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    Happily ordered. Congrats to Curtis and the rest of the gang at BBQ!!
  2. Work

    Wayne, I love your mechanical TV!!! Are you one of the people responsible for the HDTV technology that is in use now? I know it's a broad question, but I seem to remember that Zenith Labs had a lot to do with this. By the time I was old enough to consider Disney, some of my peers already were working at the old Orlando animation studios. Let's just say that I opted for Warner Bros. instead.
  3. New Yorks Past.....I'm feeling nostalgic today

    hey guys, I haven't been around in a while, but I want to also chime in on the following... BONOMO Turkish Taffy!!!! Electronics: Sorry guys, I shopped on Canal street back in the day for all my electronic kit needs. Anyone remember Ramaco electronic surplus? Drakes cakes lost me when they did away with the big RingDings.. What I miss most are Ebingers' Othellos. Anyone out there remember Dugins bakeries? BoHacks grocery stores?
  4. dvd of THINK and TO BE ALIVE wanted!

    check out the web site for The Eames Office for info on "Think". It might be on one of the DVDs http://www.eamesoffice.com/
  5. New and Expanded New York Hall of Science Opens

    Actually, Ray and Charles Eames co designed IBM with long time friend Erro Saarinen. But still what a great addition to the HoS!
  6. Glass blower?

    I actually have a Blue Glass Rabbit. I got it after watching the glass blower make it for me. The only thing I have from when I visited the Fair when I was a kid. Thanks for the additional info!
  7. What drew you to this fair?

    Rose, Like you, I also found my way to "The Great Comic Book Heroes" by Jules Feiffer. I also heard many stories from my Parents and Grandparents about 39-40. Also, a personal interest in old New York also helped as well.
  8. Planters

    Maybe they are from the outside area of the IBM or Bell pavillions? If these are from the IBM, then these are amazing finds indeed. Checking my books on Ray and Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, I see something that might be a match (sorry. no scanner at the present time). The best you could do is contact The Eames Office out in CA and maybe get a verification? If these are indeed from the IBM, then these are worth a bit more. Marc
  9. Recreating Fair Rides?

    I was thinking about "The Rendezvous Space". First off the film should be restored because it is Frank carpra's last film. The last time I saw a clip from this (at the Hall of Science back in 2001 during a showing of the wonderful BBQ Production's docu.) I noticed that the color was way off, dirt and scratches. i think with the technology I work with, I can color correct and remaster the film for either Wide Screen DVD or HD. The actual docking procedure could be recreated via cgi. With DVD mastering and authoring, you can even have multiple views (example, one view can be from a virtual seat from the theater or another view can be from the Space taxi's cockpit) The CG animation software packages I work with are capable of doing this. The soundtrack can also be cleaned up as well. Now all I need is a good copy of the film to work with. Any ideas people?
  10. Who's who?

    Bench, It's the greatest non-tiki bar! The "Talking Drums" down at WDW! Marc
  11. Who's who?

    Bill Great looking AT-6 Texan! Yessong, When I use to fly out of Flushing Airport back around 1976-77, The Skytypers use to be based there. It was an amazing site to see those planes take off and land on a 2,900 ft. strip. Keep in mind (for those avaition minded) that this was done at a unicom based field, right next door to LGA! Oh, yeah, here's a picture of me last summer at an old place I use to work at way back when! [whew! forgot that some html is a wee bit case sensitive!] Marc [This message has been edited by marcthorner (edited 09-12-2003).]
  12. IBM / Oren Kugler Story

    The People Wall!!! Now I know that the mutimedia/muti image show was written and designed by Ray and Charles Eames. Their Grandson, runs the family web site and I am pretty sure that the IBM footage is on one of the video's that are offered. BTW, you all should check out that web site. <a href="http://www.eamesoffice.com/" target="_blank">http://www.eamesoffice.com/</a> MT
  13. Just loving the new look!!

    Go Man Go!!!! I like it!!! BTW, has anyone seen "Catch Me if You Can" yet. The film makers got that 60's look nailed!!
  14. Food vendors??

    Gone, But not forgotten (by me, anyway) Wetson's Hamburgers, Longchamps, Childs, The Cattlemen, The Auto Mat (GM Building), and Mr. Waffles Ice Cream on 8th street! I also remember the Indian Pavilion's restaurant. I think it was operated by Gaylord's.
  15. The Lester Official WF Model

    Guys, I saw the model at the HoS a couple of years ago. It was tucked away in a corner! BTW, as to Doug Drexler, I knew him way back when. We use to show our work at Science Fiction and Star Trek Conventions. I also think he shares an Academy Award for the special make Up work he did in the 1990 version of richard Tracy. It is interesting how us guys who work in some sort of technology and the arts can trace back something to the Fair. I have to come up with a cool term for this! Marc