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    Once Darin edits the clips we can host and post. I'll check with Darin's schedule and see if he can do it earlier than when it is scheduled for in the master schedule. (Boy that is too many schedules in one sentence.)

    Hi Ray - I thoroughly enjoyed our recording session and your voice is ideal for recording. Once Darin starts to embed the sound clips into the environment we will have a better understanding of what new clips to focus on and then head on over again for more recording and Segway racing. Many thanks, Lori
  3. In search of the Underground Home

    That is the hope. I planned to try the GPR route first, then if it suggested voids existed an archeological dig could be organized where local students could observe and in some capacity participate. I've thought about the Mythbusters as well - but I thought since they already did a GPR show in the area already they might not be interested.
  4. In search of the Underground Home

    I am still planning on trying the GPR route. It should reveal voids that might indicate a structure beneath the soils. Speaking of soil, if it is clay-like then the penetration could be severely limited.
  5. Kodak Pavilion

    I totally agree. And for those with standard gear, you had to pay for all developing - even if they did not turn out so folks were probably less willing to take chances on images that were not sure things.
  6. Kodak Pavilion

    These images will really help Julian out - thank you everyone. Yes Randy, I totally agree that it is ironic about how few photos appear from the Kodak lower exhibit areas. I've been preparing the IBM packet and it too will be a nightmare in the exhibit areas.
  7. Kodak Pavilion

    Julian is getting closer - but he is looking for any images of the stairs behind the photo tower. A few images show just a glimpse of them. Any images of the escalators are also most welcome. Here is a status render with preliminary working textures.
  8. Kodak Pavilion

    We still have all the circular kiosks and other items that are on the Kodak footprint to do - but we are getting there.
  9. Kodak Pavilion

    I found the photos - but with several there are no good face on shots so I substituted others from 1964 - the good thing is changing a texture for the photo is easy if we find a better shot.
  10. Kodak Pavilion

    Julian has made an initial version of the Kodak Pavilion structure. I could not figure out how to upload a video to the forum so I added a video to YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XuKv4OIxVI. Tweaks will be made to the structure but the ground floor is a bit more of an issue. Here is render of the Welcome Center with preliminary textures. Many thanks, Lori
  11. Picturesque Belgium brochure

    WOW - this brochure will certainly make working on the virtual Belgian Village less of a nightmare for us. But I must admit it still scares the heck out of me - I am sure Julian and Alex will be braver than I when they tackle it later in the year. Thank you so much for posting. Lori
  12. Missouri Snack Patio

    Many thanks Randy! Yep - our target STEM age group is 9-13. But there will be something for folks of all ages to explore and interact with. While geared toward our target group I think everyone will really enjoy the FutureFair component that Dan is working on.
  13. Missouri Snack Patio

    Hi Everyone - Here is a render of the inside of the snack patio. It follows the line of thought that Randy mentioned based on glimpses in available images. The other is a render of the Missouri pavilion area - all of the smaller items such as stop signs, balloon venders, etc would be added after each pavilion plot is planted in the actual environment. The interior will be completed with one of our STEM experiences later. Julian is working on Kodak now. Many thanks, Lori
  14. Missouri Snack Patio

    Outstanding Kevin - I will send a PM. Blueprints would make Julian and I most happy!
  15. Missouri Snack Patio

    Julian modeled a great Spirit of St. Louis for inside the pavilion. It will be the centerpiece of a STEM experience for the Missouri Pavilion.