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  1. He used to tell me about the big German zeppelin coming to Akron to and from the World's Fair. They stopped in Akron for engine servicing because the Zeppelin Co. had a relationship with Goodyear.
  2. Dreaming about going to the World's Fair in San Francisco..... (I don't think anybody would dream about traveling cross country in a bus any more LOL )
  3. Ad of the Day

    In a 1970 or 1971 issue of Boy's Life magazine, there are descriptions of "Norelco Electronic Dioaramas"- said to be able to reproduce any geologic age or era, and museum quality.... but also implying that students could use them to make their school diorama projects. So I'm a little confused on what their product was, but is it just a coincidence that they had an exhibit in the BLC just a few years earlier, with exactly the same name? Maybe this was a forerunner of digital projection equipment, rather than an actual reach-out-and-touch-it diorama.
  4. How about Jetarama?
  5. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    We have lots of interior pictures, including Borden/Elsie but not every exhibit. No photos yet of the slot cars or mini golf, or Wink. Canada Dry, yes.
  6. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    The BLC attracted a lot of visitors to the point of being deemed successful. Certainly a lot more than the Hall of Education. If nothing else, the building's big SIZE attracted people to see what was in there.
  7. Stunts were a dime a dozen in the Great Depression. Lives were cheap. No waivers to sign. Few people sued each other. Not too many ambulance chasing lawyers.
  8. Look at how fewer people are walking around in the photo, compared to 1967. The gradual downsizing of Man and His World was apropos to attendance realities.
  9. For the Von Roll fans!

    Albert said it rained most of the day during final videotaping for NBC's Opening Night Special, but he confirmed that the Edwin Newman special was filmed instead of videotaping, and implied that it did not rain during that filming.
  10. The "Best" Takes a Little Longer

    That 'hole in the wall' in the upper right of the photo- like something we'd see to shoot medieval arrows out- ended up being filled by audio speakers!
  11. Port Authority from Chrysler

    One of those unusual days when Chrysler had their spray fountain turned off.
  12. For the Von Roll fans!

    A Swiss company.
  13. The Florida Pavilion dug up the wooden pilings from the '39 Florida Pavilion (they built on the exact same site), stacked and inspected them, and reused those that passed inspection. But they were re-driven into the ground in a pattern to support the new pavilion design. We have photos of the extraction & reuse of those Florida Pavilion pilings.
  14. The sad end of the United States Pavilion

    That's where they hid Jimmy Hoffa.
  15. 1901 Pan American Exposition Gold medal

    I don't know specifically about this 1901 gold medal, but many of the early International Expositions and World's Fairs also served as Trade Fairs, with judged reviews of exhibited products and artworks. It was very common to award medals to the winners. ...the most famous of which was Campbell Soup winning a gold medal for their canned condensed soup at the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris, France. They showed this medal on their label for an entire century. Some information is here: http://www.expositionmedals.com/1901/ http://library.buffalo.edu/pan-am/exposition/food/food-exhibits/medals.html