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  1. Good jobs

    don't remember where I found it, but apparently it's in the Bettman/Getty Archive. Said to be Dr. Willis H. Carrier, who coined the phrase "Air Conditioning", holding a thermometer n the Carrier igloo at the World's Fair.
  2. Anyone know where these girls appeared?

    Question: Who was this parrot, and what did he do at the World's Fair? Carnac: He was named "Cracker", and was trained to say "Come to Florida" as people passed by. Source: Florida Historical Quarterly, Spring 2010
  3. Good jobs

    "Hey girls, want a job shoveling snow at the World's Fair? It pays 25 cents an hour!"
  4. Anyone know where these girls appeared?

    Is that some kind of raptor in the cage on the right? Maybe it was trained to fly around during the show.
  5. Longines-Wittnauer Exhibit

    Did you ever find her, Bill?
  6. A different angle on Switzerland

    Yes, several years ago we discussed the RC machines at the Swiss Sky Ride. Front side- obviously the same artist. ...and on the Swiss Watch building. This is the photo from several years ago. RC on the left, Diet Rite on the right. Bill's photo is June '65. The one I just posted is October '64 and shows one Diet Rite and one RC at the same spot.
  7. A different angle on Switzerland

    The crossbow on the left and the kid with an apple on his head on the right, are obviously the classic William Tell story. In case you wondered what "1291" up under the eaves means.... From Wikipedia: The Federal Charter or Letter of Alliance (German: Bundesbrief) documents the Eternal Alliance or League of the Three Forest Cantons the union of three cantons in what is now central Switzerland. It is dated in early August 1291 and initiates the current 1 August Swiss National Day.
  8. The Streets of Paris

    Bill (or anybody else), what is that oil derrick-looking thing directly in front of the Perisphere in picture #2?

    We miss him. He was such a great contributor- and a friend to everybody.
  10. Anybody ever take the Maroda Lake Cruise?

    Probably not clean at all, but that didn't stop Peter and Gordon from jumping in for an impromptu swim in June '64.
  11. Anybody ever take the Maroda Lake Cruise?

    I guess regulations amount to oversight agencies deciding what are acceptable levels of risk. We don't wear oxygen masks on airplane flights either. But there are automated mask deployment systems in case of rapid depressurization. And the always mandatory flight attendant "demo" before the flight begins. One would think a life vest demo would be adequate for these little cruise boats.
  12. Looks like a VIP was visiting Africa Place

    ...on the lookout for Snidely Whiplash.
  13. I enjoyed this view taken from Habitat

    Ghislain's photo seems to be from the same vantage point as Bill's, just pointed sightly farther to the left.
  14. I enjoyed this view taken from Habitat

    Peeking around the bow of the warship at Bluenose II during Expo 67. It looks like indeed there are guests exploring the ship. A map from the Bluenose II archives. Red notes indicate the assigned berth for Bluenose, as well as space for 'Visiting Men of War'. Other blueprints and sketches in the archives include a souvenir kiosk for Bluenose II, presumably to be placed on the adjacent concrete dock near the boarding ramp.