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  1. Progressland model up for auction

    Interesting note that only 14 of these were made. Somewhere online there is video of the lights in action on one of these. That one was in auction 10 or 15 years ago and if I recall right went for something between $5k and $8k. But my memory is questionable these days because of the pain meds I'm on.

    Railing yes. Not sure about the spotlights.
  3. Misconceptions: The Unisphere and the Three Rings

    1955 stamp. Three rings.
  4. Turning back the clock - Part 4

    I didn't realize (or recall) that water jets came out the top.
  5. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Jay owns one of the few surviving turbine cars.
  6. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Here's the Chrysler turbine engine displayed at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles, next to one of the cars. I wonder if this engine could be the same that was on display at the World's Far in one of the above pictures?
  7. New Estate Slides From GM Futurama Exec

    That's probably why it's tagged OUT OF ORDER. LOL
  8. New Estate Slides From GM Futurama Exec

    Did you spot this awesome 7-Up machine in front of the DuPont Pavilion? Answers our recent question as to how IBM helped physically challenged people avoid having to climb steps to the People Wall.
  9. I bet you don't have this patch in your collection

    It doesn't detract from the subject- the attractive young Press Aide.
  10. I bet you don't have this patch in your collection

    I see yellow bleed on the left and right edges, so no doubt your memory is right Bill.
  11. Rare Disney concept art for Ford

    That second one is better than the real ride turned out! Reminds me a bit of the Eastern Airlines "speed tunnel" at Disney World in the 70's. Of course the car looks dated- more 50's than 60's with the tail fins and tons of chrome. By the way, I just heard that Disney didn't rip out the Speed Tunnel when the Eastern ride ended, but left it in place and designed subsequent rides *around the speed tunnel* ever since! Currently a feature in Space Ranger Spin. Nice to hear that they didn't destroy a good thing just because of its age.
  12. World's Fair Diary - TV Guide

    Critics of that time gave credence to artistic creativity, architectural noteworthiness.... in other words class system at it's New York fineness. The flip side is that they were downright snooty about anything the common man stood in long lines to see. (it couldn't be worthy of anything at all if the riff raff want to see it, implying that the riff raff has no concept of the "finer things"). Watch the panelists on What's My Line or To Tell the Truth 60's game shows- classic upper crust. Thank goodness that hoity toidiness has broken down a great deal in the decades since.
  13. Looks like they're banging on the machine to get their money back.
  14. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    Nice find Bill!
  15. A different angle on Bourbon Street

    Wow... not a visitor in sight. Where are the nuns hiding?