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  1. Pray for New Orleans

    Bench, as you, I don't visit here much anymore. It's gone so far from it's original intent, it sometimes appears to be an eBay extension. If I want eBay, I'll just go to their site. However, I believe Ray's comment to be in the best vein. Aid had been given to others for decades. Where is it now for us? I believe that's what he's saying. Hell, our own government has been a miserable failure through this. Not only in the area of devastation, but at your local gas stations, in what's been allowed to happen. Now is a time for help. Go pray, make a donation or find what is going on in local communities to supply some relief wherein the government has failed miserably. With so many of our fellow souls suffering, time is better spent in being part of the solution than searching eBay items or nit-picking an event which occurred over 40 years ago
  2. New Ice Skating Rink / Swimming Pool

    It is, in fact, by the old post office. They found there is no money. It has nothing to do with a proposed stadium
  3. Pictures of the Day

    Whew! Talk about a show dying! Actually Randy's post really points out the shame of this place being an eventual pile of rubble insead of a successful post fair re-use. darn nice venue for outdoor concerts in the summer
  4. NYS Pavilion Update

    Exactly my point. No one seems to have a viable solution for adaptation of the towers, except to have them just sit there as a visual. For someone to come along and take on the enormous undertaking of renovating NYS, does it make sense to spend a fortune and have towers just sit there unused? Very doubtful
  5. NYS Pavilion Update

    I see the suggestions, but they don't tie the 2 major pieces of the building together. That's the question. The tent has adaptability, but what about the towers? The towers & tent tied together. I think the towers are the major hurdle for re-use. Frankie Campione made very good use of them, but was shot down apparently. My feeling is the towers are the major source of apathy regarding NYS. What to do with them? If investors are to open their wallets they need a return from the entire building. If not, they walk away disinterested and the rot & decay continue
  6. NYS Pavilion Update

    I really need to take exception to those out there who see Estelle Cooper as a foe. She is, in fact, the best thing that has happened to FMCP. Since her tenure there, the park has never looked so good. As one of the "Locals" I can attest to that. The woman not only treats it as a job, she has a love for the Park. I have photos from the 80s and that park was a dump. To believe all decisions rest with her would be ludicrous, It's unfortunate Ederle was lost. As for the US Pavilion meeting it's fate, that's ancient history when the City was flat broke and really no one gave a darn about some seriously good proposals for thr building's re-use. A building that lent itself to re-use. As for NYS, I've thrown this out a few times previously and will do it again. Philip Johnson's design was brilliant for the building's original and intended use. Re-use is another matter. CREATE came up with, I think, a great solution. Alas, that seems all but dead. Other than CREATE's proposeal where are solid, viable solutions wherein the two entirely separate sections of NYS can be brought together as a cohesive solution? The original design for a Pavilion was great. After that how do 2 parts come together once more successfully? The towers and tent simply do not lend themselves to each other for a viable, successful re-use. No one seems to have a solid answer. Instead of throwing barbs and inuendos at officials; how about non- half baked solutions wherein both sections can work together to form a successful venue which will support itself. How do the 2 work together successfully and bring a good return on any investors' backing? Sadly, other than a long unused pavilion, NYS has basically become a white elephant
  7. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    Beautiful material Billy. Thanks for posting these and many other pieces. You've added some refreshment to the board
  8. "Save the NY State Pavillion Commitee"?

    Personally, I think CREATE had a great idea and presentation for the aero museum. Realistically, I think the concept, unfortunately, is dead. I think the City's inaction is proof enough. There simply seems to be no viable interest in the building on the City's part. Seems as if they will still speak of stabilization while the structure begins to collapse around itself. There were two other buildings that lent themsleves for re-use far better than NYS and they are both long gone due to NYC inaction and lack of interest. Ederle & U.S. Philip Johnson's design for NYS was brilliant for the building's purpose. For re-use the tent and towers do not compliment each other for a viable solution, other than in CREATE's concept. They simply do not lend themselves to each other. The tent may be viable for re-use, but do the towers just stand as rotting sculpture? Bill, a bit of a misconception in other aero museums in the area doing well. The more well known "Cradle of Aviation" is a beautifully presented venue after it's renovation, but is in financial distress. It's also going to lose it's most devoted legion, "Friends of Long Island's Heritage." They are being forced out of existence shortly which will be another detriment the Cradle doesn't need. Being inside the tent recently, it looks worse than ever. While junked cars and other discarded urbane artifacts are no longer there the structure keeps showing more and more decay. Pleasant memories of 40 years ago are instilled immediately, but the tent, towers, and remains of an unrestoreable map are an eye opening reality of not only neglect, but lack of interest. As more time and decay progresses the cost of any renovation just keeps getting higher to the point where renovation may be impracticle and not cost effective. And so it sits. Home to QTiP storage and a giant pigeon coop up in the cables and crown whle NYC sleeps. To throw barbs back in forth on this board solves nothing. I think one has to come to the real possibiltiy this may go the way of 2 other structures that were less rotted and more adaptable, yet still met the wrecker's ball. It would be a terrible loss, but we do have wonderful memories of these places, and there's something to be said for that. Bickering on PTU is not part of the solution. NYC is. Oh well, 2 cents worth.
  9. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    Ah, but Mike, photography is an artform and as such is all very subjective. Once one gets past the snapshot type work. I agree 1200 is steep, but some galleries take such a high percentage the price has to zoom. I've had a few pieces of mine in a gallery which took a 50% cut. Needless to say, the asking price I had to post was higher than I would have agreed to. Alas, some are trendy and wil pay it
  10. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    Actually the photographer is not self proclaimed as art, but his work is, by many others. He was well known and respected in the photo world of 40 years ago. Still is. I would never pay this amount for this piece or the still pricey smaller version. What does drive the price up is the "hidden" quality of the photo. In composition, if one looks at the various facial expressions, and the arrangement at the moment they were captured on film it's above your average IBM grandstand shot which normally looks like birds perched on a wire. The B&W tones are good and the way and process used for printing are all factors that drive a price up. Gallery percentage may also be as high as 40%, also driving a high price. I like the piece, but not 1200 worth!
  11. Mystery Photo for Thursday

    Weren't there foot massage machines scattered around the Fair for tired feet? Possibly these could be some of them?
  12. Mood: Concerned

    If we let you at the dinner table Doug. Just kidding, you know it's always good to see you. I enjoy your showing up. No sweat on the Canobie Park material. I thought it was interesting and it fit beautifully under legacies
  13. Mood: Concerned

    Nothing wrong with humor, but stay on topic. I know I don't appreciate clicking a topic only to find an animated icon or a refernce link to eBay. There is a topic for collecting the fair and eBay links belong there. In the past this board was also used for venting some rather caustic accusations and replies to other members. Posts that were better served by private email rather than public forums. Got so that I left for a good six months or so, even though the stuff wasn't directed at me. I agree with Marc in that I feel the time has come for a moderation of some sort
  14. BBQ Film & Dinner this Saturday

    Probably will make it for dinner, then drive over to LGA. Doug, the parking lot connects. I used it in the fall. Parked and walked past the old Ford site and met the group over by ToP
  15. Custom Playing Cards

    Gave it a go. Pretty cool Doug