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  1. I didn't realize there was a portion of the fair on the east bank of the Flushing river by the Lake Amusement area. Now where the bus makes its turn to the station is part of the Van Wyck service road. More acreage lost between 39-40 and 64-65. From the angle of this photo, Joe the Straphanger would be directing traffic on the Van Wyck, not much above the expressway.
  2. It wasn't a hot pavilion? Ran out of steam I guess...
  3. Building the Bell System

    Hi Jim, Underneath the Van Wyck and on the other side are now parking lots and a pedestrian footbridge that crosses into the Botanical Gardens.
  4. A lot to ponder in one photo

    Fire engine hydraulic ladders move around wobble a bit as firemen climb up and down them. Based on the different lengths forming an angle, those clamps might be to secure a fire truck ladder to the pylon so it could be secured next to the car's door and the ladder wouldn't bounce around as a dozen or so passengers exit. There could have been some other type of escape rig that could have been secured with those clamps. Maybe, I don't really know. Just a guess.
  5. A lot to ponder in one photo

    What sort of apparatus did AMF have to evacuate passengers if the car broke down somewhere along the track? Could those be part of that system?
  6. View from the river

    Just did some scouting with Google Streets and there's bad news and good news: pedestrian access isn't good but I've got a nice view with google that looks like a close match: Its late in the day for taking pictures and I've been getting lazy recently. :rolleyes:
  7. View from the river

    Might be tough for a 'now' shot as this is about where the Van Wyck passes over Northern Blvd with the on/off ramps.
  8. Anybody need a World's Fair fridge?

    Does it come packed with a large supply of carefully preserved, still edible, authentic WF Belgem waffles? I might buy it then!
  9. Hall of Presidents - United States Pavilion

    Unfortunately, the city was broke in the '70's to the point of bankruptcy and laying off city workers. NYC could have not done anything with the U.S. Pavilion even if they had really wanted to. And the economic situation here was bleak such that even if the city had just offered ownership of the building and land lease for nothing, here, just take it off our hands please, I very much doubt there would have been any takers. I look at the demolition of the U.S. Pavilion as an unavoidable tragedy. It is a much different story with the Aquacade in '98, a completely avoidable act of municipal vandalism and with the NYSP today, an act of contempt.
  10. Jim, you're right. It may be art but I do think it trivializes the concept of the World's Fairs hence my original reductio ad absurdum joke about Godzilla. QMA is too busy these days re-inventing itself as MoMA's mini-me to be bothered with the WF and they think we should be grateful for even a second-rate display. It is a complete shame and disgrace but unfortunately, the people living around the park mostly don't even know one let alone two World's Fairs took place there nor do they much care. Forget it Jake, its FMCP town....
  11. Hi Eric, Its all a matter of personal perception and opinion so I don't view this as either right or wrong. However it is an excellent topic of debate as it gets to the very heart of what World's Fairs and Expos represent and an opportunity to express this concept to an audience outside of the folks here at this forum. You make valid points but I feel this idea may be too subtle for viewers who may know next to nothing about the 39-40 or 64-65 WF's or indeed may not know they even existed. The context of a fair occurring on the grounds of FMCP as they know it today, the visceral association of a particular plot of lawn where they were just walking over to a physical building, it's theme and exhibits, to the model would be lost. Without this, the viewer may not be able to mentally associate models of pavilions with the actual Fair itself. The model to me may be like reading a history book for most people, dry facts and figures. But let them handle historical artifacts, walk through the places they read about and it all comes alive. My definition of really good art is the ability of the artist to balance subtlety with impact to project emotion and their vision to the viewer.
  12. Hi Eric, While I agree with the idea of fairs being ephemeral I don't believe a model would accomplish that effect. A model is just that- a model. The size of it and the distance of it to the viewer gives it no scale they can physically relate to and no tangibility- it lacks the sense of it being an actual pavilion that had exhibits inside. IMHO, if it lacks scale and tangibility, if we can't be wow'd by walking next to, and inside of these awesome pavilions, the ephemeral effect would be lost. Like Camelot, its only a model...
  13. How about the artist dress up in a Godzilla suit and destroy the WF model by stomping all over it while the original 60's and 70's movie soundtrack plays in the background. Maybe Godzilla can battle Megalon or a giant robot.
  14. Repurposing the Flushing Meadows Fairground.

    I don't know that I'd want to use the iTransporter. What if the system has a bug in it? Ever watch the movie "The FLY"?
  15. I remember when I was very young when asking my older brother what that stature was, he told me it was the abominable snow man. I believed it. I also remember when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade there might have been a copy of that statue, or one much like it in the same style, in the QMA on the second floor on a class trip there for arts and crafts.