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  1. Hi Everybody, Happy New Year! I was 8 years old in 1964, and while many fairgoers recall GM's Futurama chair ride as their favorite memory, mine was the Bell Telephone's chair ride called "From Drumbeat to Telstar" or something like that. Sure, the Futurama with it's scale model cities and minaiture vehicles was quite a trip, but what impressed me more about Bell Telephone's chair ride, which occupied the pavilion's "white wing", was the hundreds - or thousands - of projected movie clips that floated and whirled around me as I sat in my moving chair. There were many clever visual gimmicks, such as at the ride's beginning when, as I watched my reflection in a passing mirror, my reflection was suddenly replaced with a projected image of an actor sitting in my chair! There were lots of tiny, projected humans integrated with elaborate sets, a rotating earth prop surrounded by projected satellites (Telstars, presumably), and all kinds of numbers and symbols and disembodied smiling heads (a bit spooky) just flying through the air. Imagine a young Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson taking a ride like this - how that might have affected them! Tons of photos exists today of the Futurama, but I've hardly seen any visual documentation of Bell Telephone's ride except for a very brief film clip on a couple of Fair documentaries. I've read the script on Bill Cotter's terrific web site and listened to the audio recording, but do any visuals exist anywhere of the ride itself? Does anybody out there, who has fond memories of that ride like I do, know of or have any visual evidence of any kind? Thanks a lot, Robert http://www.webnik.com/homemovies
  2. I've created a website honoring my Grandfather's home movies including an extensive section on his visit to the 1939 World's Fair - in color! Highlights include rare footage of the live presentation "Railroads on Parade", close-ups of the Federal Pavilion, night views of pavilions and the Lagoon of Nations, all in stills and motion clips. They're at http://www.webnik.com/1939 or visit http://www.webnik.com/homemovies and follow the obvious link. Here's just a few images of the aprox. 100 images that I've put up. Please enjoy - Robert Martens