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  1. Say Pepsi Please!

    Why are we not seeing Pepsi's big Marquee board back there? The angle is something completely different I guess.
  2. Step inside and see how hot dogs are made!

    Don't know the date. Several color photos show white with red trim. 1939 postcard. Another interior photo.
  3. Opening day from the air

    Is that lower left corner where the bomb killed the policemen?
  4. Step inside and see how hot dogs are made!

    Giant hotdog. Workers packaging bacon in the exhibit.
  5. Explain this one, please

    I think we confirmed that it was in the '63 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, but after the Fair ended who knows. By the way, the tidbit about the flagpoles was in the groundbreaking booklet, along with a list of other things corporations donated, like Weyerhauser.
  6. Anyone want a cold Heineken's?

    Have seen numerous photos of that girder walkway, and for some reason it always intrigued me.
  7. Explain this one, please

    Interesting factoid. All those flagpoles in the World of Scouting were donated by the 7 Up Corporation.
  8. World's Fare Celebration

    The last time I was there, there was some kind of "event" going on in the Citifield parking lot and they'd closed the Mets Team Store for the day. (I collect passport stamps from baseball stadiums across the country; usually found in the team stores in the stadiums).
  9. 1965 Reopening Day parade

    Remember these two photos from the 1965 Re-Opening Day Parade? I just found this article on it. The El Camino was just as impressive as the boat. A "concept" combo. Some great pictures of it in this article. https://www.thrillist.com/cars/best-concept-cars-1965-chevrolet-surfer-i-el-camino-convertible-and-gaylord-boat
  10. Explain this one, please

    Sounds plausible. I have one better photo, but it's from the same angle so can't see anything like a license plate.
  11. Nightmare at 20 feet?

    Here's the "Product Information Center", with the toy Giant Tire boxes on the counter.
  12. Nightmare at 20 feet?

    Do you have a date or month on this photo?
  13. I worked at the NY World's Fair at the GM Pavilion 1964-65

    It makes sense that they'd want anything even deeper than four feet * broken up* even if not removed, to prevent water pooling. Remember, the former marshland is still mostly a moving underground aquifer today, and any underground pooling can result in above-ground flooding.
  14. Just before the Fair ended

    The thought crossed my mind that those shopping bags could hold flowers that they dug up to take home, since the Fair was closing soon anyway.