..... Q. Funny, I thought I detected a German accent.
  3. R.K. calendar = awesome!
  4. Dang, that's exciting!
  5. My brother's FIL worked there as a tool maker. He would agree with you! (As an aside, he organized the massive post-closure auction and was the last person to leave the facility.)
  6. This is great for me, for obvious reasons. I wonder if Indy was mentioned in the pavilion itself? The massive plant still exists, as a multi-tenant complex. (About 2 miles from my house.) (We tried to rent space in there, but were edged out at the last minute.)
  7. Another FoG hostess. Great!
  8. That only took 3 years.....don't know whether to laugh or cry!
  9. Finally a Fair where money won't be an issue.
  10. Watched that doc a while ago. Fascinating! Hope they succeed.
  11. Not an unpleasant place to wait out a tornado.
  12. If they're paying these legal yahoos more than $1.95, they're getting raped.
  13. Now we've got a hostess uniform to go along with the patch.
  14. That hits a little close to the bone.....
  15. I'll sell mine for a hundred. Doesn't fit anymore anyway...