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  1. Gary, did you know that the skylight was manufactured by Super Sky Products in Wisconsin (they did the skylights at the Wisconsin Pavilion and the House of Good Taste too). ...AND.... the company still exists and is interested in helping with renovations! http://www.supersky.com/Category/Repair-Renovation?fbclid=IwAR1Z6TaTtfm1xsGc6qt7kyZsWucZkWtmcitM3yPnSD0dBwUSUcYsoFcKu1A
  2. Old TVs

    I don't know. None of them were operating when I was there.
  3. Old TVs

    Wayne, this is for you. Today I was at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, and they had quite a collection of early TV's.
  4. Carousels

    Today I visited the Herschel Carrousel Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, NY, and discovered datasheets in their extensive archives regarding the two carousels at the '64-65 (one of which we knew continued on in Montreal). Current disposition on both was already known, but there is a lot of other information on these datasheets as well.
  5. Magazine of the Day

    It's still there. http://randytreadway.com/Models.pdf
  6. Live From the World's Fair City - Here's Johnny!!

    We have nice color photos of Skitch visiting the restaurant at the New England Pavilion, and signing their guest book.
  7. Progressland model up for auction

    Interesting note that only 14 of these were made. Somewhere online there is video of the lights in action on one of these. That one was in auction 10 or 15 years ago and if I recall right went for something between $5k and $8k. But my memory is questionable these days because of the pain meds I'm on.

    Railing yes. Not sure about the spotlights.
  9. Misconceptions: The Unisphere and the Three Rings

    1955 stamp. Three rings.
  10. Turning back the clock - Part 4

    I didn't realize (or recall) that water jets came out the top.
  11. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Jay owns one of the few surviving turbine cars.
  12. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Here's the Chrysler turbine engine displayed at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles, next to one of the cars. I wonder if this engine could be the same that was on display at the World's Far in one of the above pictures?
  13. New Estate Slides From GM Futurama Exec

    That's probably why it's tagged OUT OF ORDER. LOL
  14. New Estate Slides From GM Futurama Exec

    Did you spot this awesome 7-Up machine in front of the DuPont Pavilion? Answers our recent question as to how IBM helped physically challenged people avoid having to climb steps to the People Wall.
  15. I bet you don't have this patch in your collection

    It doesn't detract from the subject- the attractive young Press Aide.