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    When I was a teenager, back in the 1980s (gasp!), I met a hand full of folks that worked at the Great Lakes Exposition including a lovely lady who was a swimmer in the Aquacade. She said it was quite awful swimming in the lake, particularly towards the end of the expo. It got to the point where they coated themself with a Vaseline type substance to ward off the cold.
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    That water looks to be brutally cold. Buster Crabbe replaced Johnny Weissmuller in NY in 1939 and Gertrude Ederle joined the swimmers in 1939. As a total aside, TCM ran the film Sunday In New York a few weeks ago. Filmed on location in NYC in 1963, it stars Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson. Simply because of the date the movie was created, I wondered if I might spot something, anything, that would make reference to the upcoming 1964 NYWF. And I did find something. On Fifth Avenue in front of the mezzanine one leading to the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, a NYC metro bus stops to either take on or discharge Fonda and Taylor. There, on the front of the bus is an advertisement for The 1964 New York World's Fair. I had been watching the, advertising cards inside of the various bus scenes but could not spot a Fair reference and then I spotted the advertising card on the front of the bus. It's a small find, I realize, but it made my day.
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    Having grown up in the Greater Cleveland area as well, I concur about Lake Erie not being a "great lake." Even now there are high pollution days when one can't swim in the water. For boating its wonderful, just don't get in it. LOL
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    Growing up in Cleveland(1980s), I hated swimming in anything but a pool or a small pond. There was nothing warm about a Great Lake , even in July.
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    This is the only official photo I've ever seen from inside the Pavilion-- in this case, of some Washington State VIPs viewing a diorama of the Grand Coulee Dam.
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    My mom attended the 39 Fair also at the age of 12. Her middle school had an autograph book with a picture of the perisphere and trilon on the cover. After she passed away I gave the book to my son who has it somewhere among his treasures.
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    Wonderful 1st hand memories of the fair from a 92-year old. A very sweet story how the fair still lingers in memory.
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    Here's some very rare footage taken inside the Romanian pavilion's restaurant.
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    Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered them. Thanks for the link to the pics, Wayne. They look good even though not overtly "3-D-ish" (You know, taken with stuff in the foreground to accentuate the depth). Now if I can just find my old viewer which is packed away somewhere...
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    This newsreel made me wonder who the uncredited, perky British announcer was-- and it turns out his name was Leslie Mitchell. He had quite a colorful life and career. Leslie Mitchell - Wikipedia
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    Great find David! Thanks. I wish: 1) I could swim and 2) today's "news" such as it is could be conveyed this quickly.
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    Thanks - too short, but great!
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    Very, very cool post, Randy. I really need to learn more about the 37 Expo-- everything I've seen makes it look like such an interesting (and in many ways inspirational) precursor to the 39/40 NYWF.