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  1. The Wonderful World of Chemistry

  2. 1963 GE Oven and Cooktop - Copper Finish

    My parents built a new home in 1961 and had appliances that look almost identical to those pictured. They worked without fail for 35 years until my younger brother bought the house and ripped out the entire kitchen. I can remember most vividly the numerous times when my dad would put his aluminum percolator coffee pot on the burner and then fall asleep waiting for the coffee to finish.(He had a penchant for the booze in the years after my mother had passed) There were at least two times when the aluminum pot boiled dry and then the aluminum melted down into the burner. I bought him one of the first models of Mr Coffee's wonderful machine, but he managed to destroy it as well by leaving it on all night. His 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wives would not allow him to touch anything in the kitchen!
  3. 1963 GE Oven and Cooktop - Copper Finish

    You're clearly fighting the good fight though. Thanks. I hope you find someone to appreciate them before they antagonize the wife and she accidentally knocks them over like the Leg Lamp in Shep's "A Christmas Story". (A Major Award!)
  4. Cougar II

    The car reminds me more of a Ford Pinto only a bit elongated.
  5. The Share-Your-Trim Topic

    Cricket - An athletic pastime almost as exciting as watching paint dry. :rolleyes:
  6. Menu from the Fair

    :D :D :D :D
  7. Mystery Chandelier

    If six more bulbs burn out, no one would see it!

    Trey, it was a absolute delight! Thank You.
  9. Humor Photos of the Day

    1. These Hertz rental cars are getting smaller every year. 2. Mighty small waiting room in this Post House bus station. 3. "These Wong Way taxi's are just the ticket."

  11. How about the small white building in the immediate foreground of the 1965 picture? That doesn't appear in the 64 photo. Also the flowers along the left side of the 65 picture are missing in the 64 picture. And the chairs that were set up in the area shown just above the 64 enlargement are missing in the one from 65. What was that area where the chairs were?
  12. You supply the caption

    "So much for a quiet walk in the park!"
  13. Bell Pavilion in Boys Life July 1964

    Many years ago, I dated a young lady named Ruby Maser. She excited my atoms too!
  14. A Visit to Chrysler

    I was surprised to see Chrysler displaying their Sunbeam IMP vehicle on the conveyor system. In it's total production run they only made a few over 440,000 of them worldwide.
  15. Food At The 1964 World'S Fair

    One other question......one that I asked about seven years ago....Does anyone remember having French Fried Ice Cream at the fair? Maybe some of the newer members can recall that being offered.