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    As you know, I inadvertently imaged Sunguar in the Space Park at the Fair. Now I find that a second slide has resulted in a surprise response. the image below is from those I took in the Pavilion of American Interiors. Specifically, it is what I believe was the entire display of the Cybis Porcelain Company of Trenton, New Jersey. The company is now defunct, but for decades produced high quality porcelain objects. Recently I received an email from the owner of an internet archive of the company, not associated with Cybis but the product of the lady's decades-long love affair with its products. She checked out the Worlds Fair Community and chanced upon the above photo and discovered that Cybis displayed at the American Interiors pavilion. I've taken the liberty of including her email, which contains information that might be of interest to the members. Her immediate interest was in the crested crane sculpture, the first photo she had ever found. I granted her request to reproduce the image. This is the item that now appears on her website. You might like to see the Archive at https://cybisarchive.com. It provides lots of information on this displayer at the Fair, with extensive history and many pictures of the elegant porcelain items. I'm delighted to report on another long-awaited contact with the past!
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    I had the great misfortune to have watched the movie, Sex Kittens Go To College on TCM. Oddly, it’s only redeeming aspect was the fact that one of the stars of this insipid film is Sam Thinko, a robot. But Sam was incognito for some reason. His real name is Elektro. The star of the Westinghouse 1939 pavilion. I really like TCM and learn a good deal from classic movies. As ridiculous as this 1960s bomb is, the fact remains that its best performer is the Westinghouse robot. Electro had a second career long after his starring role in 1939.
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    Another new - thses are razor sharp but all I have is sellers photos. Enjoy! E
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    Hi All, Well, I have never seen this before. It will transport you. I nearly dropped it when I realized what it was. It is a candid semi-pro 8"x10", matte and doubleweight. It shows the view from INSIDE the Trylon looking out to the Helicline. The image on the left in the composite below is from Bill Cotters collection and book - and I hope he does not mind my using it here. The image on the right is my new discovery. Look at the blue arrows - they say it all (the Helicine and Ford facing us does not hurt but I needed proof, not circumstantial evidence of location). ENJOY this rare view! It gives an idea what that moment must have been like - looking out over the Fair after passing through the Trylon..... Bill's photo and mine - the view looking out to the Helicline from inside the Trylon, Summer 1939 NYWF © EKL Images Best wishes, Eric
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    This is just a small sample made from the sellers photo - it promises to be stunning in hand. The base of the Perisphere has just gone down, and the Trylon is going up.
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    Periscope films just posted "The New York World's Fair From the Air." At 1:30, while the narration is about Japan, you can see the General Cigar smoke ring actually working in the background.
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    You bet! I was an angel at school, of course, but saw what they did to the others. Actually, a true story. I went to a Catholic elementary school for a time and it was over-crowded so they went to split hours. I went in the morning, and my brother Jim, who was a grade behind, went in the afternoon. One day I was home watching cartoons or something when Jim came in the door and stared pounding me on the head yelling "I'm not Billy Cotter!" over and over. Well, when the fighting stopped, we finally got an explanation. He had been in class and the nun asked him a question and he didn't know the answer, so she said "Your brother Billy knew it last year." That apparently happened 3-4 times and Jim blurted out "Well I'm not Billy Cotter!" Out came the ruler. Poor Jim was not in a good mood when he got home.
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    Here is a B/W from an unusual vantage - huge scan:
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    This was taken from under one of the Swift "wings" of the Hall of Industrial Science which was just across the way - it is an original 8" x 10" transparency:
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    Oh, the amount of verbiage that went into every ad back then. You could practically fit a chapter of War of the Worlds on this. (o:
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    I had to laugh when Bill (Cotter) said about visiting the Ford Pavilion (paraphrasing), "Every time I got a badge, I told them I was from New York. I didn't think to tell them I was from somewhere else, so I could get a different badge each time." Remember Bill---- You like I were both Boy Scouts.
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    Looking closely at the map posted inside the booth, it appears the World of Food has not been removed.
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    OK, looks like it's ready for viewing!
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    It must be a wonderful feeling to know that a photo you took over 50 years ago is of special interest to a person in today's time. And I also must credit the person who requested it (Elaine), who wrote you a e-mail to request to use it. So unlike some, who today would just copy the image, and use it however they like without permission.
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    That's marvelous, Ralph! Your blanket photographic coverage has been a great plus to the WF community.
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    With the soundtrack performed by Second City and wondering what the video set up looked like, I am reminded of the SCTV Russian mini cam: Also the fact that Alan Arkin is still performing is mind-blowing!
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    These are but a few - (4 Freedoms again for Jim)I think I bought way more than 60 - I really don't know. Many superb shots to come including very comprehensive Russia: exteriors both night and day, details of sculptures, interiors, and the Russian Arctic plane on display in the lesser known secondary Russian exhibit. Glass interiors, Sun Valley at night, Aquacade at night, a worthwhile fireworks shot, Gas night and day, Heinz, and much more I can't remember...additional Westinghouse exteriors showing the various color combinations and one at the golden hour (Trey)...more. More still. I think it was a good batch from 3 sources.
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    Thanks to those who joined us! I will have this online by tomorrow and will post the link then.
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    Halloween 1982 the last day of the Fair, Hardee's restaurant on the Sunsphere's fourth level. The booth in this evening shot can be seen in the publicity photo.
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    I am guessing here, but I would be willing to bet that nine out of ten people who see that miniature Unisphere in Knoxville have absolutely no idea of its connection to another world's fair much less to the 1964 NYWF. As a history teacher for 31 years, I have finally come to realize that, as a nation, we have almost no collective awareness of our history--social, political or cultural. WE know it is a Unisphere replica because we are informed and interested in this topic. Most others will not know this. I point this out because I was watching Hardball last evening (May 15) and saw a talking head who was slamming a current presidential hopeful and echoing statements made by the president about appeasement by Nevile Chamberlain in 1938. For over five minutes this individual dodged the question as to exactly what Chamberlain had done to appease Hitler and after listening to that windbag I finally heard him admit he had no idea what had happened in Munich that year or what appeasement really is. As I said, it appears that we have no collective memory of who we are or of our history. My current students know what appeasement is because we just discussed it prior to our study of WW2. They also know what the Unisphere is because I have showed them images. But not one of them knew this prior to our brief discussion. Why would they? In the flow of our history, it is probably a tiny footnote.