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    I don't think the CDs are. I still have my files from the CDs copied to my hard drive though I seem to have lost the Disc years ago. Each page was a jpg file, as opposed to the whole issue being a single pdf file.
  2. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    A quick search says that today's Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is the former Bay State Gas Company and they supply retail natural gas.
  3. Let's build a stadium!

    Polo Grounds, July 5, 1963.
  4. A definite "Oh crap" moment

    The last pages in the thing deal with the Fair and the operator of the Flume ride. But it was hard for me to figure out.
  5. Let's build a stadium!

    That sign refers to how the initial plan was for the Stadium to be ready for the 1963 season but the delays pushed that back first to the middle of the season and finally to the start of the 64 season, coinciding with the opening of the Fair.
  6. A rare peek inside Austria

    St. Stephen's Cathedral of Vienna on the photo mural I think.
  7. A different angle on General Motors

    I just put in a join request myself.
  8. Caution! Scary elf ahead!!

    Alfred E. Neuman moonlighting for Simmons?
  9. Came across this little YT feature showing its installation at the Ford Museum. Is it still there? Bringing The Eames Kiosk To The Henry Ford
  10. Triumph of Man, Triumph of Narration, Trip Through Time.

    I've just done a new visual version of "The Triumph Of Man" setting the narration entirely to Ralph's magnificent pictures that he shared a couple years ago. There were visuals for all scenes so that nothing else from other sources needed to be filled in. Setting them to the record for the first time gave me the best sense of actually experiencing the attraction for real I've ever had. (Putting this only privately on Dropbox, not on YT) The Triumph Of Man (Record Set to Ralph Quinn Pictures)
  11. Chasing the Moon: American Experience on PBS

    Complete CBS launch coverage was put on YT, straight from the vault with even WCBS local stuff and commercials. CBS Apollo 11 Launch Coverage
  12. To refer to the Sermons From Science presentation as "Deceptive" is really not true whether you agreed with them or not. They were always upfront about their mission purpose and objective and had been associated with Worlds Fairs since 1939 in San Francisco.
  13. Dashner tape & Horowitz tape.

    I've uploaded here to this folder most of Ray's files plus a few others he also included. Feel free to download. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x15h7e34r39mxhy/AACnGUQIv6vw6-ndhrF4twH-a?dl=0
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in this group!
  15. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Bill's point I think hits the nail on the head. For some of us, it's hard to sustain the same level of pro-active enthusiasm over such a long period of time. I still check in and post on occasion but because I'm pretty much tapped out in terms of researching and writing feature pieces that Bill kindly put on his wonderful site, the "hunger" if you will has kind of faded and I don't have the sense of new mountains to conquer in terms of what I can learn about the Fair (unless someone were to find some pictures in the BLC of the Sunshine Biscuits exhibit given my family connection to that!) that I haven't absorbed thanks to the wonderful efforts of Bill, Bill Cotter and those who were there who provide me, someone born four years after it closed with the necessary context. But I always keep the door open to be surprised and check things out and sometimes, it's great to see new members share things with us like the audio recordings of certain attractions that even Ray hadn't done a couple years ago. So while I may not be too pro-active, I'll always keep looking in!