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  1. Ralph's pictures have offered some of the greatest interior views of the Fair I have ever seen, and also helped supplement the audio legacy as well. I hope we put off the time these new additions become sporadic for as long as possible!
  2. Thanks for these! My aunt's husband worked in the Graham pavilion and told me how the money he made working there helped him buy his engagement ring. I discovered in the course of my research on the pavilion that the Graham organization likely did not keep any of the original 70mm prints of "Man In The Fifth Dimension" that were shown at the Fair because afterwards, they didn't have any venues where they could have been shown and thus, they were apparently content to just distribute 16mm copies to churches for them to show.
  3. Disney did release archival audio of all of their Fair attractions ten years ago on CD. It's still in print and it has the complete Illinois pre-show as well as "Great Moments" plus all of the audio from Ford and GE (and a 20 minute music mix of Small World).'s+Fair+CD
  4. Yes, I should have made the distinction of Frees role in the show more clear. My own feature on the Illinois pavilion notes the vocal contributions of both.
  5. That is definitely Paul Frees, the man who narrated "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" doing the Charles Boyer imitation.
  6. The Oswald-Ruby one is based on the famous Robert Jackson photo. They err in showing Ruby wearing glasses.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/ap-century-collection.jpg
  7. The New Jersey Meadowlands did become the site for a large amount of Penn Station landfill though the eagles actually pretty much survived and were dispersed to a number of other locations (one still remains outside the original site at Madison Square Garden).
  8. Thanks for sharing these! "Parable" I know was a bit of a controversial film to some people though I've never seen it to judge for myself. I believe it was shown again at Montreal in 1967.
  9. It isn't Conrad. I know I've heard that voice before and it *might* be Jackson Beck (who also did the announcer narration in the "All About Elsie" show) but can't swear 100%. But Conrad's voice I'd know right away.
  10. #25 would be from the "Voyage To America" movie. #23-24-26-27-28 I assume would be from "The American Journey"?
  11. The NY Times article from 4/15/64 that Bill posted refers to the "Demonstration Center" within the Hall Of Education in 1964. I guess that's why they chose that name for the following year.
  12. There are a few my parents got decades ago in that time period (not at the Fair). The one with an orchestra conductor still has a place on top of the piano. They have become worth something!
  13. Up to now the only good looks at the interior of the pavilion for the exhibits was the scene in the "World's Fair Encounter" movie. Thanks for sharing!
  14. The sign obscured in #2 is the "Lay-Cee Corporation" They apparently were a plastics company. #2 *really* makes the area look better than this NYPL image I found for my BLC feature.
  15. Glad to see some great interior views of this pavilion!