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  1. Belgian Village #1: Walking Around

    It looks like a little animal on a stick.
  2. Flushing Meadows 1972 #1

    Wow, what great pictures Ralph! My 1976 shots pale in comparison, but then I was only using a Kodak 110 Instamatic.
  3. Water Ski Show #1: Opening Action

    I agree, these are the most detailed photos I have ever seen. You are a great photographer Ralph!
  4. Aloha Hawaii

    After reviewing my Hawaii vacation pictures, I can report that I saw those two thrones in the Iolani Palace this past February when we went to Honolulu. I would have spent more time staring at them if I knew then that they were a genuine world's fair exhibit!
  5. Fun at the Fair!

    If you look carefully at her feet she is bare foot and her right foot appears to be bandaged. It also looks like the table is bolted to the floor, so if she had good coordination she should have landed just fine.
  6. A Brief Look at Korea

    According to the 64 version of the guidebook, page 128, it's "a contemporary wood sculpture suggesting old Korean calligraphy."
  7. Belgian Village #1: Walking Around

    It's amazing that this was only open for barely a year and then they tore it all down. What a waste!
  8. On Wisconsin!

    It's the Big Cheese! Someone call Bill Young. He's a "big cheese" fan.
  9. Unisphere: Back by Popular Demand!

    It's like I always say, you can never have too many "Uni" shots!
  10. Westinghouse: Time Flies

    Now that you posted this Roger, I vaguely remember that comment from 2008. Next time I go to the New York Public Library to continue my research in the Fair Corporation files, I will be sure to have them pull the exhibitor, construction and engineering files for Westinghouse and see if there is a clue in there as to what happened to the original marker. Especially since the marker could not have been removed from the site without the Fair Corporations permission.
  11. I do know that the Thailand pavilion was shipped off in its entirety to Expo 67. What happened to it after that is any ones guess.
  12. Westinghouse: Time Flies

    Word has it that it's being stored in the Underground Home just waiting for someone to dig it up....just kidding!
  13. Pavilion of Paris

    I am assume your kidding Ralph, but for the younger ones among us the two men are US President Lyndon Baines Johnson and President of France Charles de Gaulle. Although the Oval Office looks mighty small here and The Resolute Desk looks like a secretaries desk.
  14. United States #1

    If you take away all the people from that shot with the woman with her hands on her hips, that's the image I still have in my mind of my friend and I running up all those stairs to enter the deserted building in 1976 and my poor grandfather very slowly working his way up those very same stairs. Thanks Ralph for every single photo!
  15. Cashing in at NCR

    NCR did give out samples of its carbonless paper because I have a sample of it in my collection.