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  1. Hungry? Want to enjoy the Schaefer buffet?

    Around the early 80s, before the Schaefer brand disappeared for a while they kind of recognized that the slogan "one beer to have when you're having more than one" could be construed along the lines of "this is the beer to drink when you're going to get smashed" so the lyric in their jingle was changed to "one beer to have when it's time to have some fun."
  2. Rev. Billy Graham Death

    It's an unusual place for an obituary item but Reverend Billy Graham was unique in the annals of World's Fair history by being the only person who had a pavilion that carried his name. That was a testament to how influential Billy Graham and his ministry organization had become in the early 1960s that they felt it would better serve their interests to have a pavilion of their own and not be just one exhibitor within the Protestant-Orthodox Center (which they had been invited to be part of). And because Graham was by then someone entrenched as one of the most admired figures in America and established as pastor to Presidents, his name did carry that extra weight. It is to Graham's credit personally that despite being part of a profession filled with so many who had their meteoric rises of fame that would sometimes end in the shame of scandal that was never the case with him. Even those who did not share his religious convictions always knew that he was the most sincere of individuals. It was because I attended Wheaton College, where Graham's papers are kept, and because I was teaching there briefly some years ago, that my ability to first connect with this group became possible as it allowed me to go through his papers for materials related to the Graham Pavilion and present them to Bill Young as a feature for nywf64.com which he was kind enough to do. All other feature work I did on the site, as well as my involvement at this forum which furthered my appreciation and fascination for an event I was born five years too late to have experienced wouldn't have been possible without that personal connection (my aunt's husband also worked a summer at the Pavilion and as he told me, the work there helped pay for the engagement ring). Graham's impact on the history of American Christianity is another topic for another place but his role in the history of the Fair is of itself a fascinating one that deserves to be noted here. http://www.nywf64.com/bilgra01.shtml
  3. Feeling lucky?

    WINS and KYW were both Group W Westinghouse all-news stations, hence the shared slogans. KFWB in Los Angeles was another Westinghouse station that went all-news not long after WINS and KYW did so in 1965.
  4. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    You wouldn't have wanted a sample because the guy who put the exhibit together revealed in an oral history that they were using chocolate colored wax for it!
  5. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    Still hoping to one day see a picture of the Sunshine Biscuits exhibit (due to the family connection).
  6. A bus with those amenities would seem to be presaging this 1970s comedy spoof of the disaster movie genre!
  7. The website of WNYC Radio has posted a complete 12 minute recording of the "World's Fair Reporter" series that aired over WNYC during the Fair. Unfortunately the site has removed the codes that made direct download possible but it is possible to record this if you have the software during a live stream playback. http://www.wnyc.org/story/wnyc-at-the-fair/ And here is the link to previous 1939 World's Fair WNYC programs that have been posted. http://www.wnyc.org/series/new-york-worlds-fair
  8. New York City

    We're definitely interested! The "helicopter ride" part of the Diorama is long gone but the Diorama itself remains impressive all these years later.
  9. PanAm Bldg Helo Tragedy

    The Pan Am heliport had actually been closed in the late 60s due to complaints about the noise and the fear of accidents, but had been reopened only a year or so before the accident happened. So the accident was the ultimate case of critics being able to say, "I told you so!" It also contributed to the overall picture of the Pan Am building as the biggest white elephant skyscraper in mid-town Manhattan.
  10. Sermons from Science

    George Speake's one million volts demonstration, the signature of the pavilion. (shown here on "I've Got A Secret" in 1959) https://www.dropbox.com/s/pr5436p5u2dsn37/1959-George Speake on I've Got A Secret.mp4?dl=0
  11. After the Fair closed, the Disney people had some fun with some of the Magic Skyway figures at their annual Christmas party!
  12. American Israel Pavilion

    The narrator sounds like George Jessel!
  13. Billy Graham Pavilion

    Thanks for these! My aunt's husband worked in the Graham pavilion and told me how the money he made working there helped him buy his engagement ring. I discovered in the course of my research on the pavilion that the Graham organization likely did not keep any of the original 70mm prints of "Man In The Fifth Dimension" that were shown at the Fair because afterwards, they didn't have any venues where they could have been shown and thus, they were apparently content to just distribute 16mm copies to churches for them to show.
  14. Les Poupees de Paris

    Disney did release archival audio of all of their Fair attractions ten years ago on CD. It's still in print and it has the complete Illinois pre-show as well as "Great Moments" plus all of the audio from Ford and GE (and a 20 minute music mix of Small World). https://www.amazon.com/Walt-Disney-1964-Worlds-Fair/dp/B001EQUESC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497220504&sr=8-1&keywords=Disney+World's+Fair+CD
  15. Les Poupees de Paris

    Yes, I should have made the distinction of Frees role in the show more clear. My own feature on the Illinois pavilion notes the vocal contributions of both. http://www.nywf64.com/illinois09.shtml