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  1. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Hi Denise, I've contacted Randy Treadway and Bill Cotter regarding Dominick Tucci. He's my brother and , sadly, passed away in 2001. I'm looking for magazine and news articles for his daughter and other young family members. The only magazine I've come across so far is the 'Saturday Evening Post' but I seem to remember a pictured article in 'Look' or 'Life' Magazine but I'm not sure. I was 5. I've been unable to locate the particular issue because I don't have the actual date. I'm wondering if you know of it or can direct me to it and anything else that might be available. I came across this site by accident and am excited to know the the legend of my brothers adventures is still talked about here. It was greatly downplayed in the family. Nick was the oldest of 7 at the time and my parents didn't want to glorify his adventure. Any information will be appreciated. Sincere Thanks, Gloria Tucci
  2. Dominic Tucci

    Hi all, I'm another one of Nicks sisters. I had no idea my other sister was looking for info here. I found this site by accident tonight. Pretty cool. We were all in an article in the Saturday Evening Post when we were little after my brother was 'found' at the fair. I was looking for other articles about his adventures and came across you all here. Sadly, my brother passed away in June of 01 and I'm trying to find more information to give to his daughter and other nieces and nephews. My brother would probably be proud and embarassed at the same time if he knew about the interest in his story. I think it's pretty cool. Bye for now, Gloria