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    I can relate to the noble but weary task of checking things out. Rumour went around that an attractive female in my company was moonlighting at a local burlesque theater. Someone had to take on the task of confirming the truth, and I selflessly volunteered. It was true!
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    There was a small stream of it pushing up from the rocks and spraying out. Great eyes!
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    A quick search says that today's Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is the former Bay State Gas Company and they supply retail natural gas.
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    The things one must do in the name of science...
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    Just a name change on the outside to "Demonstration Center".
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    Yup, another goof! Perhaps I shouldn't do some of this stuff so late at night but that's when it's quiet around here. All fixed now, many thanks! Keep them coming! PS - it's nice to know people actually do look at the site!!
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    In Webster Massachusetts - the longest name in the USA: Copied shamelessly from The Boston Globe, sometime in early October, 1997, from the Ask the Globe section. Q. I have heard that there is a lake in Massachusetts with a long name which means "you fish on your side, I fish on mine, nobody fishes in the middle." True or false? If true, where is the lake? P.B., Ipswich A. True. Lake Chargoggagoggmanchoggagogg is a 17-mile-around lake in Webster. (Some sources offer this spelling: Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg). The original name of the lake as it appears in ancient deeds was Chabanakongkomom, with fewer letters and easier to pronounce. The Nipmuks gave the body of water this name because it was neutral territory and a favored site for powwows among their tribe and the Narraganssett, Pequot and Mohegan tribes. Residents of Webster have shortened the name, understandably, to Lake Manchaug.
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    Always thought those public bris demos were way too intense. At least they showed why it was called the wailing wall.
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    I remember when I was very young when asking my older brother what that stature was, he told me it was the abominable snow man. I believed it. I also remember when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade there might have been a copy of that statue, or one much like it in the same style, in the QMA on the second floor on a class trip there for arts and crafts.
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    I do have the United Nations Pavilion on my site: http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/sierra-leone.htm Perhaps Bill Young will see this thread and add it to his. Here's the menu Randy mentioned: Now the question is - did the price of tuna go up or down? And I do remember they gave away a lot of UN literature there. I still have some of it, all dull stuff about UN programs but it was free, so of interest to a landfill collector with no money.
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    How rude of the guy to block the photograph to begin with- serves him right to get erased 45 years later! I don't mess with people much, but I'm always tempted to attack those oil spots on asphalt with the clone brush, as well as things like bubble gum stuck on the asphalt, dropped chewing gum wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. :D Historically inaccurate to make everything cleaner and more pristine than it really was, but I sometimes end up compromising the historical accuracy argument with a mental tradeoff that in order to get rid of the scratches and mold on the emulsion, in so doing the cigarette butt just happened to disappear too. LOL
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    I stopped wearing them when the airport metal detectors were set for "stun". What is that hat just to the left of him? Looks like a replica fo the GE pavilion roof.
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    It's taken a couple of years, but this evening I scanned a couple of unlabeled slides which together solved this mystery. It's the Lebanon Pavilion. A full view of the window is what nailed it. It was either breezy in there or else a couple of the apparent women were actually aliens with kangaroo tails! . .
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    If that's early 1964, I wonder why so many of the fence posts are already leaning? Looks like vandalism.