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  1. From the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore web site, where more details about the individual houses are available: Over 70 years of wind, sand and surf have battered the five World's Fair houses located along Lake Front Drive in Beverly Shores, but their uniqueness has weathered the elements. With the theme of a Century of Progress, the houses were built for the 1933 Chicago World's Fair to demonstrate modern architectural design, experimental materials, and new technologies such as central air conditioning and dishwashers. The houses were brought to the dunes by barge in 1935 by real estate developer Robert Bartlett. Bartlett hoped that the high profile houses would entice buyers to his new resort community of Beverly Shores. Today the houses are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One is still occupied under a special park reservation program, known as "Reservations of Use," while the others have been leased to the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, a statewide nonprofit preservation organization. Through this organization, private individuals or families have leased the homes and are rehabilitating them. Once a year, the Century of Progress Homes are open for tours. Today, my wife and I had the opportunity to take a tour. Here are some pictures of the homes. The Wieboldt Rostone House The Florida Tropical House The Armco Ferro House The House of Tomorrow The Cypress Log Cabin The Cypress Log Cabin is the only one completely renovated and occupied. The others are in various states of restoration.
  2. Elektro Escapes Mansfield! YEAH!

    Note the article states that Jack Weeks wants Elektro to go to the Henry Ford Museum. I believe his ultimate goal has always been for Elektro to be in a museum bigger than the Mansfield Memorial Museum, but I don't think it's a done deal at this point.
  3. Little Miracle Town

    After doing some more research, I've found out the three-headed Marx caricature appeared in the lower part of the mural to the right of the entrance to Little Miracle Town. More details can be found here. I've also noticed that the exhibit was called Morris Gest's Midget Town in the 1940 guidebook. The description of the exhibit says "a troupe of 80 pocket-editon representatives of humanity live with a lone giant." I wonder who the giant was?
  4. Elektro returns

    The 20 December 2008 edition of New Scientist includes an article about Elektro and Jack Weeks, who played with the robot as a boy, and reassembled him as a man. The author of the article also recorded a podcast about the Westinghouse robots which includes an interview with Jack Weeks. Very interesting stuff. To listen, click on this link, and scroll down to Show 27.
  5. 1964 Newsreel On 1939-40 NYWF

    Hearing Ed Herlihy's voice narrating that film clip makes me hungry for Velveeta. David C.
  6. Little Miracle Town

    One of the pictures in the newly-released Life Magazine picture archives on Google is another view of the facade of Little Miracle Town. It is possible to see the faces of some of the celebrities painted on the wall. Some I can recognize are George Bernard Shaw, Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers, Sonja Henie (wearing skates), Jimmy Durante, Joe E. Brown, Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, and Charlie Chaplin. Morris Gest, the impresario responsible for Little Miracle Town, is of course, the central and largest figure in the painting. He stands above the entrance, holding what looks to be a model of the exhibit. David C. (AKA Elektro)

    It's interesting that in 1939, Elektro had a circular opening in his chest, and in "Sex Kittens Go to College," he had a rectangular opening (and still does). This picture shows no hole in his torso.
  8. new security around the towers

    I was there on Memorial Day, 5/26/08. I didn't realize the fence was such a controversial item or I would have taken a picture to document it. I can confirm unequivocally that there is a fence around the towers. Here are some pics I took of everything but the fence: Regards, David C. (AKA Elektro)
  9. Then and Now

    Here's another "Then and Now." A 1939 Postcard of Ford's "Cycle of Production" exhibit and the carving of the same exhibit in the terrace
  10. Then and Now

    I just returned from my first visit to Flushing Meadows since 1964. I snapped this picture of the Unisphere. I think my subconscious must have been at work, because the vantage point is eerily similar to the picture I took in '64--the original was just a little further away and at a slightly different angle. I didn't realize how similar the two were till I pulled up the old photo after returning from the park. My wife took a picture of me next to the carving of Elektro on the terrace next to the Unisphere Which is pretty faithful to the original photo from 1939 (I didn't take this one)
  11. Elektro returns

    Here's a link to Elektro-related posts at my blog. Some of it is already at PTU.
  12. ELEKTRO the Robot Color Footage

    You're correct. The clip of Elektro is from the movie, The Middleton Family at the World's Fair. You can view or download the entire movie in all its corny glory at archive.org: [url:6cz5vy30]http://www.archive.org/details/middleton_family_worlds_fair_1939[/url:6cz5vy30]. David C.
  13. Mystery Photo

    I'm sure it's no mystery to the aficianados on PTU, but I found this shapshot I took at the fair, and rather than surf through the forum to find out what it is, I thought I would just post it. In the same shoebox were these two photos. First, a typical tourist shapshot of Unisphere taken by yours truly: And a picture of me at a dock in NYC, sitting on the deck of the ship Aurelia, which would take my brother to Europe for his junior year of college. It seems quaint now, but I suppose it never dawned on us that he could fly over, or perhaps the fare was cheaper on the boat.
  14. This is nowhere near the quality of Randy's pics, but here's a picture someone in our group took of the ride. I don't think I took it because I'm pretty sure all the pictures I took were black and white. I definitely remember going on the ride and the final splash at the end.
  15. Little Miracle Town

    Bill, Can you tell who any of the flying people are who are painted on the facade? I have seen a picture of the citizens of Little Miracle Town posing with Elektro the Westinghouse Robot, and in the background there is a three-headed flying creature with the faces of Harpo, Chico, and Groucho Marx, painted in a style similar to the characters on the wall in your picture. I'm just wondering if they were all celebrities. David C.