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  1. Here is an image I located on Facebook. Being it was a Pizzaria (the building with the clown atop of it), I assumed it could be a Mastro Pizza pavilion, but the design doesn't match up to me. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks Bill! I Was just sharing worlds fair memories with my family and that it will be 30 years this June that we went. Time sure gets by. I've relocated in Edmond OK, with the move and building a new house, got out of my internet routines. All settled in now and looking forward to getting caught up on all I've missed on here.
  3. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    The Luminaires were taken down, the decent ones auctioned off (some collectors on this board got their hands on some after I posted on here that OKC fairgrounds was having said auction) and the remaining salvaged. The park looks rather blah now. I sure miss them.
  4. Been away from the website for a while and was so pleased to stumble across these images! So pleased to see the Tennessee Amphitheatre restored and looking great. Thanks to everyone for sharing these pictures and facts. It made my day!!
  5. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    When the State Fair Grounds decided to rid of the Monorail, they decided to leave a section of the rail, with a monorail train sitting upon it as a monument/momento of the fairgrounds history. Really a great idea to me than having it dissapear altogether. Here is a shot before they had taken the rail down:
  6. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    Hey back at ya! Everything you pictured it still there. I really miss the monorail in operation. The grounds through renovations is cleaner, but has lost alot of it's charm. The state fair almost seems sterile and boring now. But I still go, gotta see the Car show there and eat (build up my immune system). LOL Now thinking to the World's Fair that could have been, I doubt any of those buildings would have been utilized for the World's Fair, and if had, I assume they would have been heavily modified. IMO, Chances are the Luninaires may even have been removed for the World's Fair being they needed so much work to clean them up. I have always thought the grounds had a world's fair feel to it, and often wondered how many items at the grounds could be other world's fair legacies other than the luminaires. And 7up always came to mind when I see that one structure. Amazing similarity. Wonder if they got anything from Hemisfair after it closed being it was nearby. I live not to too awful far from the grounds, any photo requests? I'd be happy to oblige.
  7. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    Not a one left at the Oklahpoma City Fair Grounds. I sure miss them. The fair was so colorful at night with those lit. I added a couple pictures from when I went last at night and they were all in place. And remember this is the exact location also where the Oklahoma World's Fair was to be held. So, we are still on topic! Pictures were 2003, just before they started removing them.

    Target is very clever with art design to promote their image and logo. I'd love to see this Unisphere design on t-shirts.
  9. Reading through the posts here and looking at some of the marvelous pictures posted on this last worlds fair held in the U.S. stirred a memory I had forgotten aboout. It may have been discussed here before, but I do not recall seeing it posted. 1984 episodes on Gimme A Break starring Nell Carter had a 2 show episode based around the 1984 Worlds Fair. Season 4, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/29/1984 New Orleans (1) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (1) Nell and Joey go to New Orleans where Nell sees a man she hasn't seen in 15 years. The two take Joey to the World's Fair, and when they go to visit a jazz club, he proposes to her. She is baffled by his proposal and doesn't know what to say. As this is happening, a man is watching Joey in the jazz club. When Joey finally sees him looking at him, he goes to Nell and tells her he thinks that the man is his father. The man happily says "Joey" as Joey says "Dad", and the two embrace, as Nell stares in shock. Season 4, Episode 2 – Aired: 10/6/1984 New Orleans (2) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (2) Joey and his father reunite, and he takes Joey on a day at the World's fair. He then asks Nell if he can have Joey sleep on his boat, which she agrees to. In the morning, there is no sign of Joey, and Nell finds out the boat went back to Nome Alaska. She and the man that asked her to marry him quarrel, and she madly accepts his proposal, but then ditches him in the end. As she walks along the boardwalks in New Orleans, desperately thinking of Joey, he returns to her, and says he went to the hotel but she was gone and he looked all over for her, and the two reunite in a hug. Last I looked, anyone with a Netflix account can watch these episodes streaming online. Enjoy
  10. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    Making fun of ole lil OKC are we? Knoxville was touted as the scruffy little city that hosted a World's Fair, well...OKC would have been the scruffier (scruffiest even)city to host a World's Fair. I think they really could have (and still could) pull it off. It is centralized in the nation, easy to get to from all directions. If the fair was designed and marketed right, I think it could be rather successful. The Fair was the Largest proposal ever done in Oklahoma history (as of 1994, and may still be.) It was over 890 pages long, in many volumes and the fair was set to go. Oklahoma City decided to pull the plug on it's own when the oil boom crashed and seen the reciepts for the '84 fair and then the exposed controversay that Knoxville suffered after it's fair had ended. Just imagine, the 64/65 New York World's Fair luminaires could have been in ANOTHER world's fair being it was going to be in the Oklahoma City State Fair Park.
  11. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    guess no ones interested
  12. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    There is even a Oklahoma Worlds Fair Legacy from the fair that never was.... http://dougdawg.blogspot.com/2009/06/okcs-1st-canal-its-worlds-fair.html
  13. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    Hows this for starters? And I have found lots more! Don't have time to post it all. OKC definately had a proposal for a 1989 World's Fair!!
  14. Oklahoma City World's Fair

    When I 1st moved to Oklahoma in 1984 many locals talked of how Oklahoma was trying/had tried for a Worlds Fair. Anyone know anything about this? Oklahoma City could really have benefitted from this in the 80s/90s by having a fair revitalize what has now grown into the m.a.p.s. project and canal revitalizing much of downtown OKC and the river.
  15. Rodney, Welcome! I just approved your membership to my 1982 World's Fair Yahoo Group. I sure hope the group provides you with a wonderful trip down memory lane. Many members have posted their own mages there to share. I cannot wait to see the pics you have to share and please feel free to post them on the Yahoo Group. I always felt this Fair deserved a place of its own on the web, so I created one years ago and many memebers have contributed to make it what it is now. I sure you hope you enjoy it. Again, welcome Jim