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  1. Praise for the New York State Pavilion

    Jim I agree with your comments about Nelson Rockefeller. I visited Kykuit the estate in Tarrytown this past fall and was blown away by his vision and love of the arts. He even has Warhol's in the collection there. I am sure it was difficult for him to - see the 13 Most Wanted painted over in spite of the perceived political impact. He truly loved New York State. Kykuit is worth a visit for sure if anyone is in the area. It is stunning. I had lunch at the Red Hat Bistro in the old Burnham Boiler Factory right on the Hudson a few miles south. Incredible views.
  2. The Unisphere

    Very interesting Dan. This type of stuff is hard to come by.
  3. You are Here Map- Help please? Interesting!

    Hi Doug - that house is like a classic late 1950's to 1960's ranch home. There is one in my town that is similar and the family that owns it has preserved it in all it's 60's splendor furnishings and all. It belongs in Architectural Digest. When I was raving about the house to my brother he said "back then homes were built by carpenters - today they are built by laborers" He may be right to a certain degree.
  4. You are Here Map- Help please? Interesting!

    Mitch where was the location at the fair of the last photo you posted with the home in the background?
  5. Plastic Model of the Day

    Randy I don't know what it is but yes it does have 4 screws on the bottom.
  6. Plastic Model of the Day

    Here is my plastic model of the day. Found in my Aunt Mae's house - the same place I extracted a NYWF dino from behind the sink a few years back. Wedged since the fair. Maybe this is a fair relic as well.
  7. Thanks Bill and Randy - as I wrote Bill Young yesterday life has intervened. I enjoy reading the board and am looking forward to participating more. Hello again to all.
  8. Greyhound Escorter Wiring

    Does anyone know of the whereabouts of the Erie County Fairgrounds Fleet?
  9. Hi Bill - I have a large Topping Unisphere model which may have been a Topping prototype (it is RM desk model size) but it is colored and the nations are labeled. I also have a set of Unisphere plans. Not sure if these are of interest as the real Unisphere is right in FMCP.
  10. 50th Anniversary Gathering in New York

    I would surely be interested. I am away until the 19th but would love to try for anything after that date.
  11. I did a quick check to see if this was posted previously and did not find anything. I stumbled upon this yesterday and visited. The exihibit is small but worthwhile and features images provided by Mr. Bill Cotter! They do have a virtual exhibit too. https://boxoffice.mcny.org/public/show.asp?shcode=487
  12. Hi Bill I have Unisphere plans but that is it.
  13. Candela Structures at the World's Fair Marina

    Hi all it has been a while since I posted. Nice to see everyone keeping the fair alive. I probably posted this already but the missing Candela has been found in upstate NY. Would love to have one myself. http://www.flickr.com/photos/catasterist/5140467501/
  14. Titanic

    Hello all. Never know what you will find on the PTU site. Interesting discussion here. Been a Titanic follower since I read Walter Lord's book "A Night to Remember" back in 1968. I watched the part 2 portion of the History Channel show where they did the virtual recreation of the wreck. Never ceases to intrigue me.
  15. MGM: Hollywood's Greatest Backlot

    Thanks for that link Bill. I just love old Hollywood.