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    I love this community. Its members are passionate about world's fairs and the combined knowledge stored here is vast and deep. The passion is a double-edged sword and eventually it wore me out. Occasionally things got negative, heated. People disagree with the choices you make. Some people stop talking to you. Some people end up hating you. Over the years the hobby started feeling more like a job and my passion waned. I'd look through old posts and wonder if I'd made the right decisions. My social visits became less frequent. I'd check in to ensure everything was running and not recognize the people posting. That's when I decided to hand the site over to Bill C. Like many have previously stated, the community is still here and vital. Nearly two decades after Bill Y. invited me to join him. That's something to celebrate and be proud of!
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    I just want to thank you again, Marc-- for funneling your passion into the original PTU-- for inviting me to be an Admin-- and for graciously allowing Bill to carry the site forward. I don't post as much as I used to, either. But man, oh man, am I glad the World's Fair Community is still around.
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    I recently joined or re-discovered a couple of the Facebook groups regarding the Fair so it was interesting to me to read the comments about Facebook. I was surprised to see how little has been posted on the Facebook groups in the past few years. On the other hand, this bulletin board is alive with continuous postings from people with an interest. I don't think a day goes by that I check here that I don't see and read something new. So LONG LIVE the World's Fair Community! In this day and age of Facebook, it is still THE PLACE to go for people who share a love of World's Fairs! You all make this a great place to visit.
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    Hi guys, What great photos! I have not been to the Hall of Science in FMCP in 3 years. When I last visited, they had a working, smaller, replica of the "Probability Machine" on display. Worth going in just to see it. The photos depicting the fair in "Tomorrowland" are great, wish there were more . Bill, I love your photos, thank you for sharing. It`s amazing, how just seeing a pavilion from a different angle can be so exciting. My wife does not understand that feeling, but alas, I do not understand the thrill she gets from "Say Yes To The Dress". MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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    Craig, I see you joined on September 10, 2000. I think that's the date I joined this site as well. My god, that's over 18 years ago. Ooops--just checked. I joined September 11, 2000.
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    Yes, Facebook is a big factor for sure. I want to keep this site going, though, as I feel the quality of posts is better. It's also easier to find older information at least for me.
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    I think Mr. Young nailed it mostly on the head. But I think there's another reason a lot of people have drifted away from the PTU/WFC site. And that's Facebook. When this amazing board first started-- Facebook, not to mention all other forms of social media-- quite simply didn't exist. This was literally one of the only online repositories of information related to World's Fairs and Expos-- and probably the most exhaustive, at that. But once Facebook came along-- and specifically, its various fan and special interest pages began to blossom-- I suspect it drove a lot of traffic away from us here. Nevertheless, I still don't think there's a better one-stop shop than the World's Fair Community for virtually any fair you can think of-- from 1851 to 2025-- and I am deeply proud to be one of its Admins. This site has directly inspired my professional work (CSI:NY, PPIE) and brought me a great deal of personal joy for many years.
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    Hi suguar! I have a feeling a number of us have become "lurkers" more so than "posters." In my case, I still watch "the board" but just don't post often unless I have something to advertise that's new at nywf64.com The names you mention go "way back" to the early days when "PTU" as it was called then was a part of nywf64.com. "Way back" is going on 19 years ago! It's hard to believe that this bulletin board in one form or another has been around for that long! Some of the names you've mentioned I've lost track of as well. Others, like Mike Kraus, Liz Klug and Ken Thalheimer, Mary Ellen Coughlan, John McSweeny still have an interest in the Fair but just don't post here often any more. Interests change over 19 years too. I also think that part of the reason why you don't see some of the older names posting any more is that the "newness" of it might have worn off for some of them. You have to realize that 19 years ago, discovering that there were actually other people "out there" who share this interest was a big thing to us. All those years ago there just wasn't that much online that you could explore about the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair or other Fairs. Now, search Google for "1964 York Fair" and you will come up with a myriad of links to places to visit on the web that have a connection to the Fairs, be it UTube or any number of places where folks have posted their photos and memories. In 2000, PTU was actually a bit like a social club where people with a fascination for World's Fairs could "hang-out." It's still that way today but maybe just not as shiny and new as it was nearly two decades ago.
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    A good question. Some seemed to have drifted away from the Fair scene, and some others pop up now and then on Facebook. I believe RayinPasa was also Ray Dashner. Marc Williams, who founded this board, is busy with work and a host of other things. Wish I knew more about why the others are gone. Maybe I'll drop them a note and ask when I get done with a project I'm buried with at the moment.