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    The United States Pavilion had a large display of NASA artifacts, including an astronaut couch custom fitted for Alan Shepard. Guests could sit on it, or as the photo shows, tag it as their own. In the background is Apollo Command Module 202, which had been launched and recovered on August 25, 1966. Newly restored half-frame slide.
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    Actually Bill, a slight correction. That's Command Module CSM - 011, that flew on the AS - 202 flight (readjusts horned rimmed glasses and pocket protector)
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    Here's a good look at the current status http://nyspproject.com/progress_report_for_the_new_yorkV.htm So yes, work is underway - not as much as we might like, not as fast as we might like, but at least it's going in the right direction!
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    This shot is from early 1964 - lots of work underway on the Hall of Science. You can spot the Ford badge booth. Anyone know what the building was with the blue & white striped roof next to the Press Building?
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    The physical location of the pavilion had a good deal to do with its noteworthy design. It’s location marked the one departure the 1964 Fair made from the 1939 Fair, The building marked the boundary of the 1964 Fair. In 1939, that location provided the spectacular panorama of Constitution Mall and the Theme Center in one direction and the Court of Peace and the Federal Building in the other direction. In 1964, the land that was the Court of Peace was not a part of the Fair and the designers of the 1964 Bell System pavilion had to produce a design that would provide stunning backdrop to conclude the vista from the Unisphere.. The architects clearly succeeded.
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    I cannot imagine any building that had the impact that the Bell System pavilion had at the fair. It was the perfect design that totally dominates the Pool of Industry. With the Unisphere at one end and the Bell System at the other end of the fairs main street. They were fitting bookends.
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    This book notes that they were used as storage for Dynamic Maturity in the second season: https://books.google.com/books?id=NDobrjsrSXAC&pg=RA1-PA33&lpg=RA1-PA33&dq=allstate+properties+leisurama+homes+fort+lauderdale+fl&source=bl&ots=SfUVk_KtPz&sig=ACfU3U0LnNZZ9njFiFbYBfNppBj8vGsEFg&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir7oH9ibbnAhVJHjQIHQtxCIQQ6AEwAXoECAsQAQ#v=onepage&q=allstate properties leisurama homes fort lauderdale fl&f=false Did you find this thread?:
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    I hope the entire World's Fair Community will join me today in wishing our own resident author, historian, Fair, Expo, and Disney expert, fellow site administrator, and all-around good guy Bill Cotter an extremely Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks, all, MUCH appreciated!!!!
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    Main palace at the "Champ-de-Mars", the "Rue des Nations" (nations street), front of United States of America : US - Two letters, one hundred years ago, by the generous hand of France! Two symbols, double memory! Two initials that together they were enough to form a flag, the New World. United States! United States of America, we salute you! On the front of the American Union, these two letters are repeated everywhere, and, below them, the starry flag, 13 stars, the 13 original States of the Union, with French colors, blue, red and white. We can't stop at the front without feeling an emotion legitimate, because there's much blood of France in the veins of these energetic men who haven't taken a century to found this settlement so powerful and so rich today with which the old world will be starting tomorrow, maybe! We will see later, while visiting the U.S. exhibition, how much power these people reached. Here, we exclusively examined the facade it has built on our street Nations. Accurate picture of his masters, still practice the civilized nomad tent, which can be taken apart and rebuilt in a day to follow its owner everywhere he goes, from the Savannah from Ohio to the grassy plains of Texas. Hung everywhere, badges of state and gathered by the magic word: Time is gold ! On these patches, the canting arms of each State. Connecticut: 3 vines. O my France, I see you smile. Massachusetts: the defeated Indian with his bow useless when the white man has made talk the powder. Pennsylvania: three sheaves of wheat, daughters of the earth, a plow, the first thought of man, a ship that eternal trafficker. New York: A rising sun, brilliant allegory! sun high up rather in the very zenith the sky. Vermont: three sheaves of wheat, a lion, a fir tree. Virginia: An Indian who terrace a crowned king , with this motto Sic Semper Tyrannis, the crown falls and will be trampled. Is that you, future? South Carolina: two shields joined together, on one, a palm tree with the words: Animis opibus que parati, on the other, a woman standing with this motto: Dum Spiro Spero. So shoot such people! North Carolina: Two women, one sitting on a cornucopia, the other Respublica, holding the Constitution, and at the end of his spear the red Phrygian cap. Rhode Island: An anchor, the sea is there. Maryland: Two cross necklace. The Delaware: An ox, a sheaf of wheat and an ear, soft symbols of agriculture. New Hampshire: A lighthouse, a sunrise and a ship ready to be launched into the sea. New Jersey: Three plows. The District of Columbia: With a Republic in a red cap, still wearing the Constitution under this date: 1871. At the pediment of the facade, the eagle bearing the shield of American national, flag of the sea, which makes thinking there the leopard of the Old England. Take care! peoples of Europe. The American land was only yesterday, your dependent, and now it's enough in itself, tomorrow it clogging your markets, and the day she will want more, it comes, you sell bales of cotton or its wheat, the axis of the commercial world will be changed! Front on Street of Nations, description: The pavilion of the United States of America is a building in the type of houses that are raising the rich American colonists, in which iron and brick play the greatest role. Both elegant and practical, this beautiful building gives us the exact model of the buildings constructed by the active inhabitants of the New World.