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  1. While traveling north on I-93 in New Hampshire yesterday in a little snowstorm I stopped into the new rest area that was built last year in Hookset. I've been here a couple of times before, but usually just to grab something to go and get back on the road. This time I wanted to take a break from the snow so I grabbed a cup of coffee and took my time and started checking out the new facility. Tucked way back in a corner that few people go into I found this little gem - a 16' tall relief map of New Hampshire built by the WPA and exhibited at the NYWF in '39!
  2. IBM's pavilion

    Being that my dad worked for IBM that was naturally my favorite pavilion!
  3. I wonder what was behind this door

    Obviously the coat check! Seriously, I would guess a pump room as well given the proximity to the pool.
  4. NYSP - Robert Indiana's E-A-T

    Quite by accident I was driving though downtown Rockland, ME last week - and there it was right in front of me! Still looks great.
  5. A different angle on the RCA Pavilion

    My parents bought a 23" RCA console sometime around 1967. We thought that it was great - even though you had to constantly play with the color and tint controls. Then in '72 we bought a 25" Heathkit GR900 with ultrasonic remote control. I remember working on it with my dad every night for about 2 weeks. I would lay out all the parts needed for the next few steps of assembly and have it all ready when dad got home from work. That set still worked until about 4 or 5 years ago and the picture was still pretty crisp.
  6. Jaguar tv commercial

  7. Jaguar tv commercial

    I just found it online. It sure looks like it to me - right around the 25 second mark of the 45 second version of the spot. Good catch!

    Here are a couple of pictures that I took at Wildwood Beach in NJ back in July. The cars sure look like a match. Not sure about the tractor though.
  9. IBMer's Who Worked at Pavillion in 1965

    Sometime in the early 70s they did swith from CEs to FEs. And yes, they had white ties, dark suits, no jewelry (for electrical safety) and clip-on ties - in case they got caught in the machanics of a printer or tape drive or keypunch or what have you. My dad did have to service multiple accounts - and he did get called out in the middle of the night, or on holidays. But we did have a lot of benefits as well. When I was 14, we got moved to Heidelberg, Germany. It was supposed to be for 2 years, but my parents stayed for 13! After I came back to the States for college, I got 2 free trips per year to Europe to visit them until I turned 21.
  10. IBMer's Who Worked at Pavillion in 1965

    I'm actually an IBM 'brat' - my dad worked for IBM for 37 years until he retired in '89. He was a CE - Customer Engineer. He was attending training in NYC for several months in 1965. I think that it was on the 1401 system (I don't think that the 360 had been announced yet) Back then, IBM would move the entire family wherever you were assigned - even if it was only a temporary position. I was 5 yrs old at the time. They put us up in a townhouse in Queens. I don't remember the exact address, but it was within walking distance of the fair. I was told that it was one of a number of houses that they had rented for workers at the pavillion. I do know that we were given lots of passes for the fair - we ended up going almost every weekend until it closed.
  11. HoJo's Lake George Souvenir Shirt

    Randy, I'd have to look at a list of all the locations, but I think that there was a much higher concentration of them here in New England, probably because they were based here. From where I sit in my office at Ft. Devens, Ma right now there were 3 HoJo's within a 15 min drive. One in Leominster (torn down to build a new rest area) one in Nashua, NH (torn down to build an Audi dealership - but open until about '99) and one in Concord, MA (the building is now a very successful italian restaurant). They were not just Interstate rest area stops, but were in neighborhoods as well. Even the menu was New England (clam strips!) Then again, maybe it's just that we're stubborn old curmudgeons..
  12. HoJo's Lake George Souvenir Shirt

    Stopped at the Lake George HoJo's last year with the kids - they absolutely loved it!
  13. The Unisphere is still everywhere...

    Personally, I feel that Photoshop is way overused today. I much prefer the un-retouched, raw feel of this photo. I was wondering if the plane was inserted though - seems it would be quite a feat to get that shot lined up with the correct flight path and good lighting conditions - although not altogether impossible.
  14. 20110719124805226.pdfBack cover of this month's DDi Magazine - a trade magazine for us retail design/architect/visual merchandiser types.