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  1. Hi, I have put an original Book of Record for sale on eBay. Bids from $ 9.99, no reserve! Published by the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co in 1938, hardcover, original blue cloth with gold band, 52 pages, near mint condition. In the days leading up to the 1939 World"s Fair, Westinghouse Corporation took on a project. The company began developing a time capsule--one that would be retrieved 50 centuries after being buried. Westinghouse worked on technology and logistics, while a selection committee began the arduous task of choosing contents. Westinghouse"s resulting product was a bullet-shaped Time Capsule, constructed from an alloy made of tempered copper, chromium and silver called Cupaloy. “Deemed capable of resisting the effects of time for 5,000 years preserving an account of universal achievements embedded in the grounds of the New York"s World Fair on Long Island New York in 1939.” The contents, sealed snugly inside an airtight glass envelope, were selected based upon how well they captured American life as it was in 1939. The contents were divided into five basic areas: small articles of common use, textiles and materials, miscellaneous items, an essay in microfilm, newsreel. And what was inside? Some things as common as fountain pens and a set of alphabet blocks -- about 35 small, everyday articles in all. The capsule also contained 75 representative fabrics, metals, plastics and seeds. Contemporary art, literature and news events collected on microfilm also secured a spot in the capsule. With original contributions by Einstein, Milliken, and Thomas Mann. Some day, 5,000 years in the future, a person will stumble across a key to the capsule. Perhaps someone will find it in a monastery in Tibet, or in a library in Manhattan. The "Book of Record," printed in 1938 on permanent paper with special ink, describes the latitude and longitude of the capsule"s burying place. Some 3,000 copies of the "Book of Record" are stored in libraries, museums and monasteries throughout the world. This copy is one of the 3000 copies sent around the world in 1939. The book will provide clues for the discoverers, as well as make requests. The book requests that its contents be translated into new languages as they supersede the old. Instructions for making and using instruments to locate the capsules electromagnetically also are included in the "Book of Record." And it contains an ingenious key to the English language to aid future archaeologists and linguists should knowledge of our present language be lost. The book comes with an authentication from Westinghouse, stating this is one of the copies of the limited edition. A scarce and collectable piece of history; an item rarely seen on the open market; a valuable book which may surface only once in a lifetime, giving you the opportunity to make your library unique. Wish you luck! Leo
  2. Book of Record of the Time Capsule of Cupaloy

    Hi, great that it's available for everyone now! And who wants to own an original copy: I have just put a (non-library) copy on eBay!! Bids from only $ 9.99! Wish you luck, Leo
  3. Little Miracle Town

    Dear Friends, When I asked this little question I did not expect so many great reactions! Here in the Netherlands a book by Arthur Japin about the village is very popular; that's why I'd like to learn more about Little Miracle Town. Thanks a lot! Leo
  4. Hi, greetings from the Low Lands near the Sea! I'm looking for more pics of Little Miracle Town. Who can help? Thanks! Leo
  5. Hi, I checked: no construction on NY state pavilion. There is a new building going up in the park that will be a combined ice rink-swimming pool, but it is at the other side of the park. There is also some remodeling and addition onto the Queens Theatre in the Park, which is adjacent to pavilion. All the best, Leo
  6. Hi, greetings from Holland! (not Holland in Michigan, but the Low Lands near the Sea in Europe) When I visited Flushing Meadows last year I noticed this building (see photo). What kind of building was it during the fair? Does anyone what is going to happen with it? It's desolated and futuristic at the same time. All the best, Leo
  7. Book of Record

    Hi, Anybody who's seriously interested in obtaining an original 1938 Book of Record: contact me! My email address is: mailto:leo.pot@home.nl All the best, Leo
  8. Book of Record

    Hi there on the other side of the pond! This copy of the Book of Record sold for a modest price. I still have two more copies (no ex-library copies) of the Book; one is a special, watermarked limited edition the editor sent to his friends and relatives. I obtained an overprint (if that's a correct word?) of The Story of the Time Capsule by G. Edward Pendray from the Smithsonian Report for 1939, pages 533-553. This overprint is known as Smithsonian Publication 3582. It's very interesting! Gave me a lot of information I did not know yet. Wish you all well! Leo
  9. Book of Record

    Hi again, the Book is on eBay right now; only one more day before the auction ends! Until now the best bid is $ 32.-. Wish the new owner luck! All the best Leo
  10. Peter and Penelope Button

    Until now 49 people took a look. Why is nobody responding...?? All the best, Leo
  11. Book of Record

    Anyway.... a Book of Record is in better hands with a collector than in a library collection, I suppose... The opening amount of the auction is only $ 9.90, so there are enough chances for anybody to obtain it. Wish you luck, Leo
  12. Book of Record

    Hi again, I will put a(n original) Book of Record for sale on eBay. It's an ex library copy from the Spokane Public Library. The auction starts after my vacation on August 3. Wish you luck! Leo
  13. Hi, greetings from Holland! Ever seen this button before? It's from the Ice Industry Exhibit. Is it rare? Thanx, Leo
  14. Book of Record

    The last time a Book of Record was sold on eBay the new owner paid $ 179 for it. I think that collectors who are willing to pay such a high price are much more dedicated to the preservation of the book then most libraries are... And besides private and public collections there are not many other possibilities, are there...?
  15. Book of Record

    Hi there, One of the most fascinating things about the Time Capsule project is the accuracy with everything was done. If you see how much work was done for the choice of the paper for the Book of Record only, you know that we don't have to be afraid it will not survive those 5,000 years. A lot af mediaval manuscripts survived hundreds of years in more difficult conditions than there are in most libraries now (climate control!). If you want to learn more about the paper of the Book of Record, see the attached photos. Btw, I have an extra copy of the Book (ex-library copy) and if there is an interest in it I can sell it or put it on eBay. All the best, Leo