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  1. For Sale: NYWF Gala Bear

    New condition - has been stored away safely since 2004. Bear from NYWF Gala held at the Terrace at the Park on 4.15.2004. Make me an offer!
  2. For Sale: Unique 14K Spinner Unisphere Charm

    Yes, Randy. I need the money to buy tires for my car.
  3. For Sale: Unique 14K Spinner Unisphere Charm

    Actually Bill, you have to drag you file to the spot at the bottom of the post. I tried it earlier and it did not work, but now it did. Thanks for the help!!
  4. I have decided that it may be time for me to part with my prized possession: 14K spinner Unisphere charm. I thought I would put it on this forum before I list on Ebay. Since I bought this 15 years ago, I have never seen another like it. It is in pristine condition, and weight about 3 grams. Price is $300.
  5. His & Her shots on the Texaco map

    Any questions about Monroe, NY should be directed to me. I lived there for 25+ years!
  6. I have 2 Unisphere pins, a clutch purse, a doll from It's a Small Word (which was probably not purchased at the fair, but was from that time),
  7. Still at La Ronde from Expo

    It is really funny to me exactly how little I remember of Expo 67. I should remember more of it than the NYWF, as I was a little older, but other than the handful of photographs I have I remember next to nothing about it.
  8. Where's the Fair? film

    I must defend my earlier comment. I do not see it as political per se, but simply a statement of priorities. My point was surely not to open up a political discussion on the subject. I am the least political person around!
  9. Where's the Fair? film

    I apologize for being negative, but this country really has way bigger fish to fry than to worry about being in a World's Fair. In the trailer someone called us the most powerful country in the world. Are we still? Not so sure.
  10. WF Decanter on ebay

    When I got mine on Ebay way back when, I got 2 decanters shipped for $15! What a steal!
  11. Abandoned Dino

    Poor Triceratops! I hope he ends up back in FMCP @ the QMA.
  12. My Photos of April 22nd

    Photos were great!! Thanks for taking them and posting them for us to enjoy!
  13. New York State Pavilion Anniversary Event!

    I would love to see my old pals too! Wish I could, but earning a living has to come first! Miss you all!
  14. New York State Pavilion Anniversary Event!

    I was lucky back in the early 2000s!
  15. NY Post Article on the NYSP