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  1. Father'S Day Trylon

    Thats so lovely! I know it must've made you feel wonderful. I have had some events that had no explanation other than someone special is watching. Thanks for posting, / Nancy
  2. Happy Birthday Specialbunny!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECIALBUNNY!! and to your twin Mell too! Jess is still in New Hampshire finishing her first round of GRAD school classes. She graduated with her undergraduate degree almost 2 weeks ago-and this is only the second time in 22 years that the girls will NOT be together on their actual birthday. So here's a little post to cheer her up and to boast a bit about how proud I am of both of my newly graduated dean's list daughters on their 22nd birthday. :D Love Mom
  3. Missing/Stolen Unhappy Magikbilly!

    Aww I saw that on the news and instantly thought of you. It's sad. How strange that she passed on that anniversary. / Nancy
  4. An Observation

    Wow, I have been away for awhile from the board. Doing a little lurking now and then. My daughters graduated college the last few weekends and lots of other events. Now that we have the new board I have had trouble figuring out what is new and what is old content. And my quick little visits haven't allowed for much reading due to my confusion. I am saddened to hear that there is turmoil again on the board. I haven't read any of the offending threads, but it seems like there are two camps here and it comes to a head when we want to get together at FMCP. UGH!! Regardless of the drama, Specialbunny and I had a grand old time last year in the heat and humidity. It was a nice turn out. And we met some awesome people. Watching Terrie and Curtis smile as we gathered around to buy copies of their DVD was great! I still remember Terrie's dress..none of the men noticed it's WF connection at first!! It was a very memorable day. I agree with Boggy- Peace Thru Understanding People!! And now that we can give reputation points to postings let's do it. I agree with Bill- use the report button if it's clearly out of control. But don't forget a little bit of a lively discussion and different points of view can be healthy for a forum. As long as there is respect and caring for our members. So I hate to think that people are leaving. I am not sure that is the way to resolve issues either, but I understand sometimes it helps when you leave and get a breath of fresh air. Think hard before you leave, think hard before you lower yourself to tantruming as well and as hard as the immature. Think of why you did come here for the first time. And remember how much effort people are making on all of our behalfs by keeping this forum open to us all. And for those of you who enjoy causing trouble for no reason but to stir things up..you have your own playgrounds why bother ours. / Nancy
  5. WLIW channel 21- 64 worlds fair documentary

    Here is a screen cap from the WLIW-NY 21 website showing the Worlds Fair related pledge gifts. Also shown is the description of Bill Cotter and Bill Young's book!! Way to go Bills! / Nancy
  6. RIGHT NOW..its on!! They are offering the film as a subscriber gift- it's not Curtis and Terrie's film. Its the one that is narrated by Judd Hirsch. Its pretty wild turning the channel and running into the WF!!
  7. Brimfield Antique Show

    Glen- Congrats on the birth of another daughter!! We have TWIN daughters..and this is college graduation time. Mell graduated yesterday and her twin sis Jess aka"Specialbunny" graduates next Saturday!! Trust me when I tell you not to blink because it goes by faster than you can ever imagine. Their 22nd birthday is in June. Enjoy your girls :D and congrats to you and your wife!!!! / Nancy
  8. Missing/Stolen Unhappy Magikbilly!

    Hey Eric ( MB) I am SURE that you've been plugged in to the news but in case you haven't here is some updates http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/8044552.stm http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/articl...Lhp3nwD9846EBO0 At least it's some help for Millvinia.. / Nancy

    I recognize a LOT of those. Jess LOVES Moxie soda, it's still available in New England. One thing you missed was Geritol. Sometimes when my kids were little and they complained that they were "tiiiiiiired' I would tell them they must have iron-poor blood and they needed Geritol. They'd look at me crazy. But it made me chuckle everytime. I remember when Abe Beame was Mayor of NY they used to call him the Geritol of City Hall. / Nancy
  10. Has anyone seen this boat?

    Jason- We live basically one town over from Bridgeport. I will try and do a little detective work and see what I can find. I will let you know what I uncover. Just be patient, I've been crazy busy. Our daughters ( yes Specialbunny and her sis) are graduating from college in just a few weeks, and Jess's sister Mell just had the opening of her Senior Art show in Mass. Wednesday night. Its all very exciting. Hope all is well with you. / Nancy
  11. Chairman's Look at the Easters of the 1960's.

    YAY CHAIRMAN!! Missed you!! Happy Easter to all! / Nancy
  12. Who are these people?

    Well Known Canadians Maybe someone with some time on their hands can scroll through this website.. / Nancy

    Ray- to your defense when that ad first came out it made me laugh everytime I saw it. My husband didn't understand why after having twin babies I would squeal everytime I saw that kid spit up. First, my kids didn't spit up often. Second I imagined being in the ad writer's room trying to write something that would work with hours of video of this baby and imagining the 2 am epiphany when they worked that little puke into the script. Probably Trey could tell me if that is logical. But it was that absurdness that made me laugh the most. This year they had something on the internet of "out takes" of the trading baby including one where his friend is checking out his mommy's ..um..assets. That one made me squeal too. I guess humor is as individual as each of us but I understood your message. And I thank you for trying to make us laugh. You are right when you say its no so easy these days. / Nancy
  14. Dear fellow history buffs

    Bill- This is so much fun to watch, I can't WAIT for the LIGHTNING ROUND !!! /Nancy
  15. the collection or landfill room

    Thanks for the photos. I have purchased some special items on EBAY for Jess's landfill collection from "elpendo", including some personal items of Mr. Penders. Glen is right there isn't a kinder, fairer, classier ebayer around. I had never really known the full extent of Mr. Pender's involvement with the WF ( now I am more enlightened) but I am very pleased to see photos of him looking well and to hear that Ray had a nice afternoon in Sarasota. There are a lot of special people that Jess and I have met thru her interest in the 64-65 Worlds Fair. Thank you Ray for sharing Mr. Pender's kind face with the rest of us! / Nancy PS: Jess- look at Mr Pender's landfill!! There is that cool plate that your sister gave you for Christmas!!! We loved the rendering on that.