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  1. nothing like an old fashioned Puritan fashion show. LOL
  2. Yes, electrical fire in a pure oxygen pressurized capsule. Horrible. After that they switched to a mix atmosphere that was a lot less combustible. I remember where I was when it came over the radio, just like remembering where I was when the announcement came through about the Kennedy assassination.
  3. I found out the one in '64 was a replica, but the one sent to Shanghai was the original! ...and the absence from the harbor in Denmark for a year was very controversial- maybe as much as the Vatican sending the Pieta to New York.
  4. As for the statue itself.... Shanghai World Expo in 2010?
  5. Okay, so I guess the mirrors didn't come from left-over circus stuff.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's the Spain Pavilion. Let me go look. hmmmm.... not finding them. Yes, maybe the lettering on those ribbons would help. They sure look familiar.
  7. Here's the Pope on the balcony, and it looks like they turned the speakers horizontal.
  8. In another of Bill's Sept 65 pictures, the screens are in the exact same place. This one of Bill's is dated June 65. So the balcony was visited so infrequently, the screens were leaning there almost the whole season! The screens are in the same place in Photo Lab F-1. Weren't those from early '64? Good grief! I've got the explanation. They're not screens at all. It was a loudspeaker that was mounted there, and there was an identical one on the other side. Did you know there's a whole page on the history of the specific Popemobile used in 1964 in New York? Interesting reading. http://my.net-link.net/~dcline/limlppop.htm
  9. That's an ocotillo plant. I took a picture of one in Joshua Tree National Park in 2014. I don't think the one they brought to New York liked the humidity given its sickly brown look. It does have some blooms though.
  10. The ship on the 1925 postage stamp was the Viking, which was sailed from Oslo to Chicago for the World Columbian Exposition in 1893. The Viking was a replica of the Gokstad ship, which is on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Now, do either of those have anything to do with the ship in Montreal in 1967? The Viking at the Columbian Exposition. Montreal's ship appears 40 seconds into this nice color film from 1967:
  11. Only while stamp collecting.... .....I like the artist's idea that early explorers carried an American flag on their bow
  12. It was all the part of the Fair's story. Demand was so high that the licensed wholesalers turned to any supplier who could deliver "yesterday". Stickers were obviously a quickie solution. At the Hong Kong Pavilion, almost EVERYTHING had a Hong Kong Pavilion sticker on the bottom (two-color, with a sketch of the pavilion in the sticker design). It was so pervasive that when I was landfill collecting, I wouldn't buy anything from the Hong Kong Pavilion that was WITHOUT the sticker.
  13. the "crazy mirrors" at AMF are all '65 pictures too, aren't they?
  14. Like many cargo ships of the era, it was unable to accomodate the massive industry changeover to containerization. The technology, of course, could easily be made to work in a container ship.
  15. Is this a 1965 photo? I'm guessing it got left from the Circus Museum exhibits, which was next door in 1964.