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  1. A visit to FMCP on July 4, 1971

    A great loss...
  2. Earliest Awareness?

    What I remember was the building of the NY State Pavillion along with GM & Ford. Most likely this was due to sitting in the 3 rd seat of our Ford Country Squire zipping along the parkway on our way to my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Forest Hills. Must have been 10 - 11 years old
  3. The once great Federal Pavilion

    My favorite Building especially at night. I last saw the US Federal Building in the late summer of 72 before heading to Southern Calif. for College. Really is a shame that it was left to rot
  4. Sorry, we're closed today

    That's a great call on Coach Wooden Randy. I can just close my eyes and I can begin to hear the sounds and then sights of The NYSP. What a glorious time that summer ( 1964 ) was ....Much like the 50th Anniv. of The Beatles is being celebrated, come April much attention will be focused on Flushing Meadows. I'll be there in early May to remember again as to what once was.....
  5. I always felt that this was the most beautiful building at the Fair
  6. The Fair at night #2

    All of these photographs are incredible, however the shots of the US Pavilion are simply overwhelming. GM Fa├žade is pretty impressive ....
  7. The Fair at night

    Wow !!! Amazing photos Bill
  8. Hair styles sure have changed

    Those gals might be great grandmothers today
  9. Let's go for a ride on the AMF Monorail!

    That pretty young and attractive lady is now in her 70's most likely
  10. Man how I remember this so very well......The colors for me define so many of my memories
  11. I bet the NY weather was a surprise

    A cold, grey,windy and wet April day. I hated playing baseball in those conditions....Remember them quite well
  12. Another drone visits the pavilion

    W Wow, flashbacks to 1965
  13. Apologies---1962 Buick Electra 225

    My goodness does that bring me back !!!! I've been driving Lincoln's ever since the mid 80's one I was able to afford them. Thank's Ned
  14. Apologies---1962 Buick Electra 225

    I learned to drive in my Dad's 64 Lincoln Continental......
  15. A better than average view of the Bell System

    Really is beautifully frozen in time