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  1. Atomium May 2019

    My buddy is in Belgium this week and stopped by the Atomium. She got some nice shots of their world's fair display. Thought you might enjoy seeing them.
  2. Inside the Pilgrim Glass Shop at West Virginia

    That's a beautiful shot!! We're so over run with the tacky-tacky official souvenirs that one forgets there was really nice things to take home from the fair. My mom & grandparents came back with two Hummels and a VitaMix and 8 yards of embroidered silk.
  3. Happy 80th Anniversary 1939 New York World's Fair!!!

    First for me would have been the Trylon & Perisphere itself, then Dali's Dream of Venus and then eat at Hungarian Pavilion's restaurant. Oft forgotten about the 1939 fair was the exquisite restaurants, it was a first in America to have such a variety food. The best remembered eateries were the French Pavilion, Romanian Pavilion, Hungarian Pavilion, Polish Pavilion and Borden's. Because of the war many of the restaurants migrated into Manhattan after the fair and sparked NYC's post war dining scene. A fact that amuses me is the one major pavilion restaurant to lose money was Italy. In the 1939 season they lost $250,000. I would assume it was due to the plethora of Italian restaurants already in the city, there was no exotic nature to it. In fact Italy was so angry they almost did not return for the 1940 season.
  4. Please do me a favor

    What he said.
  5. Just uploaded by British Movietone is new footage of the Aquacade at the 1937 Great Lakes Exposition!
  6. Having grown up in the Greater Cleveland area as well, I concur about Lake Erie not being a "great lake." Even now there are high pollution days when one can't swim in the water. For boating its wonderful, just don't get in it. LOL
  7. When I was a teenager, back in the 1980s (gasp!), I met a hand full of folks that worked at the Great Lakes Exposition including a lovely lady who was a swimmer in the Aquacade. She said it was quite awful swimming in the lake, particularly towards the end of the expo. It got to the point where they coated themself with a Vaseline type substance to ward off the cold.
  8. At the two 1939 fairs it was a different show (redone, reworked) and much bigger. Don't know if anyone knows but the 1937 Aquacade at the Great Lakes Exposition is portrayed in Barbra Streisand's 1975 film "Funny Lady."
  9. Wonderful 1st hand memories of the fair from a 92-year old. A very sweet story how the fair still lingers in memory.
  10. Here's some very rare footage taken inside the Romanian pavilion's restaurant.
  11. Are these worth it?

    There defiantly is a demand for View Masters that are architectual in nature. I've never not sold any I've ever listed on Ebay or ETSY.
  12. An aside is they were swimming in Lake Erie. Which at times was very challenging and cold.
  13. There are windows adjacent to the climber. Appears to be a skylight in the ceiling and possibly the stars on the ceiling light up. Sun Valley is a possibility as is Switzerland.
  14. A sad picture indeed

    Demolition timings were built into every building contract before the each building was built. There was a timeline to have the park cleared of fair structures. Between the 1939 and the 1940 season the board of directors was crazed about getting the foreign participants resigned. No two season agreements were made as it was uncertain if the fair would continue into 1940 and many pavilions, including Poland, Italy and Great Britian were days from being demolished before they resigned.
  15. Italian World's Fair

    Just learned that the United States' participation in the 1942 Rome Exposition was contingent on Italy agreeing to participate in the 1940 season of the New York World's Fair. They did not want to continue into the 1940 season because the pavilion's restaurant lost $250,000 during the 1939 season. Not entirely surprising since Italian food was everywhere in NYC and the more exotic food of Hungary & Rumania & France etc. were a great draw.
  16. I’ve been doing some intensive research on the running of the fair and discovered that all the restrooms, or as they called them “relief stations,” were pay toilets. Which was a considerable revenue source for the fair. Even getting 25% to 100% of monies from the “relief stations” at all the fair’s restaurants. Which leads to my question, does anyone know what it cost to use a toilet at the fair? A penny, a nickel? A dime and a quarter seem out of line for the time.
  17. It just does not get any better than this! Wow!
  18. Question, for those who went to the fair, what souvenirs did you bring home? NOT what you've collected since the fair has closed.
  19. Last Expo '74 Butterfly To Be Restored KXLY.com Aug 24, 2008 SPOKANE - One of the remaining symbols of Expo '74, the butterfly at the north entrance of Riverfront Park, will be restored, thanks to a local group hoping to bring awareness to those suffering from lupus. The butterfly is the last one remaining in the park. During the World's Fair in 1974, a number of the steel and fabric butterflies were around the fair grounds. The Spokane Lupus Support Group has taken on the task of restoring the Expo symbol. They hope that the restoration of the butterfly will create better awareness of the disease and help with outreach to those battling lupus. The group is hoping to fund the restoration through grants and private donations. They will have a booth at Pig Out at the Park next week to kick off their campaign. Spokesperson Jocelyn Whitfield-Babcock says the group hopes to start work on the butterfly on June 1, 2009 and have it finished by October. She says the project will cost about $50,000. Link to video story: http://www.kxly.com/Global/story.asp?S=8892162 Is it me or does this reporter look to be about 15?
  20. Midget Auto Racers

    6cou102.jpg[/attachment:d7b44] 6d2ebup.jpg[/attachment:d7b44] 52lbtqc.jpg[/attachment:d7b44] 4rco4uu.jpg[/attachment:d7b44] The Speed King Auto Racer was a midget two-seat roadster built by the R. E. Chambers Company of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania for use at the 1939 New York World's Fair where a 60-by-200 foot oval racetrack (the attraction was called the "Midget Auto Racers") saw approximately twenty Speed Kings in constant use whenever the Midway was open. As expected, the Speed King cars were very heavy and sturdily-constructed to hold up under such hard usage. Earlier and simpler but similar models were built by the Traver Engineering company, Chambers' predecessor, and these older cars are still in regular use at the Kennywood amusement park in Pennsylvania. The Speed King Auto Racer utilized a single-cylinder air-cooled and rear-mounted Cushman engine and mechanical rear-wheel drum brakes. Power was transmitted through a centrifugal clutch to a jackshaft and thence by chain drive to both rear wheels. Tires were 4.00x8. Each car was 36 inches wide and 91 inches in length with a wheelbase of 65 and 1/2 inches. Bodies were hand-formed, but the American Bantam Car Company of nearby Butler, Pennsylvania supplied pre-stamped radiator grilles to Chambers for Speed King cars. A unique single-pedal control operated both the throttle and brake. When the pedal was depressed, the car was under throttle, and when the pedal was released, the brakes were applied. In addition, a remote braking mechanism was utilized; a forward-facing hook was mounted below each car, and the ride operator had only to raise a cable to stop all the cars. As each car passed over the cable, it snagged the hook, which activated the brakes. In addition to the still-in-use Kennywood cars, five Speed King Auto Racers are known to survive. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3320576
  21. Here’s some photos I took around the Space Tower ride at Expo 86. Nice little nod to previous world’s fairs. The ride: Like any world’s fair nut I saved my ticket stub:
  22. Spring 1904 Driver Where to Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith You tell him Tootie. Tootie Smith To the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.(Laughter) Driver Right you are. Tootie Smith Grandpa they’ll never tear it down will they? Grandpa Well, they’d better not. Esther Smith I can’t believe it. Right here where we live. Right here in St. Louis!
  23. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/13/nyregion/marjorie-lord-actress-on-emmy-winning-sitcom-dies-at-97.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF594h8KUXw In 2012 the film, "The Middleton Family At The New York World's Fair" was added to the National Film Registry. Jimmy Lydon aka "Bud Middleton" is still alive and is 92.
  24. Babs Middleton Has Died :-(

    I always hoped someone would interview her about the fair & film. I've not read her book which might have some content in it. Also I had no idea that Budd was with us and still involved in the film & TV world.